The Birth of the New Paradigm

Written by Steve Beckow

I woke up in the middle of the night in the midst of a great “Aha!” moment. I’m going to try to describe what it is, but it may come out a bit jumbled.

We’re in the midst of a shift from old paradigms to new paradigms. We’re also in the midst of a tremendous opening, part of which I called “absorption” and a second part of which Archangel Michael called, in a reading I had with him yesterday (Aug. 17, 2012), “recalibration.”

We’re going up and up energetically and expanding more and more. And I caution us against trying to fit what is happening with us as we unfold in this way into old paradigms. Put new wine into old bottles and the bottles will pop, Jesus told us. Same with new paradigms.

In the course of planning something some of us here on the site are working on, decisions are being made and I found myself weighing them against “usual” or “customary” standards while at the same time new standards were urging themselves upon me.

I was experiencing discomfort because the old standards are becoming less and less appropriate.  But I did not see clearly what process was going on inside of me.

Let me call the old standards in this instance “service to self” (STS) and the new standards “service to others” (STO). I personally am feeling myself less and less motivated by the first and more and more by the second.

But until now I’ve been trying to shoehorn these new-paradigm feelings into old-paradigm rationales. And I declare that I simply can’t do that any more. I declare that I’m now ruled by STO impulses and can no longer operate under STS standards. The STS standards themselves must go.

Like the arthritic people in the Aleve commercial who take one tablet of Aleve and break out of the suit of armor that their arthritic condition represents, I too, under the impact of the new energies, am breaking out of the suit of armor that STS represents.

So, instead of judging expenditures for the conference under the old STS rules, whether STS relates to me personally or the blogsite considered as a self, I confess that I can no longer think that way – functionally cannot.

If I don’t give free rein to STO, I’ll burst out of my skin. Or have a heart attack and leave the planet.

So I’m now dropping the charade of thinking STO but trying to fit it into the old STS bottle.

And I think this will increasingly apply to other areas of life and other standards of conduct as well. We have to begin giving allowance to new paradigms for the new paradigm’s sake and not need them to be justified under old-paradigm rules. The new paradigm must be allowed to emerge.

Having said that, let me add as well for any who are struggling with what the new paradigm is, in my view, the new paradigm is very, very simple. It’s no different than the divine qualities. So if you’re having trouble imagining it,  simply think of the qualities of the divine – peace, happiness, love, compassion, balance, responsibility, integrity, and so on.

Let’s give each other a break. The old-paradigm qualities such as getting ahead (the American dream), personal benefit before the benefit of others (looking out for Number One), competition (us against them), zero-sum abundance (if I win, you lose) are dead. There’s no future for them any more than there is for the debt-based financial system.

The future belongs to the new paradigm of the divine qualities. Let’s grant them an easy birth and relax our need to be logical with them. Birth is not logical.  Birth is often not easy. Birth is a form of emergency. One does what one has to do to see to the birth of something struggling to be born. And we may have to do that also with the birth of the new paradigm.

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One comment on “The Birth of the New Paradigm

  1. shifro says:

    I realised yeserday that i am ready for a new phase in my life, in fact I have to have it,the old stuff will not do any more.

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