The Ascended Masters on the ‘Truth or Event’ that is to Cascade into Full-On Disclosure

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The realms and states of consciousness that you are all reaching are to see an uninhibited sense of freedom arise within you, and this freedom will be expressed on a collective level by all of humanity as you find much better and cleaner ways of travel and of sharing your world together, as a united and sentient species.

At present, much of humanity is still broken up into separated factions but as you are seeing, the actions of those who have helped to set up and feed the lower dimensional barriers that are still keeping many from perceiving of the higher realms are being exposed and while this has been gradual up until this point, what you have seen has been setting the stage for exposures of a grand magnitude in which the truths being told now are a very small part of.

As you have been told so very many times, a truth or happening is going to slip through the filters of the cabals and they will be unable to stop the bringing-forth of such a truth or event, and this will be a happening that will vastly shift the collective perception. This is a concrete plan that we wish to initiate, though the specifics of such a plan are still being worked out while the manifestation of this leak or event draws ever-nearer.

As you have known, the final deadlines for your governments to begin bringing forth truth have been reached and while they [governments] initially expressed a feint interest in ‘playing ball’ so to speak, as usual they have turned their backs on plans set forth and as a result, we intend for the needed manifestation of some type of perception-shattering yet not in any way scary, truth or event which will in itself be a precursor to the giving of immense truth.

This is truth that has been needed to be exposed, as you have all needed to know of the fabrications of your reality that have been ongoing for so very long, [which have been generated] by a select few souls who are working from guidebooks given by others generations before them.

A plethora of truth is to funnel down through the media and you are to finally and justly be exposed to the criminalities that have been seen as normal every day on your world. As always, your individual growth acts in accordance with the amount and potency of truth that is able to be given out at any given time, and we encourage you to continue on in your ongoing processes and to always make it a point to find a spiritual and physical balance, while not letting yourselves tip this important balance for any reason.

We Love you all so very much, and we wish you to know of the closeness of your immediate future. You are beginning to feel energies from this joyful future already, and we ask you to integrate such energies and make way for so very many more of them, in purer increments every time.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.


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11 comments on “The Ascended Masters on the ‘Truth or Event’ that is to Cascade into Full-On Disclosure

  1. George says:

    I personally think that you have less growth in the number of people viewing your website.I thnik that everytime people see that donations are accepted or if there is a pay version for people with money,they deter themselves from the website they are on.I think that having a pay versioncould be hurtful to the cause.I already know that your messages resonate but people who do not may be diverted.Does anyone agree?

    • Wes Annac says:

      Your viewpoint is truly heard and understood, dear friend, as is it understood that some could be deterred because of a donation or pay option on this site. However, it is a risk we must take at this time because we wish to serve with all of ourselves but cannot serve at all if we are homeless! Some type of income has to be established and for well over a year we had been happily serving while not making any money or supporting ourselves in any way.

      So, it was decided that we would offer a completely new and separate feature from the work that is happily given on this site with writing, posting and channeling, and this has taken the form of our Newsletter. If you find a mistrust in us or this site because we must garner some type of income while serving humanity with a plethora of work that is happily and freely given without asking for a penny [work that is separate from the Newsletter], than that is what it is dear friend but it is worth it for a few to possibly mistrust and find a different path along their growth than that of viewing our site, as long as such souls find ascension for themselves. We only wish to assist in humanities ascension and would quite frankly, recommend somebody leave this site if it or its content did not resonate with them or they felt ‘off’ about it in any way. Again, as long as ascension is found! :)

      To be quite frank again, even with our Newsletter I don’t like to give ‘exclusive’ information, which is why I will post entire messages scribed for the Newsletter such as this one, as the desire to serve is still strong and this is why you see this message in full, today! I wish to share as much as possible with those who are also in a difficult financial situation. :)

      We hope to see you again dear friend. :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

  2. Cheryl W. says:

    Ihave no problem paying, Wes, and it is such a little amount. These are hard times and I see no reason why a brother/sister shouldn’t help a brother/sister. I know i would sorely iss your channels if you could no longer do them because you had to get a job.

    Thank you so much for your effort, dedication, and time.


  3. Chris McDermott says:

    Dear Wes

    I do not have Paypal, or much money. However, six months ago, when I learnt about other channelers suffering hard times, I bought lottery tickets, and promised to donate all, less 1% for myself. Nada. I have prayed to God, many times, asking for channelers to win money. Nada. Obviously. I have asked the GF, mentally, to replicate money and beam it to all needy channelers. I have suggested they borrow/remove/take it from crooks and give it to the needy. Nada. I simply do not understand why they ignore the hardships of so many who dedicated their lives to spreading the Light. Sacrificing plenty. Makes no sense, at all. Hope they read this, then add a few ‘zeroes’ to yours, and everydody’s, bank accounts. Simple, really. Go buy a lottery ticket! Good luck! Wonderful work that you do. Thanks. Chris

    • Wes Annac says:

      Thank you so much for your selfless efforts dear friend!! :)

      I personally, am existing within the perceived struggles that I am for karmic as well as well collective density-clearing reasons. I have been blessed with income from our Newsletter as of late and this is seeing our financial situation in a much better place. :)

      Even still, I thank you wholeheartedly for the selfless efforts you have made to spread abundance to channelers. It is so very greatly appreciated, dear friend!! :) :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

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  5. babajij says:

    It’s all about the New…New views of Handling Money…New attitudes in Sharing…a New Light shines upon our Earthly Money exchange… :)

  6. Grace says:

    Dear Wes, thank you for shining your beautiful Light. We are still in third density, so we need the third density “currency” until we evolve out of duality altogether. Put simply, we require food and shelter :) Anyway, I just wanted to mention the parallel with the wonderful and prophetic 1951 classic “The Day The Earth Stood Still” regarding an “event”. I’m looking forward to ours :) Blessings, Grace

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