Shazi: Ascended Master Saida Khatoon – Harmony from Another


Hello Son,

Harmony from Another

When a person stays in the same surrounding, his mind and spiritual consciousness, which is providing inspiration is limited. This is because there is no interaction with the material senses to make an action, in order to complete a circuit with the universal consciousness.

The mind, body and soul complex works in harmony when there is a balance of material and spiritual consciousness; when they both work in unison.

If this is not the case; either the material consciousness or higher consciousness is lacking stimulus to get the flow going around the body.

A person, who enjoys his own routine of the day, is limited in his capacity to learn; unless he adopts a spiritual routine that raises his awareness levels. We have to remember that the soul needs a connection with the conscious to balance and find itself.

The soul is born with no experiences.

It is the physical body and consciousness that provides the knowledge the soul is lacking. Our very own interactions with all things, is a learning tool for the soul.

When we ignore all things and shun them out we limit the flow of energy.

When we venture out into the world, whether it be a challenge we still commit ourselves to learning. This is then passed down to the soul, which advises and guides you further; because it begins to understand your needs and itself.

The soul is never satisfied until we are in the heart.

Often when we go out we inherit energies from the surrounding, thus recirculation and revitalising the body and into a happy stimulus.

A person should not limit himself, but expand his horizons, to learn further and to ignite further flames of knowledge.

Your mother; explore horizons far a field, see what places it takes you.

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon Channelled by Shazi Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

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