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The Golden Age Daily

There are just under three months remaining until we reach the much prophesied and prepared for date of 21 December 2012. For many, it has seemed as though this approaching Divine Celestial Moment would never arrive but Spirit has ever so Lovingly and un-invasively nudged us forward. Every thought, word, and deed of Lightworker upon Lightworker is becoming manifest, shaping our Reality into the New Earth, The Golden Age of which we have so long been promised. Continue reading

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Lucas – Love The Greatest Gift Of All – Energy Of Oneness – 30 September 2012

Lucas – Love The Greatest Gift Of All – Energy Of Oneness – 30 September 2012

I am grateful I have found so much love surrounding me. It is bringing all there is into light and  full understanding. There is no secret anymore as all is already revealed. It is, just see it. Love is what you think of as  magical and mystic but it is really the biggest gift of all you ever dreamed of receiving. It is already in your possession.

You can feel the power in seeing love in those just being your mirror. You can feel love in all that is not loving as it is just also a lesson of love. You can see love in just being love and being you. It is enough to be. Love expects nothing, it is unconditional.  Love will even overcome the grandest fear and ego that is blocking your path. Continue reading

Wes Annac:

This is from the latest blog established by 2012S editor Sage, along with Steve Beckow and other 2012S editors. Let’s show our support for world peace in every form!!

Originally posted on Achieving World Peace Now!:

Few documents in global history have so moved the world forward in its quest for peace, civilization and spiritual evolution as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Adopted by the United Nations on Dec. 10, 1948, it not only gave rise to a wide array of international conventions and treaties, but also became enshrined in such national codes and documents as my own country’s Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Declaration represents the striving of the human spirit to be free and live honorably, according to what I’ve called in other connections “the divine attributes” — love, joy, compassion, dignity, integrity and so on. Let’s look at the history of the document and perhaps consider its Preamble, which sets out the conditions it addresses.

History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10…

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Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, 11th Issue – The Channeled Bits

The following is a preview of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, which we are asking $11.11 a month for. Income from this Newsletter ensures we are able to continue our free work and every subscription is greatly appreciated. Option to subscribe will be given below.

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the eleventh issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will absorb some guidance given by SanJAsKa and the Hathors. We will also practice a collective Lighted ritual to aide impoverished peoples, and I will answer a reader’s question on the subject of a gradual ascension.

To begin for this week, SanJAsKa mentions the effects that outside stimulants have had upon our reality.

“In due time, you dear souls will realize the effects that your various stimulants, crutches and generally all that you have used to cope with the Earthly experience have had upon your experience and upon the ways that your reality is manifested through your natural Creation powers.

Life, and especially Life on your world, is wonderful, beautiful and should be celebrated tenfold. As you dear souls are able to exist within a dense and seemingly-limited reality and as well begin to realize the effects that this reality-structure has had on your ways of thinking, you are finding and realizing that the higher realms are everywhere and are able to illuminate all dark corners of your infinite paths back to Source.” -SanJAsKa Continue reading

Greg Giles Quits: Strange “Finale” Message

By Stephen Cook


Greg Giles Quits: Strange “Finale” Message

Note from Wes: I don’t know what I could say about this that hasn’t already been said by many people. I’m one who followed Greg from the beginning on the Galactic Free Press, have chatted with him before, and am just as bewildered as anybody else. Either way, as many have said, we need to send Greg our Love rather than the hate that so many memebers of various spiritual forums are sending him on a daily basis.

In a truly strange and distressing day, it appears that Greg Giles, channeller for both the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command, has channelled his final message and has quit his current Lightworker mission.

Either that, or he’s been seriously hacked by others who may have, in some way, compromised both his channellings and his new website in what may be a very cruel and nasty campaign to seriously harm Greg’s reputation. This dark scenario may also be a possibility.

There has also been talk in some forums elsewhere this week that, because Greg had not posted since September 24 – and he usually posts very regularly – he had gone missing… Continue reading

Challenge: Achieving World Peace Now!

