“Believe” – SaLuSa 19th July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

1069986_10151582744404023_1894090912_nMany of you still feel an intense insecurity about the times ahead of you. This is true for your personal journey, as well as for the planet’s. As a reminder we would like to reassure you with the fact that the world you are now incarnated in is a reflection, a holographic projection, which has been designed to look, feel real, and to suck you into it. The attachments that you hold feel real, what you feel is you is only connected to your body and to your material existence. However, it would be a good reminder for everybody to be aware that this is only a play, and that in truth you are much more than what your eyes and other senses make you believe that you are.

This does not imply that you must be insensible to the pain, the struggle and suffering of those around you, and of those in need. Creator had meant for your world to be as loving, and enjoyable as life on any other world. The aim of many of you for this life is to bring a sense of normality to the outer world, by that we mean that you are a beacon of light and love for many others.

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Create your own Ascended Earth Now -SaLuSa speaks for the Galactic Federation 11th July 2012 – Multidimensional Ocean

Snapshot 2 (11-07-2013 15-50)Today I would like to speak on behalf of the Galactic Federation, whereas I usually speak to Laura as one of her guides.

Today’s message is mainly aimed at giving you an update on the situation such as we perceive it today from the higher realms.

We stand with you in all your difficult choices; we sense your sense of fear and for many, of disempowerment. We appreciate how much trouble you are going through from Mother Earth, as you have chosen to help her through this grand process of global ascension. We envy you this task and the journey that you are making, along with her and with the rest of humanity.

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Many of You are not Equipped to Deal with 3D life 8 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

arcturian_closingGreetings dear ones, we are the Arcturian group.

We wanted to salute once again your courage for being part and embracing the material world on Gaia. You accepted to come down on Mother Earth and to descend from being fully conscious beings to being limited by the material form you have taken. This is a heavy duty for you to undertake, fully knowing that the vibrations of your souls were not suited to live in a material environment.

Many of you have struggled all your life with the 3d mentality and way of doing things. Since a very young age you have observed a world that made very little sense to you, fully knowing who you were and why you were here. As your age progressed, the memories of your mission on Earth had subsided, and you were left with many questions concerning the human way of life, and were surprised to find yourself stuck into the human uni-matrix, with tools that did not match your needs and abilities.

Many times, you thought that you were mentally unstable or ill, that you just did not have any skills to respond to your outer environment, that you were unworthy of happiness, and undeserving of a good job, of a good relationship, of all the good things that this 3D world had to offer.


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Neptune King of Mars is near Earth’s Orbit Again – 5th July 2013

mermaid-16Neptune King of Mars – 5th July 2013

Here I come again; it has been a long time since we last communicated with your mind. Earth and Mars’ orbit are often so far, that we find it impossible to reach your mind and thoughts from our planet. We are now moving closer to one another again until November 2013, which will allow me to be within communication range for a few months! This is good if my company pleases you, if not… what can I say? (happy giggles from Neptune)

Our minds may be separated by distance, but our hearts are not. Deep down you know you have a true connection to us, the mer people from Mars. You instinctively know of our existence, and do not need convincing of our presence even on your Earth.

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SaLuSa- Light Continues to Shine – Channeled by Multidimensional Ocean


Courage at this time is much needed as many of you feel much fear in your heart. Fear is very much present now: fear of uncertainty, of paying the bills, of fitting into a society that they can no longer relate to or understand.

The usual mechanism of the system is still into place for now, however, there are many changes on the way, regardless of the cabal’s efforts to keep the old paradigm in place. The truth is that they know that humanity is destined to awaken, and are making all the effort to keep humans asleep and under control.

No matter how hard they try, and try to control the younger generations, they know that they are not going in the direction of the divine’s will. Many of you feel discouraged and impatient to see the collapse of the cabal’s control over your own freedom, however, it is important to understand that the reason it is still into place at this stage, is because of many among your brothers and sisters are afraid of letting go of the old paradigm, as they cannot imagine a better system, nor did they ever dream of a better system, a more inclusive one and a peaceful one.

The elite are working hard to maintain the war path on many fronts, of engineering economic failure, in order to maintain the vibrations of the collective in fear.

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Message from the Ascended Ones 16 June 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean


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Allow the water of life slowing penetrate into your body, allow it to come in, open up the human armour that is your body, let feelings flow and trickle slowly in, and fill your body.

Let the body relax, fall asleep for a while of you feel tired, let your heart feel the divine light of all the love around you.

What comes not from a place of love and kindness is not human’s natural state, look at it in the eye, and let it go.

Find your feet, find your heart, your breath, your face, your meaning as a corporeal being.

We are the Ascended beings, we come from Earth, and far beyond from other Galaxies. We come from many species, and cultures. We are your ancestors, and wish you to go on living in a world of peace and joy.

We are around you always and with all that  you do, we are the angels around you, we are the ones who dwelled upon Earth millennia ago, and who care for you and your planet.

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The Power of Higher Self: SaLuSa 10 June 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean (Youtube Included)

Things are moving on rapidly for the human consciousness. The cabal is still doing all they can in order to prevent human beings of having their own free will and are still trying to influence the way humanity, on the larger scale, is thinking.

There is still much to be uncovered, but you can now begin to witness the power of truth and of unity at its best. Last week alone, the events that have unravelled would have been unimaginable for you, yet you see that in the space of one week much has already come to light.

Your own power as sovereign beings is becoming more evident to you, as you are all beginning to attract to you the situations that you were preparing for a long time ago, all the way from the higher realms.

The road for many of you has been difficult and sinuous, but you will not be disappointed by the final outcome and final victory of love and light.

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