Linda Steiner: I Have Realized a Shift

Linda Steiner too has experienced a shift and reports it.  Many more people probably will begin to ease into increasingly elevated moments of shift, probably signalling our overall but apparently gentle expansion.

I Have Realized a Shift

Posted on December 23, 2012 by Dr. Linda Steiner

I have realized a shift. I have felt a powerful, loving presence – especially in the sky – from the sky. I have felt an overwhelming sense of calm, acceptance, peace – a lack of struggle, both internal and external.

I have experienced synchronicities – several in a short period of time. I have felt a profound sensation of inner peace and outer beauty. The sky, the sun, the clouds are all communicating Love and Light.

I am feeling myself unfolding, like a Lotus. Nothing dramatic, sensational or explosive – but something gentle, yet inevitable, undeniable and powerful that is taking form in and around me.

If and when I have “doubts”, I simply look to the sky and am reminded – gently, but definitively, that change is underway. I am along for the ride – a willing passenger on the Wave of Ascension. I desire service to others – I desire to teach as I’m called. I desire a continued union with Gaia – as a humble servant to whatever she needs or desires. I am envisioning a planet of exceptional beauty and peace where animals, trees, mountains, waterways are all spinning in unison – unthreatened by those who wish them harm. I envision myself among them – relishing in the natural beauty and harmony that sings songs of higher frequencies.

I see colors in the sky – blues, greens and magentas. They radiate information and love that I am now attempting to assimilate over and above my state of awe and hypnotic attraction.

I sense that I am on the threshold of Grand Creation – where I can paint the canvas of existence according to my own colorvision of Love, Light and Peace.

I envision my Higher Self – as a pillar of light – floating among celestial bodies and reaching out to take my hand. I am unifying with my own Divine Essence and remaining receptive to what lies ahead – although without precise clarity – I remain open and alert.

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence to this gateway – scientific, prophetic, cosmic – it is my personal visions, my guides, my codes and cues that ground my faith and belief that this transition is REAL.

Something magnificent is underway and I feel it at a visceral level – beyond reasoning, analysis and critical thought. It’s as though my soul has recognized the call and is reaching out saying “home again…at last!”

I go now, into these coming days, with peace in my heart, gratitude in my soul and eyes – full of wonder. And I now understand that what is to unfold is not external – but rather a shift from within. Ascension is in my heart. All else will be a manifestation of this realization.

Be at peace – in Love and Light.

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2 comments on “Linda Steiner: I Have Realized a Shift

  1. So look forward to similar experience…Thank you for this sharing.

  2. Dr. Sohini Shukla. says:

    Dear Linda,
    I have experienced that God is with me at Every step to help me and I felt much more Flow of Energies in my Body and that has given me Hope for my Good health and all about my Abundance in n my life will be taken care of ….
    Now I was feeling but now the experience is very different….and positive….

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