The 2012 Scenario: Connections by Suzi for 24 Dec. 2012

Written by Suzanne

Lots of things are becoming clearer to me now. The apparent non-event of the 21st threw me for a wee bit of a loop, but happily not for very long.

I had my sob fest and moved on as information about what is so continued to flow into my awareness, by many different avenues.

One of the perks of running the inbox here is that I meet so many bright and gorgeous souls. One such is my lovely friend Quay, who was the first to share what vision was given to her in her moment of despair.

I think it’s in our darkest, most hopeless moments when the sincere cry for help from our hearts is heard the loudest. When we have been laid open to the bone and have no other recourse but to surrender, this is the most fertile field for the seeds of the Divine to be sown.

Reading my friend’s vision triggered a thought and feeling process for me, so I have a few “What-if’s” of my own to offer here.

What if the 21st was the last and most powerful of the influxes of cosmic love and light energy, and that it marked the actual “midnight” moment of the old age into the new?

What if December 25th was never meant to mark the birth of the man we knew as Jesus, but that this one, this Christmas Day of 2012 is the reason for all of them? That this one marks a moment when the Christed Light descends into the hearts of every human and into the heart of Gaia?

What if we’re in the three days of darkness right now, and that “darkness” was always meant as a metaphor for this time when we’re all wondering why we’re still apparently in the same reality as before?

Maybe we’re all set to get the very best Christmas present that Humanity could ever receive. This unfolding will continue on, and my intention is to be as available to these energies as possible. That’s my highest service to the Light, to Gaia, to Humanity and to All That Is, to allow my own becoming, to allow my own Divinity.

I may move forward with my plans to get a small kiln so I can make more whale and dolphin tail necklaces out of stoneware clay.  Rather than do it out of concern for having to make money, I will do it to bring more beauty into this world and share my art.

I love the creation process!  Find where your passion is and step into doing that.  I think that whatever work our hearts guide us to now can move forward unhindered.

Our perceptions are what matters here. What if we’re already in fifth yet still in third? Would we know?

If we allow ourselves to feel it we would. What if we’re already firmly anchored in Fifth but still maintaining presence in the Third because our Light and energy is needed here at this time? It’s the reason we even came.

What if this is an unfolding that takes place over the next couple of weeks, during which our Light bodies expand along with our conscious awareness of what is already true?

I’m up for it. How about you?

Love and Light… Suzanne


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2 comments on “The 2012 Scenario: Connections by Suzi for 24 Dec. 2012

  1. Angelzol says:

    I had similar thoughts Suzanne and agree with most of what you said. I also think of the 3 days of being in the darkness as that of Christ being resurrected from the dead after 3 days. The Christed consciousness is being resurrected in ourselves.

  2. Love this and may write a letter to higher self asking “what-ifs” and enjoying the responses. Thank you for such great inspirational messages.

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