Shazi: Ascended Master Saida Khatoon – The Wave of Change


Hello Son,

The Wave of Change

A new inspirational wave, which has love as a main source is sweeping the planet. The dark lords think they can spoil the party, but their plans are no match for the supreme mind of God; for he is the best of all planners. His attributes are beyond infinity; his light is the basis of all living and non living things, visible and non visible. Such is the might of the Lord of all Creation.

The catalyst of this change is all of you, for embracing this energy.

Without you the change will not take place; if we stay still and watch others, then the pace will decline and we will lose this battle of the ego.

The steps you take and the actions in words and events are crucial in this period; for you are all generators of light emitting positive vibrations where you live. Even some people are generators for their cities, countries and even continents.

The more generators there are the more lit the world would become, which will be filled with the Divine vibrations of Love and Harmony. Without this the change in people will be nothing and the disease of distaste and greed would continue until the end of time.

The words you say are monumental because there is love in the foundation of your being. The dark light is slowly dissipating signifying the end of ignorance and the start of a deeper awakening which will happen at an instant.

This awakening for some is happening at a steady pace so that the body can tolerate the change in you at a molecular level. Such is the depth of change that needs to be grounded in you.

You are you and special in so many ways, do not let others spoil the way you think and say. Even your presence is for others to follow and be like the shining star.

You mind is free and feel the peace that never stayed with you for long; but it is now a part of your individual identity.

Your mother; you are an inspiration for others and deep in their minds they know of this; you are the seed of change and the catalyst and keeper of the Light.

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon Channelled by Shazi Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

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