P’taah – Grounding



The Native Peoples and Indigenous Tribes have all known they come from the stars, from the heavens from the 5th dimension, a place of unity and love. These wise beings were so connected to the Earth, so grounded. They loved their Mother and home.

And so when I see you, I connect with you and would you believe that most of you are not in your physical bodies. You are half in, or half out and sometimes nowhere near your body. And you say to me, “But P’taah, I just want to leave, to go back to my real home”. But you know beloved that you cannot do the work here on Earth that will help you to get back home if you are not in your body to do the work.

So I ask you to ground yourselves and to live in your physical body. This will facilitate leading you back home to your 5th dimensional life, your Pleiadian life with your star family.

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed or altered in any way, with credit to Kate Sparks and including her Website (www.katesparks.com)

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2 comments on “P’taah – Grounding

  1. Yessica says:

    Why does he call us Pleiadians, surely not all of us are Pleiadinas?

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