[Updated] It’s Snowing at Aquarius Channelings!

Well, we’re a little divided on this issue. Most of you enjoy the snow but those who don’t, really seem not to enjoy it. What I will do is keep the snow up for a short time and then turn it off, perhaps around the middle of this month or around the 21st. With this issue out of the way, we can get back to matters of importance! :D

Some of you have been asking about the “little white dots” floating across the screen on this site. They are an optional feature of WordPress blogs [such as this one] and are meant to represent snowflakes to give the blog more of a wintery theme. We had the snowflakes last year from December to January, and I would like to hear everyone’s opinion on them to determine if I should keep them until January or not. If enough people find them irritating or have trouble reading posts because of them, I will turn them off. :)

Tell me what ya’ think!

Much Love,

Wes :)

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51 comments on “[Updated] It’s Snowing at Aquarius Channelings!

  1. dawnford2011 says:

    I like them … at first they appeared to form through the skies just as the white orbs do. Thank you.

  2. myersmurphy says:

    Wes, I love the Snow – please keep it on if there is agreement. :)
    Lots of love to you and your family
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  3. Lois Monsees says:

    Love ‘em. (: )


  4. Marilyn says:

    I Love the snow flakes!!! Keep them goin!!!

  5. Francie says:

    Keep the lovely peaceful snowflakes falling…

  6. Marion Kolesnikoff says:

    Thanks for asking about the white dots. They do mahke the reading a little more challenging. We have a lot to integrate and they are distracting. Thanks for all you do.



  7. rlmstudio says:

    I love them now that I know what they are! I was a little afraid it was some new digital virus or holiday anthrax that the cabal had sprinkled into our private world….keep it snowing my man!

  8. Susanna says:

    Hello Wes,

    I thought the white dots flying around were Light particles streaming into our atmosphere from Galactic Source. They sure felt that way, very uplifting…..

    But snow? that’s nice too…..

  9. LizAnn Brain says:

    Being originally from New England, I like some winter. But I think you should change the header/background picture to a winter wonderland scene for just a bit of time too.. See if you can find one with Violet in it. :)

    • flame says:

      Oops I hit the thumbs down instead of thumbs up – sorry – I do agree with you about the a winter wonderland theme

  10. my little white dots are black. not sure wht..
    Russ Albert

  11. Sue says:

    I thought I was seeing things at first, but the I just thought of them as packages of love energy coming into me as I read.

    Nice to know the intention .
    Thanks , Sue

  12. cass says:

    Thought they where a nice touch.

  13. Bob Libasci says:

    Love the snow! Keep the flakes coming!

  14. Kitty says:

    Love it!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    They are simply perfect. Glad you are so creative. Thanks for the reminder of childhood and the Joy of the seaon.

  16. Allness says:

    The snow is lovely! Made me very happy to see it! :)

  17. babajij says:

    at least there’s Snow here on some of the WPBlogs…we got rain up here in Canada,where usually it should be Snowing…Let Her Snow, my shovel is collecting dust!…hehe

  18. Alberto Baeza says:

    I thought my computer got a virus. You got us there you brat haha.
    Much love and blessings as always.

  19. Alberto Baeza says:

    I’m loving it!

  20. Dear Wes, Last year I liked the snowflakes. This year I find them irritatating ( I am easily irritated right now :( )

    If everyone else likes the snow keep it. I will adjust.

  21. Kelly says:

    I think the snowflakes are cool, you don’t even notice them after awhile when reading…

  22. sandi says:

    I loved them last year and the same for this year!!!!!
    Keep them coming!!!!! They are just a small sprinkling!
    I could use a snow shower though!
    Thanks for the wintery theme!

  23. Pat Wainwright says:

    I like it! Let it snow! The way things are warming up around here this may be the closest thing we’ll get to snow. Thanks! Love to you and your family, Pat Wainwright of Bethesda, MD

  24. Dear Wes, I like the snowflakes a lot. It really gives you the feel of winter.

  25. A.E.G. says:

    They are lovely – at times – really cool and others a bit distracting – make me feel as if I’m floating ~

  26. Gregory says:

    Hi Wes, apart from the dots on the site when will all the dots in the sky make themseleves known?

  27. Tish Scholtz says:

    December 6 Dear Wes, in South Africa we are presently in mid summer! and we thus enjoy & appreciate your snowflakes —they are great! and so is the work you do!! God bless
    Tish Scholtz, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa

  28. Gordon says:

    Keep the Snow,,,,,,It looks like GODS Adamantine Particles permeating everything.

