2012IndyInfo Update: When all Fails… Give Up! – Laura

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2012IndyInfo Update: When all Fails… Give Up! – Laura

Well after all attempts in migrating 2012IndyInfo effectively have failed after two days of trying for Kelly and I.

I have to give up migrating 2012IndyInfo at this stage, after the last 2 days have been centred towards trying to get the new blog set up and working, here is the link: http://here.creation-songs.com/

Kelly has been working hard to get this sorted for 2 days, and I am very thankful to him for offering to host 2012IndyInfo/ Here and Now, even though, it did not bring the wanted results in the end. I am very happy that he offered to help and invest his time and energy, offering to host the website for free.

However, after several attempts at migrating the site effectively, only posts from 2011 without photos seems to have worked. However, when you click on the link for…

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2012IndyInfo.com /Here and Now was Deactivated by WordPress Today – Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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New 2012IndyInfo blog address:http://2012indyinfo.blogspot.co.uk/

Hi guys, just made it after ver 7 hours trip to my hotel abroad, and the first thing i did was checking my emails, only to get a message from my friend Lawrence telling me that my blog 2012IndyInfo is no more..
I checked my blog, and indeed all i have is a message from wordpress with the following message:

This blog has been deactivated because we believe it does not comply with the WordPress.com Terms of Service or advertising policy.
If your blog is designed to promote affiliate links, get rich quick programs, banner ads, consists solely or mostly of duplicate or automatically generated material, or is part of a search engine marketing campaign, WordPress.com is not the place for you. Please use the Export feature to move your content to amore appropriate hosting service.
Occasionally we make mistakes. If…

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SaLuSa – Inner Light and other Matters – 13 Aug 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

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DNA, Animal Kingdom, Lightworkers on Earth – SaLuSa 26 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean


We know that your love for Mother Earth, for humanity, and for your Galactic Families has virtually no limit. We feel that some of you need to walk their talk, to use an Earth expression. This will also show the way to those who feel more confused and lost. Do not feel disturbed when you are prey to confusion, as this is generally a positive experience, indicative of an inner opening for you, or of a falling of the barriers that are built around you.
Many of you are ready to leave this planet called Earth, many among you dream of leaving it, to ascend into a higher plane of existence, and never to return. We sympathize with those of you having those feelings, however, if you are still on Earth is means that your life contract has not been full field just yet, and that your responsibilities, or your karmic cleansing require you to remain in your position for a longer period of time.


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