Unascended and Surrendered


Written by Steve Beckow

I notice how much depends on seeing and understanding things clearly. I’m going over some fundamentals and seeing the conclusions that arise out of them.

For instance, I’m aware that I’m unascended – in this lifetime. As a Starseed I (and all other Starseeds) have ascended in other lifetimes, according to Archangel Michael, though we don’t remember it. (1) I’m also aware that I’m completely surrendered to the idea of ascending.

Given that I’m completely surrendered and not ascended, there have to be some barriers that prevent me from ascending – unless it serves some purpose related to my mission that I not ascend. I have no idea about the latter. But barring that, there must be some barriers.

The barrier might be energetic. I may not have assimilated enough light and love energy to ascend. Or it could be psychological. I may not have cleared enough issues, vasanas, and baggage to ascend. The first, if it’s so, would most likely come from the second. I actually don’t know what the reason might be but I’m coming from there probably being a barrier.

And that means that, in the remaining four months, my task would seem to be to eradicate whatever remaining barriers there might be to my ascending.  Of course I could also sit back and say to myself, “We’ll all ascend on Dec. 21, 2012 and chances are I’ll ascend along with everyone else” and just coast.

But I don’t lean towards that way of doing things. I’d rather search around and find any remaining barriers and release them.

In looking at the whole question, I could approach the matter in one of two ways. I could take the viewpoint of the ego and resist any diminution of myself, which would be a vote for remaining with Third Dimensionality. Or I could take the viewpoint of my higher-dimensional Self, though perhaps I don’t experience that Self in the moment, and let go of all that drags me down and embrace all that uplifts me. I could go for the highest, as a friend used to say.

Photo: Mobius strip

I prefer to follow the latter plan. And, as I do, I notice that life becomes like a mobius strip or an endless infinity sign. I’m either letting go of all that drags me down and away from ascension and hence leaving something behind. Or else I’m embracing all that lifts me up to ascension and hence expanding into something unknown on blind faith and trust.

Life becomes either going down the rollercoaster or up it on an endless ride.  But it always seems to be improving and I’m almost always feeling happier, more loving and more successful.

Life seems to gain a rhythm these days that it lacked before. Of course part of that is made possible by the light that shines down on us and part by the space that’s freed up in me by the ever-decreasing interest in so many things that interested me before. The process of absorption that began perhaps a month ago keeps on unfolding.

And again, as there has been in the past, there’s this sense of being captured, unable to get away from the magnetic pull of something that just calls me on and on.  There’s no resistance to being ever more captured or absorbed.  Whether it’s part of the process or just an ephemeral development, resistance seems, at least at this moment, to be continually fading away.


(1)  Steve Beckow: Lord, could we … say … that in fact most of your listeners have ascended in a previous life and are here to either model Ascension or help others through? Is that a correct statement?

Archangel Michael: In one way or another, the majority … have gone through a similar process in a different incarnation, in a different reality and lifetime. (Archangel Michael, An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 23, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/01/transcript-of-an-hour-with-an-angel-with-archangel-michael-jan-23-2012/.)

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