One of Those Days

Written by Wes Annac

As our collective and individual processes of peeling away and integrating former aspects of ourselves continues, we are to experience enlightenments about ourselves and about the preconceptions we have fed within ourselves and within our minds for all of our Lives, leading up to our realization of such preconceptions.

We begin to learn of and see quite clearly, the aspects of ourselves and of the actions we perform routinely that are not in line with the higher realms. Whereas before, complacency and a general dim perception kept us from understanding the sheer misalignment with the higher realms that some of our dense actions and mindsets have garnered, we are now beginning to surface and feel such mindsets come up for transmutation, usually right as we find ourselves performing or feeding whatever it may be that has been holding us back.

A truth that our channeled sources have been speaking volumes to is that we have planned out certain stages and lessons along our growth so that we can learn from such lessons and find resulting higher states of consciousness. We peel away and integrate former aspects of ourselves and of what we assumed reality was supposed to be, and find an entirely new perception because of it.

As purer energies are being given to all of us at present and we are all utilizing such energies along our growth, I personally am in the thick of this process of surface, review and transmutation and have been for quite a while.

This is because I personally had a lot of Life Path work planned out for myself, and the majority of my personal lessons have been worked through and transmuted. While the worst of the heavy lifting has been done, there are still cycles and phases of review and transmutation which can really knock me down momentarily, for an ultimately catalytic purpose.

Something I’ve long noticed is that we seem to go through phases along this wild ride we have called ascension. We will have our phases wherein we seem to be literally filled and pumped with the pure fifth dimensional energy of Source and we find ourselves energetic and ready to do all that we can to serve this ascension, in that particular moment.

After such a rush and ‘high’ of energies, it seems that we then reach a ‘letdown’ or ‘hangover’ adjustment and integration period, wherein we simply wish to do nothing except exist and integrate. As I write this, I am experiencing the latter and I can say with a depleted yet strong happiness that having been through this particular phase of depletion and absorbing, it is in itself getting easier.

I personally choose to write whenever I am feeling a blockage within myself that in many cases, has been caused by a distortion that an overwhelming part of me is ready to transmute and integrate, but that a smaller part of me still wishes to hold on to. Today has been quite a ‘blockage’ day and even admitting that such days exist and knowing as well that we are all going through them, makes this entire process quite easier.

Being able to talk with others who have experienced similar endeavors or even chatting with another who is enlightened will help us to feel better during these difficult phases of our ascension. One main purpose of these integration periods [besides absorbing energies of a continual purity that we are being given which can be quite intense and draining] is for us to feel the bitterness that results from the sheer draining nature of such times and for us to realize the distortions that we bring through ourselves and employ whenever feeling such bitterness.

It is in itself a surfacing process of all of those former parts of ourselves who we are ready to release but who will still be held onto by certain parts of us who again, are not yet ready for such a release because they are mind-based and still thriving within the old ways of being. These difficult times along our ascension processes, while intense are ultimately needed for a plethora of different reasons.

Some could experience a draining period right at a time whenever mind is leading them to worry about finishing tasks or to employ the illusion of ‘needing’ to do this or that and holding themselves back because of it. Such souls would be led to simply be, to simply relax, because clearly it would be important for them to relax so that they could better-absorb these energies.

I personally am feeling quite frazzled and burnt out at the moment, and being able to admit that seems in itself to make way for the always-prevalent unbounded sense of higher dimensional freedom that we are discovering in more pure and real doses with each period of strong energy and determination that we experience.

It is ok for myself and for us to feel the way that many of us feel at times; being drained of energy and led to simply exist rather than feeling we need to go go go!

At times, it seems like the best thing we can do for ourselves is to simply detach – whether this means detaching from drama in our personal Lives, in our public Lives or even from reading continual updates every day. We will find that turning within renders us the ultimate experience of enlightenment, as our inner-enlightenment is stronger than anything we can get from an external source.

Channels are wonderful and I personally vastly appreciate the energies and continual updates given from our ascended brethren, but you will not find your purest form of enlightenment by reading a channeled communication given through me or through any other, nor by reading the words written by another. No dear friends, you will find the ultimate enlightenment by turning within and validating all that you hear and feel through the ultimate God, the ultimate Creator: You.

Simply put, these are the observations I am feeling come through me on this day [Friday, August 24th]. It is certainly ‘one of those days’ wherein density and sheer depleted-ness [that’s not a word!] seem to be the rule of the day, but I am beginning to realize that while they can drain and deplete us, these types of days and the depletion we feel on these days can serve to help us more than we realize, if we would only utilize them for what they are worth.

Whenever you dear readers are feeling this way and you likely have, the best thing I can recommend for you is to detach from any aspects of your third and even fourth dimensional Lives, find an everlasting calm and perhaps even a meditation, and ask to feel the pure energies coming through you that are making our bodies so tired. These energies could not deplete us as we absorb them if they were not so enormously strong and pure!

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

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9 comments on “One of Those Days

  1. theangeldiaries says:

    I’ve been feeling very exhausted lately, and so I relate completely with this message. My Team is assuring me that this is totally normal, at this stage, and not to worry about it. Sometimes I feel badly that I’m so ready to go home, when there’s clearly so much more work to be done. But that feeling passes, and it’s always so nice to know our Brethren understand!

