Oversoul Teachings: You’re On the Earth to Be Peacemakers – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

If you cry over spilled milk, you’ll find that you nearly drown in your own tears. If you constantly sweat the small stuff, you’ll find that you’re constantly unhappy and you might wonder why you can’t seem to find the wholeness you want to feel.

Some seekers reach a plateau of happiness and wholeness, only to leave it in favor of the next quarrel; the next drama that successfully takes them out of their divine center.

It’s easy to leave your center in favor of drama and plenty of other things that lower your vibration and make it difficult to re-reach a centered, loving space, but in all honesty, you have no more reason to keep doing so.

You have no more reason to keep convincing yourselves to leave your center – a center that can be very hard to re-reach.

You’re on the earth to be peacemakers; to spread the harmony you can feel within to as many others as you can, but if you constantly quarrel, you won’t be able to spread a good vibration or raise awareness in the manner so many of you are destined to. Continue reading

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Who is Ra? – Part 4: The Martians and the Wanderers – 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

So far, we’ve learned a little bit about Ra and their purpose for remaining in the fifth dimension and communicating with humanity. However, like plenty of other channeled sources, they have a lot to tell us about who we are and how we all made our way to this beautiful little planet we call home.

I’m sure Ra will continue to tell us about themselves and their collective consciousness, but for this installment, we’re going to learn about our origins and the presence of millions of ‘wanderers’ who are here to help the rest of humanity become aware of spirit.

When I first read about wanderers, I was instantly fascinated with the idea. Even though the Company of Heaven are doing a lot to help us evolve, the conscious seekers on the ground are making the biggest and most important impact.

If you feel like you’re on this planet for a very important reason, you might just be one of the waves of souls who incarnated here in a heaven-wide effort to bring humanity and the earth into the light. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 9/10

Vasanas 231Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 22, 2014

We continue with our composite interview, this time with Archangel Michael about Ascension.

Vasanas, Relationships and Ascension

Steve Beckow: Are there some people for whom the thought of Ascension raises fear?

Archangel Michael: What we are seeing in many corners of the human collective is that there is an anxiousness, an excitement and an openness to going forward. And it is particularly the light-workers, light-holders, who are saying, “Now is my time and I shall ascend.”

But there is also this other side that you are seeing, as well, and that is why we speak of it this day, that are also saying, “But, but, but, but, can I wait a while? Do I have to give up this or that? Can I bring my family?” These are the traumas that are being integrated, both the difficult and the beautiful. Continue reading

Poll: 77% of U.S. Northwest are in Favor of GMO Labeling

gmo labeling poll northwest 263x164 Poll: 77% of U.S. Northwest are in Favor of GMO LabelingWritten by Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society, July 22, 2014

Who wouldn’t want to know what’s in their food? In 2012, California voters decided they would rather remain blissfully unaware when it comes to genetically modified ingredients, voting down a measure that Big Ag and food producers spent billions campaigning against. In 2013, voters in Washington followed suit. But a recent poll suggests that 77 percent of residents in the Northwestern region of the U.S. would prefer that GMO-containing foods be labeled, so maybe something will change soon.

DHM conducted surveys in three states—Washington, Oregon, and Idaho—and found that residents would prefer to know what’s inside their groceries rather than sit in the dark.

The poll results come as Oregon voters will likely go to the polls on a labeling measure in November. There, 77 percent of respondents said they support labeling GMOs, while 12 percent oppose GMO labeling.

Interestingly, despite Washington voters squashing a similar measure last year with only 45 percent supporting labeling, the new survey found 69 percent in favor of GMO labels.

Continue reading

Bad for Teeth, Brain and Pineal Gland – Is Fluoridating Water Worth It?

Fluoride PoisonWritten by Geweckt Indigo, Contributor for Waking Times, July 22, 2014

Public water fluoridation is one of the most controversial topics today. The people who are advocates for water fluoridation, claim that adding this substance to the public water is beneficial to the community’s dental health because it hardens the enamel on  teeth protecting it from acid and bacteria, making it easier for people to brush away oral bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

It’s also claimed that research shows that fluoridated water reduces a population’s rate of tooth decay between 40-70%.

However, when it comes to the “protective layer” that’s created by fluoride, studies conducted by Saarland University in Germany (published by Langmuir) shows that the “protective layer” is not actually useful. In fact, it’s 100 times thinner than it was previously believed, and that it’s actually 6 nanometers thick. An everyday activity like chewing food is enough to disintegrate this layer created by fluoride. Continue reading

Sabrina Reber: How Do We Make a Difference In the World When So Much Destruction and Chaos is Occurring?


Written by Sabrina Reber, Raise Your Vibration, July 22, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

There are many positive things we can do to help transition the world from a place of fear, chaos and duality into a world of unification, balance and transformation.

Our outer reflections/outer environments are a reflection of humanity’s inner environments, and we as a group consciousness, are reaping the karmic consequences of our mass consciousness falling into the lower vibrations of fear, blame, powerlessness, victim consciousness, separation consciousness, control and greed.

Our current painful circumstances are reflections of many, many lifetimes where we as a group consciousness have not lived in alignment with our higher souls and we have ALL gone against the spiritual laws of the universe.

However, we can use the power of our free will to counteract our previous directions of energies into more life affirming, loving, light filled energies that will help us transmute the negativity on Earth so we can create a better future for ourselves and the generations to come.

In order to change our futures we must change our NOW, and we need to do this by stepping out of our boxes of limitations where we continue to approach our transformation by doing the same things that got us into this position in the first place. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. Continue reading

Krishnamurti Quotes: You and I Are the Problem, Not the World

J. Krishnamurti Online, July 22, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

The world is not something separate from you and me; the world, society, is the relationship that we establish or seek to establish between each other. So you and I are the problem, and not the world, because the world is the projection of ourselves, and to understand the world we must understand ourselves. That world is not separate from us; we are the world, and our problems are the world’s problems.

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

‘Not Just a Blonde’: The Glory of Good-Enough

Written by Ann, Not Just a Blonde, July 22, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

I am not consistently witty nor well-spoken. I struggle with plucking out the best words to use to get my thoughts across in conversation and on the computer screen. Instead, I am stuck with writing things the best I can to produce an essay or a blog post that expresses my thoughts good-enough. I am not being humble, I’m just keeping it real.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m doing just fine! I will continue to type away my hearts content for all who care to pause and read. I’m good-enough, and being good-enough will do. Continue reading

Oversoul Teachings: Material Attachments Will Inhibit You

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

When you channel, create art or do anything else that requires the utilization of your greater creativity, you’re encouraged to delve as far below your ego-driven surface as possible.

In doing so, you’ll receive the creative revelations your higher selves and guides have to offer you, and you’ll find that all of your creative ventures flow easily when you can release any attachments and express whatever comes forth, naturally and easily.

The conscious public is learning how to hone and master the greater abilities you’re becoming aware of, and you’re wholeheartedly encouraged to practice detachment from your external reality.

Your physical reality, as well as your ego (which attempts to keep it in place) harbors so much pain, misery and unhappiness, and you won’t do yourselves or anyone else a justice by continuing to feed into them.

Instead of focusing solely on your external reality, allow yourselves to constantly connect with spirit in the deepest and purest sense possible, for you’ll find an everlasting higher-dimensional link when you do. Continue reading