    Love and Light


  29. Dani says:

    Very annoying….as my bar at the bottom of my screen keeps jumping and flashing. I will not visit any website that has this bc I do not feel it is good for our eyes. Please TAKE IT OFF. Thanks

  30. Freddy says:

    Hey Wes, before all, thank you .. thanks for the channellings, thanks for all this love we can read and feel all around this website …
    I love the “little white dots” … this isn’t irritating for me, because there’s nothing in these next days to be irritated about …
    Let’s see the white dots as love … as everything around there ..

    With Love.

  31. Cindy N says:

    I love them! Makes me think of little tiny orbs floating around the words of light.

  32. Sherri says:

    Love the Snowflakes!

  33. Pamela Hambleton says:

    SNOWFLAKES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND EACH ONE UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT – LIKE ALL OF US!! LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!! But Wes, we need a snowman too, perhaps a winter wonderland theme? You are the best.
    Love and Light and dreamy lovely snow to all.

  34. vevagodde says:

    Leave them it is fun and festive…why not? [?][?][?][?]

    They could, also look like lots of tiny orbs going across playfully with us….! (Maybe it is because snow flakes are not round…?) Love veva♥

  35. Francine says:

    Let it snow my friend! Reminds me of the dream I had last March where it was snowing everywhere – Angels descending upon us – and I was being lifted up into the sky and I said to take me up higher so I could see the snow land all over – beautiful it was indeed, Namaste! Francine

  36. Manny says:

    If anyone is too distracted by the snowflakes, I found a simple way to make them stop. Just page down to where you want to start reading and click anywhere outside of the browser window, and it stops! (Won’t work in full-screen mode.)

  37. soulofearl says:

    Its so funny. I was looking at this still video screen about a ufo sighting on one of your pages, and I saw these little white dots floating across the sky on the still video screen. I thought, “Impressive…:” then I realized I hadn’t clicked PLAY yet. then I thought,”Impressive!”

    Somebody is going to channel those snow flakes someday, and they are going to tell us how honored they are to be here, and be part of our enlightenment. You can’t get rid of the snow, man.

  38. MIchael Merkabaman says:

    Wes, I seem to be practically the only one who finds this feature annoying and….absurd.
    Which is kinda scary to me :)
    It distract me constantly from reading. It;s like trying to listen to music while someone
    is screaming in your ear. It makes no sense to me. I am old school. If you are offering
    someone something to read, why make it MORE DIFFICULT for them to read what you are presenting? I would do anything I could to make the reading experience MORE clear, not less clear.
    I personally cannot even try to read like this as it causes me stress.

  39. Pete says:

    Apparently I’m the only one with a computer so old that the snow takes most of my CPU! Ah, well, there’s no snow on your personal blog, and most of your stuff gets posted elsewhere, too. So I’ll be able to read the goodies. Visually, it’s fun to see and doesn’t bother my reading.

  40. Mary says:

    Wonderful!! Magical!!

  41. Wilfried says:

    Hi, Wes! I like the snow flakes. Today we had our first snow for this season in the Netherlands. (-: Thank you for all your wonderful channelings and articles.

  42. soulofearl says:


    Oh, that wasn’t so bad….nevermind. I feel changed somehow…Thank you snow.

  43. Louise says:

    I don’t mind the snow flakes on the computer screen at all. It’s the ones that fall outside my window that bother me. I live near Ottawa, Canada, so I’ve seen my fair share of snow. Every year I dream of a green Christmas and winter. Can’t wait for the temperate weather to start kicking in! Cheers!

  44. soulofearl says:

    The snowflakes are a powerful energy. They often bring up issues to be released, like, maybe I need to bite the bullet and upgrade from this Windows 95 pc with the 13 in. screen, and the 800 resolution. That, most likely, will take care of those giant white blobs freezing your computer. That and, maybe also upgrading from dial up to high speed internet. What I’m saying is, maybe it’s not the snowflakes but what they represent that is irritating you. Something deep down, like in another life, that is related to snow or something. Just a thought. I think snowflakes are like codes, as no two are just alike. Which is mind blowing when you think about it. Maybe more snow would help speed up the cleansing process. And we could build a snow man.

  45. AMA says:

    the snow falls, each flake in its appropriate place ;)
    (Zen saying)

  46. Dustin says:

    Love the snow!

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