The Golden Age of Gaia: Happy New Year!


What did one archangel say to another? Well, according to a real, live archangel (Michael) and keeping in mind that the Promised Land is a land flowing with milk and honey: “Did you bring the milk and honey?”

This is an Age of Light and this planet will “soon” be a land flowing with milk and honey, the Promised Land, the Garden of Eden it was always meant to be.

And how fast we get there, if I understand matters correctly, depends on how big we can dream. In the dimension towards which we’re headed, everything is created through thought and so the extent of the wonder and magic of our world is, as far as I know, determined by the extent to which we can think – or dream – matters into existence.

So we here at the Golden Age of Gaia invite you to “Dream Big” in this next year and come with us as we return to the Garden!

Wherever you are around planet Gaia – North, South, East or West – Happy New Year as we open our hearts and come together to build Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone!

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