    • Wes Annac says:

      I echo that feeling one hundred percent, dear friend! A feeling of missing Home, of wanting to go back, but knowing that we are here for a Divinely-sanctioned reason. I am so glad to be on this world but can miss Home at times. :) :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

  2. melinelafont says:

    “Channels are wonderful and I personally vastly appreciate the energies and continual updates given from our ascended brethren, but you will not find your purest form of enlightenment by reading a channeled communication given through me or through any other, nor by reading the words written by another. No dear friends, you will find the ultimate enlightenment by turning within and validating all that you hear and feel through the ultimate God, the ultimate Creator: You.” –> AMEN Wes ♥

  3. Cheryl W. says:

    Hi Wes,

    I was wondering if you have any thoughts to share about what I am going through. If not, that’s okay.

    Having experienced a sadistically abusive childhood where I was purposely isolated from all social interactions, including with my own family, as well as emotionally, physically, and verbally abused, one of mylife themes has been rejection from others. Growing up, not only did I not learn how to socialize or connect withpeople,i never had, not even one, loving adult in my lifto who loved me and allowed me be myself and feel loved. So, in a nutshell, I am extremely uncomfortable with other people (even children) who don’t initiate conversations or who give me the cold shoulder when I try to initiate conversations. There is some kind of negative energy I am holding, in addition to fear, that seems to be a roadblock to me maintaining friends. I become very fearful when I am going toma social function, for example taking my kids to a birthday party this afternoon, where I am not being welcomed. I have tried to release this fear in many ways. Having 7-year-old twins, it’s nearly impossible to have the time to write and process my feelings, but when I can I find that my fear stems, obviously, from my childhood experiences of being rejected by my parents and not being allowed to socialize with them, my brothers, or any other kids. In your experience, what is the best way to remove fear or transmute it?

    Finally, being rejected by others, and experiencing one failed friendship after another, is a life theme for me. How can I finally end this theme or pattern? I am so sick and tired of it, and the pain it continues to cause me. I love people and have an outgoing personality, which runs completely contrary to my life script of being afraid of people and rejected by everyone. Do you think I have a negative entity attached to me?

    Any thoughts by anyone is appreciated.

    Thanks and blessings,

    • Wes Annac says:

      Hello Cheryl,

      Rest assured dear friend, you are not alone in your perceived mismatch with others. As abuses and traumas such as what you have went through are experienced, we very much grow with an entity of fear and isolation attached to us. The problem is that this entity can be fed by the unfair and in some cases, cold actions of others.

      I experienced a very similar type of social isolation to that which you speak of. I had friends as a child, but would mostly only fit in with those who were accepting of others and did not take to judging and expressing coldness toward others. Those who were mean and hateful would target this latent energy or entity of social isolation and attack for having it, as to such souls it was not ‘cool’.

      One strong problem with our society is that most people grow up judging others immensely. For a while during teenage-hood, I was a part of a group of friends and this group showed me the mechanics of the modern-day social experience. Peer pressure, expecting me to be a part of their mindsets that I did not resonate with, singling out those within the group who would gaffe and making fun of them for it… it all seems very animalistic and for those of us who have experienced abuses that have bred such a social isolation within us, such actions serve to push us away further from even wanting a social experience and the entity of isolation is fed further, this time not by us but by those around us who would take to judging and being hateful toward anybody ‘different’.

      I think this entity will diminish within you exponentially and the fact that you are surfacing it with the writing of your comment shows improvement in itself. As you know dear Cheryl, there is an unfolding movement across this beautiful world and a key aspect of this movement is collective peace and harmony on a world scale. No more separation, no more isolation, as even those of us who have struggled with such problems for so very long will find an unconditional acceptance from all and no longer will separation-based actions be expressed toward others that will make others feel unaccepted.

      You are with friends now dear Cheryl, and we will help you to transmute these demons because indeed, it takes positive social interaction for us to be able to fully transmute them. :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

  4. Soul Agenda says:

    August has been a strange month. I usually look forward to reading all these channeled messages, but lately can’t seem to get past even the first paragraph, or have to try very hard to reach the end. Please don’t take this personally, Wes…I’m very grateful for all that you do :) And I do appreciate this message of yours, because I feel much better about not “caring” sometimes. The need to go within and just disconnect is strong. Makes me think of a caterpillar cocooning up before the transformation into a butterfly! Much love and blessings, Grace.

    • Wes Annac says:

      It is good to detach and simply go within dear friend, and some can get too attached to always reading channeled or written updates and Create a blockage within themselves as a result. The contact one finds with one’s Angels upon searching within will see one’s personal ascension energies given to them, and such energies are much more potent because they are branded specifically for the soul absorbing them.

      I’ve felt the detachment from reading that you express here, and whenever we feel this it seems to be our higher self or our guides gently ‘nudging’ us to let us know that at that particular moment, it is quiet time. :)

      Much Love,

      Wes :)

  5. herkimerlove says:

    been feeling “frazzled and burnt out” lately too. wishing i could just “go home”, yet knowing there is still much growth and experiences to be had here. i completely identify with what your message is here. **hugs** to you, my galactic brother. :-)

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