Amazing UFO Video from US

Amazing UFO Video from US

Thanks to Michael

This video is rather incredible – and wonderful to watch! All 18-plus minutes of it.

It is from August 5, 2012. But, sadly, we have no idea where it was filmed as the YouTube poster,Leon Hughes, has provided no information and only lists his location as USA, on his YouTube profile.

What also strikes me as slightly odd is that they are filming before the UFOs appear – but maybe they saw something first and this prompted them to film. Other viewers on YouTube have also complained about the constant moving of the camera. Ah well, I think it’s just kids doing their best with a phone camera. Enjoy anyway…

EXPLETIVE WARNING! Very Coarse Language.

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2 comments on “Amazing UFO Video from US

  1. Vincent Holt says:

    They will always on Youtube use the little things to make it all seem a hoax. I fully agree with your last statement, its just common sense really haha, but until that major event manifesting in due time, will leave most to their switching of mind. I fully understand how the course it has run so far has allowed for our patience to be taught for probably the highest good in so that the love manifestations have had the power to kick in. The crystallizing is really starting to take fold!

  2. Vincent Holt says:

    Also just that with the Love Manifestations before the disclosure takes hold, we are really different beings by the time it comes round and will no doubt manifest the desired outcome to that which we may deem as the perfect result because either way it unfolds it will be perfect :)

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