The Galactic Free Press: Power to the People of Truth to Unravel the People of the Lie


Tina Henderson [FB] ~Power to the people of truth to unravel the people of the lie~♥~


~ The problem with telling the truth is that you piss everyone off. not just the people who want to be slaves, but the people trying to enslave us. ~ William Cooper.



~It’s a phony kind of egg-stacy, living deep within your shell. I don’t know why you do it mind, turning heaven into hell. You’re tricky, and I don’t trust you; I’m a love cop, and I’ll bust you.~

‘Sri Gawn Tu Fahr’


~Love Reporter Shane Derrick Jonker~



~When the power of love is replaced by the love for power thats when life begins to unravel rapidly ***


I AM LOVE – I AM THE LIGHT – I AM THE CREATOR OF MY REALITY – I AM WITH NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS – WHAT I AM WILL BE – I HAVE CREATED EXPECTATION AND ALLOWANCE FOR IT TO BE – I GIVE THANKS TO THE DIVINE – because what is worthy of asking and receiving for the good of all is worthy of thanks *** ~


~Never take anything personally. Nothing others do (or say) is ever because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz ~ PEACE! ♥ ~




~If you are here on Earth wearing the human instrument, you are here out of choice and purpose. The choice was made to experience this time, this alignment with the galactic center, and the intensification of the creative beam of First Source. The purpose was to ease the experience of shifting from the old systems and reality models to the new. That’s why we are here. – ~James, WingMakers



~I AM becoming my life purpose, every second. I AM, in service to humanity. I AM, sharing love and light to the darkest place here. I AM u, u R mE…together we are unstoppable ~ Enigmatic Galactic Starchild

~Accept the unacceptable. It is often the case that our job isn’t to change something or someone – but it is always our duty to accept that which is Life, because that which is Life is always as it is intended to be in every given moment. The Source of all that is does not screw up. ~ Dan King~

~All of Humanity is made from Love and WE are Looking for a 100% Awakening on this Planet, that is Our Prayer We Sent to Love and Love is Making this Occur very Quickly. This is the Real Reality occurring, and EVERYONE will get this, Love is Contagious. The More that Awaken the Brighter the Light. Thank You ALL For Being Love. WE Love You~ Love The Earth Allies

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2 comments on “The Galactic Free Press: Power to the People of Truth to Unravel the People of the Lie

  1. Kalna Yamski says:

    Dont ya just love PISSING OFF the dummies and muppets on this planet I know I do ha ha ha

  2. Kalna Yamski says:

    Ie Bankers and Politicians hee hee hee

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