Energy Healing – Veronica


A New Message From VERONICA


“As the soul inhabits the body it can become proficient at reassembling the structure and function of the biological form.

There are those of you who possess the ability to harness their own energy in assisting others in this process. Some have accepted the calling while others remain unsure.

It is most important to investigate the stirrings of healing abilities that emanate from your soul. Most of you are ancient healers that have chosen to return to the physical in this time frame.
To ignore the whispers of your abilities is indeed tragic.

Thousands of years ago in your reality the well being of the biological form was maintained through energetic means. Some of you were participating in that time and have memory of it being so.

The inter-connection energetically between healers creates a grid of strength that combined can reassemble biology in a profound way. We beseech all to listen intently to these memories.

It is a grand time of consciousness raising. The biological forms will need support and healing through the transformation.

If you are experiencing the impulses of energy please pay attention. The magnificence of the soul comes forward because it is needed.

It is why you are here.”


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