Archangel Michael on the First Sedona Conference, the East Coast Storm and the West Coast Earthquake

Graham, Linda and I got together for a brief time today (Oct. 29, 2012)  just to get word from Archangel Michael on what occurred behind the scenes at the first conference.

He gave us not only an appraisal of the significance and impact of it, but he also explained what was happening with the weather phenomena on both coasts of North America and he asked us not to be dragged into the drama that the mainstream media was creating around the storms, etc.

He also added this reassurance: “I … say to the people of the East Coast, stay in your hearts. Call on me for protection. Connect to the heart of Gaia and you will be safe.”

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening and Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario. I’m Graham Dewyea.

Since we’re at the conference at Sedona, Arizona, we’re going to start our show this week with Archangel Michael, who’s going to visit with us just for ten minutes or so and then we’ll follow with the for the archive show which we aired with him on Sept. 17, 2012, where he talked about Disclosure, NESARA, international events, and Ascension. Continue reading

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UPDATE: The 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension Live Stream and 30-Day Archive

UPDATE: The 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension

Live Stream and 30-Day Archive

From Los Abrigados Resort, Sedona, Arizona USA

12 Insightful International and Local Speakers: Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward,  Blossom Goodchild, Linda Dillon, Wes Annac, Genii Townsend, Steve Beckow, Graham Dewyea, Geoffrey West, Sierra Neblina, Dave Schmidt, Stephen Cook.

Location: Los Abrigados Resort, 160 Portal lane, Sedona, Arizona USA

Price: US$65 -  Access to Live Stream and 30-Day Archive. Payment by PayPal or Credit Card ONLY.

The link below is now LIVE. Happy Viewing!!! Enjoy! With all our love and light.

Day 1 9am – 6pm, Tuesday, October 30, 2012 Speakers – Genii Townsend, Graham Dewyea, Steven  Beckow, Geoffrey West, Suzy Ward

Day 2 9am – 6pm, Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Speakers – Linda Dillon, Stephen Cook, Dave Schmidt, Mike Quinsey

Day 3 9am – 6pm, Thursday, November 1, 2012 Speakers – Wes Annac, Sierra Neblina, Blossom Goodchild, Panel Discussion Parts 1 and 2.

Julie Simms: Why the 2012 Scenario Conference Exceeded My Imagination!

Julie Simms: Why the 2012 Scenario Conference Exceeded my Imagination

By first 2012 Scenario Conference  Sedona attendee Julie Simms -  October 29, 2012

When I first heard of the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona, I was intrigued, but not too sure I could attend. A major draw was Sedona herself, but I wasn’t sure I needed to attend. So I decided I’d think about it.

The next day, I was sitting in meditation when I thought I heard a voice telling me I should attend the conference. I often hear voices in meditation, but don’t see much so I asked who it was and heard, “Jophiel.” Continue reading

Royal Bank Subpoenaed in LIBOR Probe

Royal Bank Subpoenaed in LIBOR Probe

The Canadian Press – October 26, 2012

There are reports that Royal Bank of Canada has been served with a subpoena from U.S. state officials as part of their probe into the possible manipulation of a key benchmark used to set interest rates.

The Wall Street Journal and other business publication report the subpoenas were issued to nine banks, including RBC, in August and September, according to an unidentified person familiar with the investigation. Continue reading

Andrea Scully’s Video Posts from the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Day 3

Andrea Scully’s Video Posts from the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Day 3

Stephen Cook: What a delight it’s been to spend time with Andrea Scully (head moderator and co-owner of the 2012 Scenario Discussion Group) and her husband George, who drove over 2,000 miles to be with us all here in Sedona.

I reckon they had a great time – and now George ‘knows’ all Andrea’s ‘internet friends’ – and he loves us and we all love him, too!

Note from Wes: I could not get the video to show up here [seems to be a common problem!] so head on over to the article source and check out the video:

In case you missed them, here are Andrea’s first  two days’ reports.

When Will President Obama’s Critics Admit They Were Wrong?

In defending President Obama from the cabal-generated tsunami of bad press, Frank Schaeffer was one of a small band of reporters. This article is from February 2012.

When Will President Obama’s Critics Admit They Were Wrong?

