Truth Has No Agenda

Truth Has No Agenda

Written by Stephen Cook

As we get closer and closer to a range of wonderfully important and soul-changing moments – and with Disclosure already underway and the changeover to the new financial system just waiting to be announced – the effects, efforts and the strategic use of disinfo has suddenly risen to what can only be called ‘high alert’.

Take Disclosure, for example… the constant repeats of scaremongering anti-alien movies, such as the original and multiple sequels to the  Alien films, War of the Worlds, Independence DayBattle Los Angeles and many others are now suddenly on mass rotation across every television platform available all around the world.

Whether the network programmers themselves realise they are part of a coordinated effort to dominate the airwaves with such anti-Galactics campaigning, I could not say.

But you can bet someone, somewhere made the call that these movies should be re-screening and re-screening at this designated moment in the world’s history. Even if it came via a subtle reminder that ‘your station’s final repeat rights to the following films end soon so you will need to screen the movie within the next month if you wish to use your remaining repeat rights’…

In Australia, we even have an ad for a car insurance company featuring a cartoon spaceship that flies above the traffic and ‘shoots” down a devastating beam that destroys the cars – meaning the car owners need to call that particular insurance company to have their vehicle repaired. Ah, they’re so subtle, aren’t they?

These two ploys are both incredibly effective uses of mainstream media to keep the level of possible fear of any Galactic appearance at a possible high.

And while I personally feel most people do believe in the presence of our star brothers and sisters and would likely welcome them with open arms if they knew what wonders they will bring, the six or so people who control the entire world’s mainstream heavyweight media companies think that these sorts of messages will keep people in an “un-friendly” state.

And so they have ramped up the nasty, invading alien presence as best they know how.

So just be aware that this sort of major, worldwide strategic ploy for our hearts and minds is now underway.

Meanwhile, concerted anti-Lightworker and anti-truth disinfo campaigns are also being mounted.

American Kabuki told me that he is well aware that there are complex coordinated teams of people, all around the world, who are offered $50 or $100 for every ‘stirring’ or disinfo  post they get ‘up’ onto a Lightworker or alternate news blog site. I am also aware of this.

American Kabuki, with his insider knowledge of technology, internet bots and the like, explained to me that these ‘disinfo teams’ have specially-scripted responses for different Lightworker and current topics that, with a bit of tweaking to include the current issue or part of a current channelled message, tap into part of the truth and twist it around. These ‘communications’ are then emailed in via Contact Us forms or via direct posting on various sites and unsupervised forums to ‘set the cat among the pigeons’ so to speak. And stir things up. Total confusion of messaging is an old “disarming’ tactic.

Now, today, longtime Lightworker, professional lecturer, filmmaker and author David Wilcock has had to publicly defend himself following a concerted fake email campaign.

The email, passing as a “Divine Cosmos member-only exclusive” – claiming to have been written by David and stating that he met with the Galactics at the London 2012 Olympic Games – perfectly copied David’s particular writing style and unique formatting and presentation in what was no ordinary attempt to discredit David and his work. (Although, one wag did suggest, that is was so close to David’s usual penmanship that maybe, just maybe, it was David drumming up interest for his next post, due out soon…I doubt it.)

So, I wrote to David earlier today to ask him what had happened and ask if he did write this particular email. Apparently, I was about the seventh or eight person who had asked him this. Naturally, he was shocked and frustrated that someone would send out such disinfo. He has since posted to his blog that he did not write this email. This was his response to mine:

“This is absolutely false.

It appears to have been written by counter-intelligence agents who are trying to discredit the work I am doing with the Financial Tyranny investigation.

There are no member-exclusive writings on Divine Cosmos. Everything I write is open, free and public, and I never post anywhere but on Divine Cosmos.

- David”

There are also a number of articles, channels and postings that are from some time back, that have also suddenly re-surfaced as ‘recent” news. Many Lightworker sites have either not checked or not remembered that these posts have done the rounds before and have, possibly innocently, started re-circulating these articles, stories and messages as if they were ‘new’ news. And thus confusion has come in to play again.

So what do we do in this time of seeking truth.

My advice is that we all simply need to be very aware that there is a major industry out there that manufactures disinfo and it is avidly marketing its product in an attempt to seek our hearts and our minds right now.

The best thing way to stay out of this energy is to stay IN our individual truth and use our discernment at all time.

And read only those emails, blog sites and forums you trust and know are being managed with the Light in mind.

In other words, do as we always all should do -and stay out of the drama at the same time.

And remember: truth has no agenda.

You can read David Wilcock’s online update and refutation, dated today and highlighted in red towards the bottom of his post at:

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2 comments on “Truth Has No Agenda

  1. Kalna Yamski says:

    those films sure are a pile of poop they are being shown inUK too
    Arnt we lucky to have the BBC British Bullshit Conglomeration

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