An Aurora Mission Update by Adrial, message channeled by Laura – 16 Aug 2012 « AuroraDreamflight

Greetings, this is Adrial speaking. I am here with Aurora, as usual by now. Very quickly feedback on the last dreamflight. First of all, as we have explained before, there are many reasons why you are unable to recall your dreams. The main reason is because it is literally impossible for the human mind to comprehend 5D experiences. The dream flight puts you in an environment which is familiar to you, to which you can relate without difficulties. However for a human brain to be hosting infinite divine consciousness wide awake presents many, many challenges.


The other difficulty is, if the vast majority of you were to bring with them their knowledge, love and understanding into your daily life very suddenly, this would create a major imbalance for you, creating a huge chasm, impossible to bridge. We are allowing you to take information in one step at a time. This mission is really a way of giving you knowledge through your subconscious, and to bring you closer to your star family and to your twin flame.


Many of you are only been hit so to speak by what has been taking place with their Earth incarnated twin flame today ,and are only binging to understand what has taken place for so many years. Suddenly from today on, all will take a more comprehensible form. Many of you have suffered very deeply from this apparent separation, although your heart and spirit were always together in the spirit world. Your pain will begin healing as soon as you both realize and understand the why, and can forgive one another for past mistakes.


In a way it is necessary for twins incarnated on Earth to have a life as close as possible to that of souls have originated on planet Earth. Starseeds twin flames incarnated on Earth at this time are some of the luckiest souls in the entire universe. Their courage in letting go of fear and trusting the spirit world entirely will be rewarded, fear not. In a way, for us, the closer a soul is to the divine, to perfection, to selfless and unconditional love, the higher their royal ranking to put it in lay man’s terms.


Our mission for the 18th of August will continue work with your twin. And whether your twin is incarnated on Earth at this time, or happens to be in spirit world, you will equally be together. Again, we ask you not to place too much expectations concerning the nature of your dreams, or being able to recall your dreamflight experiences. This is not the point. The point is for you to spend some time with the completion and unconditional love of your twin flame. The point is to experience joy, happiness and completion at least during the time when your physical body needs rest.


Follow the guidance of your twin, as you can hear your twin and interact with him or her, so can your twin. So open channels of communications are open at this time, from now on and forth. Little by little, drop by drop, your twin love is manifesting into your consciousness and into your awakened state. This will help the work towards bridging both spirit and matter together in the one reality and conscious awareness for you.


On another note, AuroRa Le and Declan have accepted to give Laura a helping hand on our Aurora missions. They will also post channeled messages related to Aurora from now on. They are welcome to give related channels and updates at any time. AuroRa Le and Declan are not crew of the Aurora starship, and they are coming onboard as close friend in spirit to Laura and her twin. Aurora Le and Declan are on a ship very similar to Aurora, it is Aurora’s sister ship in a manner of speaking, however the links between both ships and crew are much deeper than could ever be explained in human terms and understanding. Perhaps think of both ships as twin flames themselves and lovers of the human soul.


The timing of their joining forces with Laura is in connection with their twin flame experience and to share their experience with you at this stage. Aurora Le has much love and dedication in her work of bringing twin flames together, so she will bring her expertise and advise for those needing help right now.


We look forward, once again to see you all onboard Aurora, all of you. Take patience and use your remaining time on the old paradigm Earth wisely dear friends. We send our caring love and embrace you dearly, our dear star brothers and sister. We love you all very much.


Adrial channeled by Laura


Note from the channeler: All Rights reserved, if you wish to republish this message, please email me at

An Aurora Mission Update by Adrial, message channeled by Laura – 16 Aug 2012 « AuroraDreamflight.

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