A Golden Egg – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa


A Golden Egg – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa, August 18, 2012



My beloved people of Earth, today I want to speak to you again. After a long break, it is possible for me today to speak to you. I am very happy because I am bringing you good news.

Recently, I could lay an egg. A Golden Egg. It is the symbol of the coming Golden Age. Dragon eggs are rarely laid and a Golden Egg is very rare and even we can not remember when the last Golden Egg was laid.


My daughter is going to hatch around the time of Ascension. In the higher dimensions, we are already previously aware that our offspring is male or female. My daughter also stands for the return of the Divine Feminine. Another symbol, because the Divine Feminine, the Creator Goddess of our Universe, lives already undetected for many years among you. She will give the name to my daughter. This is a great honor for me.

All members of the Dragon Realm, whose ruler is my beloved father, are happy about the positive developments on Earth. So many negative energies were released and removed from Earth. Your consciousness is expanding and more and more people are waking up. This is also due to the love and light energies, which are lead to an increasing extent to Earth. This is only possible because your body now can receive and transmute a lot more energies.


We also see that your fear for us is getting smaller; that you question the stories of evil dragons and goblins. You begin to doubt whether these tales of trolls, elves, gnomes, dwarves, and so many other mystical creatures really are just fairy tales. You are going to see us after your Ascension, because all these Beings previously to you only known as fairy tale characters  will be returning to Earth. The Earth, which was also a home for us, until we were driven away by the dark forces. The Earth was my home too, because there I was hatched out of my blue egg very very many thousands of years ago. Those were happy days when we lived together in peaceful coexistence with humans and all creatures from all realms. Only the dark forces have sown discord and destruction, and we were expelled from the Earth.


We Dragons will however only return to Earth when people no longer see ourselves as evil, bloodthirsty creatures. We love you and want to live in a true partnership, as neighbors, together with you on this beautiful gem of the universe. My daughter, who is to hatch at the end of this year from her Golden Egg, gives us great hope that this Earth again may be our common home in the future.


I am Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm and bring you the greetings of my father and the whole Dragon Empire.

Thank you Lady Ifegena

EnnKa from Sirius


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6 comments on “A Golden Egg – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa

  1. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. mike says:

    WOAH! :D Dragons…woah. God bless your golden child Ifegena :D

  3. Very interesting! So Lady Ifegena says that we ascend this year?

  4. yessica says:

    I have two wooden dragons in our spare bedroom. I like ‘Merlin (a dragon keeper)’ on TV and am looking forward to meeting with you in 5D.

  5. metwaly says:

    i am somhow the embassodor of dragons, reading this message moves me to tears.
    humans are slowly understanding the real nature of dragons.my work is showing results.
    i love you non-judgemental beeings. i thank you a lot more than can be written by letters…

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