Frank Schaeffer, Huffington Post,  02/ 8/2012

As Ryan Lizza writes in the New Yorker: “Obama didn’t remake Washington. But his first two years stand as one of the most successful legislative periods in modern history. Among other achievements, he has saved the economy from depression, passed universal health care, and reformed Wall Street.”

So when are President Obama’s critics, people like Paul Krugman and Mitt Romney, going to offer President Obama an apology? Both have often loudly predicted that he made the economy worse and was putting America on the wrong economic path. Both are being proved wrong by the economic comeback we are in. I mention them not to pick on Krugman, who I respect, or even on Romney (who I regard as vapid and bought and paid for by corporate interests) but to make a point: President Obama is going to have the last laugh on his critics, no matter what ideological spectrum they hail from. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas ~ Trans~Form~ation Underway AS We Remain In Holding Pool Thru Tomorrow.

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I so feel like I woke up (really late) with scrambled eggs for brains.  So I am going to keep this sharing short but sweet, but there are some elements of yesterdays connections that I do want to share with everyone.  They feel too important not to share.

My first lady of the day, one the of the bravest souls I know, just moved from Utah to N.E. PA the evening before.  Surely, a Lighthouse to the rescue!!  When I connected to her I was so surprised at the lack of details, actually zero details at the ground level.  It was more like a mass of energy without form, without distinction.  There wasn’t even that now familiar dividing line between October’s energies and November’s energy’s…. there was nothing.  At least until I shifted my eyes above the ground.  There was the most beautiful swirling (counter-clockwise) energy field of multi-colored energy.  Reminded me of the face of the sun I had seen last week… but now it was parallel to her head (if she had one that I could see.)   I knew there was a massive opening underway… but could not see or receive a single detail beyond that image. Continue reading

The Beginning of Everything is Within Yourselves. ~ Archangel Michael via Ron Head

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As you can easily see, the events that are now happening on all sides of you could easily shake you from your centered determination.  We congratulate all of you.  If you are reading this, either you have not been affected, or you know well how to recover your calm and center yourselves.

Your personal process of change continues, regardless of all the outward commotion.  Unknown to many of you still, there is great progress being made in many places upon your world.  It is unfortunate that your communications media still reports only sensational and negative events, but that situation will not last much longer.  What they will soon assume are negative events, you will in fact recognize as being very positive.  Remember to view the events and not the fear filled interpretations imposed upon them. Continue reading

The Oracle Report ~ 30October2012 Full Moon Phase ~ Moon in Taurus


Oracle Report

I mentioned this past weekend that some days would be harder than others in the window of time until November 6. Today is one of the better ones, so we have a breather. We want to use this opportunity to focus on the idea of being like a rock or a rocky cliff because the energy favors the ability to see that what is developing is stronger and has more permanence than before. There is a distinct benefit in practicing this. Over the past year we practiced the shamanic skill of transforming perspective to an owl in a tree, peering out and observing but not being involved in the chaotic swirl outside.

We are able to readily revert to that state when needed. Now, the skill of the rocky cliff enables us to be in the chaotic swirl but not be battered or thrown off by it. This will become more and more important to maintain sanity over the next two years. The rocky cliff is not just grounded – it is the ground. It is immovable. Feminine energy remains strong today and makes all types of creations empowered.

What would you like to create or reinforce today? Feminine energy is the energy that creates or births things, so you can do a lot with today’s confluences of energy. Thanks for all the well wishes during the storm. All is good here. We need to give thanks to the Sun for quieting down over the past few days so that its electromagnetic energy could not be used to power the storm even more. (We live in an electric universe, contrary to what scientists say.) Let’s send good energy to all of the Oracle Report owls in the path of the storm who now have to deal with the aftermath.

Sophia Love ~ Distorted Mirrors ~ 30 October 2012

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PictureIt is our fifth day on this October Quest.  Your image of yourself is distorted, along with your image of everyone else.  There are a few among us who see clearly – they are the avatars, prophets, holy ones and regular folks.  They will emit mostly peace and with them you’ll feel only serenity.  In their eyes will be love.

They can be found behind cash registers, in shoe stores, in temples and on the street.  It is not their title, moniker or clothing that identifies them – it is their essence.  They embody agape and when you are held within their gaze, that is all you feel. Continue reading