Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, 5th Issue – The Channeled Bits and a Reader’s Question

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fifth issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will absorb and discuss more information from SanJAsKa and the Ascended Master collective. We will also get into a discussion of the importance of the energy work we are beginning to perform during our astral travels, and I will answer a reader’s question about the roles that we play on this world and how they affect our ascension into the higher realms.

To begin for this week, SanJAsKa discusses the layered nature of the dimensions of our reality.

“Your realities and experiences have been deeply layered and nestled within each other, to the point that the growth of a soul is focused upon literally tuning oneself to different realities and densities of consciousness.” –SanJAsKa

We are told of the many levels of consciousness there are to traverse along our growth back to the realms of Source.

“Each density that you climb to through the inner-work and dedication to the growth of Self is purer than the last one that you had traversed and trust us whenever we say that there are many, many densities, levels and planes of consciousness to be traversed and you dear beautiful souls are just beginning to open yourselves up to the plethora of layered planes of consciousness that exist and that we are all ‘climbing’ along [attuning to] as we evolve to ever-purer states and planes of consciousness, experience and reality.”

As SanJAsKa alludes to, we are all traversing our own octaves and planes of consciousness and this includes Galactic beings such as SanJAsKa. Even groups such as the Ascended Masters or individual souls such as dear Jesus are traversing their own levels of consciousness as they, like us, seek to evolve further.


SanJAsKa discusses the lessons that the third and fourth realms are meant to house and the merging of such lessons that takes place in the fifth dimension.

“While the third and fourth dimensions are meant to house the lessons of growth, development and realization of Self along with growth and realization of others as a collective and the resulting climb to Oneness as you traverse the lessons of compassion, understanding, and balancing this understanding of compassion and Love of self as well; the third and fourth realms house such lessons, heart sets and realizations but as one traverses the fifth realms, all of these lessons are combined and the knowledge and experience gained sees one inhabiting a state of unity-consciousness that will see their higher dimensional rewards well-earned.”

Don’t you guys look forward to reaping our well-earned higher dimensional rewards? We are learning lessons that can be hard but the fifth dimension will see us finally experiencing the pure Oneness that results naturally from our traversing such lessons and the realms we are given such lessons in.


To wrap up the communiqué for this week, SanJAsKa plunges further into the very idea of the higher dimensional wonders we are to experience while encouraging us to imagine such things ourselves.   

“Imagine, dear souls, experiencing [perceiving of] your Galaxy, your Universe, even just your star system! Imagine the wonders that lay ahead as you ascend to the fifth realms of consciousness and find an infinite, expansive Creation that is unlike anything you have imagined.

We will leave you to this manifestation that is so very soon to become a reality, and we now turn this temple over to the dear Ascended Masters.”  

Thank you to SanJAsKa. This concludes our channeled discussion for this week.


And now, for the Reader’s Question section of this week’s Newsletter.

Our question this week has to do with the roles we undertake throughout our lower dimensional experience; specifically the ‘lower’ or ‘bad guy’ roles that many [such as the cabals] have agreed to undergo for ultimately positive purposes [though you wouldn’t know it!].

Our reader wants to know as well of the weight upon the soul that agreeing to fulfill a ‘bad guy’ role can garner and if this weight will stop one who has assumed such a role from ascending this time around.

“Hi, Wes. Here we go!

Understanding that there is often a balancing of karma involved, even so, when we take on the role of the ¨bad guy¨ for someone else´s higher good via a pre-life agreement/contract, are we held accountable for the pain caused to that other person or are we applauded for our role?

Also, when it is said that only those who have reached a sufficiently high enough vibration can ascend, what happens to those who have taken on their ´bad guy´role to such an extent, and again for the higher good of another, that they have kept their vibrations too low to ascend?”

Quite an interesting question! As is said in such question, we have all undertaken specific karmic roles for the ultimate benefit of ourselves and our soul group [or for a specific individual].

At times this has included taking the karmic Life role of the ‘abuser’ and of the ‘abused’ [usually for having been the abuser] and it should be mentioned that in general, despite the specific Life path of an individual and the individual’s Guides’ knowledge that they will be undertaking such a Life path; any action that we commit toward ourselves or toward others will garner an instant karmic and energetic reaction, which will come to us in the form of manifestations in our current or future Lives.

Nearly every spiritual teaching and philosophy has come down to this: the Golden Rule. Do unto others what you would do unto yourself. The problem has been that so many have been quite unawakened on this world and on a few others, for quite some time and we have forgotten this rule entirely while many of us have assumed it to be simple ‘New Age’ hogwash.

I guess it should be said that those who take the role of the ‘abuser’ or the ‘bad guy’ are only doing so to not only ultimately benefit the soul whom they would be affecting, but because of their own vibrational state as it stands before making their incarnation into the ‘bad guy’ role.

One main and important reason that this role is undertaken is so that the ‘abuser’ can realize the error of their ways in the Life in which they would be taking such a role, and work in themselves to get past the mindsets and heart sets that made them want to be the ‘bad guy’ and hurt others in the first place. As always, we are weaving quite a tangled karmic web of experience on this world and every relationship between ‘abuser’ and ‘abused’ is coming about for reasons which are specific to each duo of souls undergoing such Life plans with each other.

It is hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Again, every subscription is appreciated and helps us to continue on in our work. 


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