Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, 6th Issue – The Channeled Bits

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the sixth issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will absorb and discuss updates from SanJAsKa and the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes. We will also build upon the astral foundation we laid last week with the manifesting of our collective, blue dome of energy and we will use such energy to find contact with a very familiar Guide of many. Then, I will answer a reader’s question about a recent prophetic dream he has been having.

To begin for this week, SanJAsKa draws the link between our assimilation of purer energies and our finding of higher dimensional abilities.

“Waves of Love and Universally pure Light are reaching your surface and your bodies at present, and as you all assimilate and absorb these energies you are finding an expansion and realization of your inherent multidimensional abilities which has been lost within you dear souls for quite some time.” –SanJAsKa

We are told of the necessity of our lower vibration-feeding mindsets as having been essential to holding together the lower vibrations in general, and we are now being led to allow this lower structure to collapse as we grow away from the lower vibrational grid.

“Your ventures into the lower vibrations and the resulting lower mindsets and heart sets that have been garnered were necessary whilst you underwent the lower dimensional experience and found such experiences you had planned out for yourselves to and now, with the coming of your beautiful and glorious New Age you are being encouraged strongly to let go of your attachments to all that is based In the lower realms and heart sets of consciousness.”

I personally have been strongly encouraged to allow a release of all within me that will not resonate with the higher realms. It is simply a necessity to integrate and transmute all that does not resonate with the realms of consciousness one wishes to grow toward.

SanJAsKa discusses the employed veils that paint our reality and our experiences, as well as the purpose of the lower dimensions in housing the lower experience.

“Your perceptions of reality have long been colored by the lower dimensional reaction patterns and mindsets that you have instilled within yourselves throughout a plethora of Lives. As you begin to wonderfully and purely transcend your former selves, you will find that the pure realms of Creation are absolutely nothing like what you dear souls have assumed your realities to be.

The lower dimensions were quite purposefully meant to house and shelter you dear souls within a lower reality matrix that was and is quite distorted and quite far-off from the true and pure realms of full consciousness that one begins to reach by reaching the threshold of the fifth dimension. We say that such growth and evolution to the fifth dimension will see you completely uninhibited in your higher dimensional soul growth as the fifth dimension is the introductory dimension into the higher realms that you are all to traverse upon ascending.”


Dear SanJAsKa displays the reality of continual ascension past the realms of the fifth dimension and even beyond, of those who are assisting Earth in ascending and who will find purer states of consciousness because of the sheer purity of their service-to-others based work in helping Earth to ascend, upon doing so.

“We are assisting you and your world in ascending, many of us from the realms of the fifth dimension and while doing so and upon completion of your Earthly ascension, we will see our own soul-growth aided exponentially as we as well are learning lessons that are predetermined and set out for us along our growth and progression from the places of octaves of consciousness which we are perceiving from.

There are a plethora of souls from realms much purer than those of the fifth dimension who are assisting your beautiful world in ascending and many of such souls and collectives will find the evolution to realms purer than even many fifth dimensional souls could yet fully fathom or perceive of.” 


Now, let’s look at what the dear Hathors have for us this week.

To begin their message, the Hathors allude to the effects they are feeling from sending us increasingly pure ascension energies.

“We are watching your beautiful and marvelous ascension unfold from our perspectives within the higher astral realms of your world, and as we have been working to funnel down the energies assisting you in attaining this ascension, we are finding and absorbing energies in ourselves that are so very incrementally pure as we pass along such energies in decreasingly distorted forms to you dear souls who are absorbing them and using them for assistance with your Earthly ascension processes.” –The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes

 We are told of the importance of the “Lighted rituals” that we will begin performing and that we are already performing, perhaps in an effort to prepare us for what we will be doing this week and next week with our astral travels.

“You have been told of the importance of the energy work that you dear souls are beginning to perform on a mass, collective level, and in the time ahead the Lighted rituals wherein this energy is utilized will become common knowledge as the collective of Earth takes place in this giving of energy, to yourselves and to others on a mass, collective scale.”

Don’t you dear readers look forward to taking place in a mass, worldwide giving and anchoring of Light with the entire collective of Earth? Exciting times lay ahead of us indeed.


We are told that naturally, as we work more with the energies shaping our New World, we assimilate and integrate these energies unto ourselves and find a resulting perception of the fifth dimension. We are also told, again, that everything is energy and as a result, we are all One.

“Many of you are beginning to understand the importance of making efforts to Create and exist within the ascended realms of your New World and we tell you that as you open your beautiful minds and hearts up more and more to the mere existence of these planes of reality, you are to find yourselves existing and Creating within them while working with them to manifest such Creations and your mere inhabitance of such realties, in quite bold ways.

You are to realize in the time ahead that everything is energy and thus, everything is One and is interconnected with each other.”

We are beginning to open ourselves up more to the Divine and as a natural result are finding ourselves opened up to the Divine! It seems that it really can be that simple.


To wrap up their communiqué for this week, the Hathors discuss the closeness that many of us who are absorbing their energies and communications, have felt with them due to past interactions with them.  

“Many of you do not realize the closeness that you have felt to us in a plethora of past conscious experiences before making your ventures into the lower realms of the Earth, and we say that we are here at this time assisting you and your Earth not only out of a desire to serve the collective and Gaia, but because we are and have been so very close with many of you dear souls who are now reading and absorbing these communications brought from us, through this dear scribe.

We have maintained close and steady links and bonds of energy with the souls upon your world who have found the closest resonation with us, and it has been our honor to assist your world in the ways that we have been and I the time ahead, it will be our honor to reconnect with you dear souls who have been so very close to us in so very many other past incarnations, on a conscious and fading physical level.” 


This concludes our channeled discussion for this week.

It is hoped that this preview has been of service. If you find yourself in a decent financial situation and found that this has resonated, every subscription is greatly appreciated. 


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