Lucas – In Sync – 26 August 2012

Lucas – In Sync – 26 August 2012

A great experience is in the making for all. We are getting more and more in our lives the feeling of being in sync with others, with events, with dimensional or extra-dimensional happenings.  It is a great way seeing around you popping up what you need at the same time as it is  needed. You see things happen or experience them with  others at the exact same time.  You see master numbers flying around giving you messages and  clocks drawing your attention.

We see also  events that are not from this positive time-line working against the decreed ending of duality  and wanting it become out of sync. They are clearly loosing their  advantage. The shift is taking place even if they are not wanting it. We need to focus further on being the light of our source showing and being the change ourselves.   If you change within it will be adding up to the masses of light already shining. We have to think with our hearts in manifesting the new earth for all.

The manifesting powers in sync are becoming individually as in groups more powerful every day.  The dark  is  still trying to unbalance all with fearful messages, with terror and abuse, with all in their power they resist and fight the lost battle to get grip again on that what is indefinite out of their reach now.

We need to see the power in us that has been kept from us for so long doing its work as more and more awaken and find the path within and see the truth hidden by the veil for the first time. Yes for some it will be glimpses for others more than that.  But remember in your dream state you will travel and meet, learn and do more than you will remember.

Your lives are now changing  from this bio-chemical body that houses your real light body towards being that light body. This will be your vessel to travel  and be your eternal you as it always was and was intended.  The new inter-dimensional ways of being we will see and learn. There are lots surrounding us as family from a future, our cosmos  and  near to us on earth.

All this knowing lets you think about the being in sync. Be in sync with your heart feeling to manifest the new, the unconditional love and peace and harmony on this  earth as it always has been here and now will be visual and here in the now faster and faster manifested. Do not despair if things do not all go right at first. Be confident and focus on that what you want and not what you do not need or want.  Add an other dimension to it that is not selfish and is intended for the better of all mankind, earth and the cosmos.

In gratitude and grace you may see that what is already here for you in your life. Let go of that what is not in sync with you anymore or brings you out of balance or your light. In sync we will be the ones that make the difference.  We are the brothers and sisters in light that will see there is only one and all in sync always. The unity will bring us together and make its new existence accepted as it will make us co-create the world for the better of all.

Love and Light,


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    Thank you.

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