Written by Steve Beckow

Seeing just how many eloquent lightworkers are here and what a crying need there is in global society for world peace, I’ve just decided to create the first of what once were called “world games.”

We need world peace and we need it now. People are dying in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and many other places; they are being imprisoned and tortured in many countries; they are robbed of their rights and forced to live on substandard wages in others. All of these circumstances and conditions prevent world peace. Continue reading

Hundreds of Libyans Hand Over Their Weapons

Posted by sage

Hundreds of Libyans Hand Over Their Weapons

Stephen Cook: Peace is within all our reach, as the people of Libya are showing with their very actions.

sage is also one of the key ‘staffers’ behind the new blog Steve Beckow has established this weekend to allow all of us to share and bring about World Peace Now Check it out and be part of a worldwide movement and gathering place for those of us who want (and will create and enjoy) peace – now.

By Osama Alfitory, AP – September 29, 2012

Hundreds of Libyans converged Saturday on a main square in Benghazi and another in Tripoli in response to a call from the military to hand over their weapons, some driving in with armored personnel carriers, tanks, vehicles with mounted anti-aircraft guns and hundreds of rocket launchers.

The call by the Libyan chiefs of staff was promoted on a private TV station in August. But it may have gained traction in the wake of the attack against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in which the American ambassador and three staffers were killed. The incident was followed by a popular uproar against armed militias which have increasingly challenged government authorities. Continue reading

Jesus: In Truth, There Is Nothing to Judge

Jesus: In Truth, There Is Nothing to Judge

As Channelled by John Smallman – September 30,2012

The river of time — that aspect of the illusion of which many of you are most conscious — is flowing swiftly and smoothly, carrying you insistently and unfalteringly along with it towards your divine destination.

Regardless of any doubts or uncertainties that you may harbor your arrival is assured, divinely assured. Focus on the absolute certainty of that assurance when doubts or anxieties arise within you, knowing, as you most definitely do, that your Father’s Love for you is drawing you irresistibly homeward.

You have a saying, “Home is where the heart is,” and the heart of your true Self is eternally at Home with your heavenly Father. Nevertheless, that does not appear to be the case as you contend with the problems and anxieties with which the illusion continuously presents you, while you strive determinedly to find your way out of it and back to that glorious state. Continue reading

Nancy Detweiler: The Truth Will Be Hard To Hear

Nancy Detweiler: The Truth Will Be Hard To Hear

(Those Who Reveal Truth to Us Are Not the Culprits)

Allen: Nancy was Stephen Cook’s fascinating guest on The Light Agenda a few weeks back on 29 August. You can hear their conversation here:

By Nancy B. Detweiler M. Ed, M.Div – September 29, 2012

Within the next few weeks, Earth humans will be shocked to learn just many lies we have been told—lies that have been deliberately perpetuated, some for thousands of years.

As Gaia, the great being whose physical body we call Planet Earth, moves toward her Ascension, all that is of a negative nature will be brought forth and released so that healing can occur.  A spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical wound cannot heal until the venom within it is released.

The Divine Plan for Gaia and her inhabitants is for all to ascend together.  In order for this evolutionary leap to occur, all negativity must be brought into the open, forgiven,  and released.  This renders inevitable the opening of many Pandora boxes, the bringing forth of unresolved grief, and the arising of painful memories that we have sought to repress. Continue reading

Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure


Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure

As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – 30 September, 2012

Beloved Ones,

A great many of you are experiencing fear in ways that did not bother you before. Know that you are picking up on the fears of the mass consciousness field and that you have control over your mind and your thoughts. At such moments all you have to do is remember that you are always surrounded by a legion of Angels.

There is no place upon this Planet that you walk alone. As you have trodden upon your spiritual journey in this lifetime, you have amassed a greater following of Light Beings who watch over you so that at this point in time, you each have a veritable army of Light to protect you. Continue reading