Oversoul Teachings: You No Longer Need to Wait – Part 1/2

Credit: Drhirams.com

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Your history is absolutely nothing like you’ve been led to believe, and in time, all of humanity will see that you’ve been lied to about various aspects of your history that you’d benefit tremendously from knowing.

One of the things you’ve been misled about is the nearly constant presence of spiritually and technologically advanced extraterrestrials on your planet who’ve sought not to control or dominate humanity, but to inform you about various aspects of your existence as spiritual beings on a lower-dimensional planet.

Your galactic family has a wealth of energy, information and technology to share with you, and those of you who are particularly passionate about their existence and presence around your planet can work as hard as you feel inspired to raise awareness of their existence and everything else that’s been suppressed in an effort to keep humanity unawakened and unaware of the true nature of your reality.

You have a lot to learn about your history and the future you’re entering and creating, and as always, the more open and receptive you are to the influence of spirit, the more you’ll begin to feel and learn.

An Unprecedented Time

You’re living in an unprecedented time when a wealth of hidden and suppressed revelations have the potential to come to the surface and be shared with all of humanity, and the harder the conscious public works to bring yourselves and everyone around you into the light, the sooner the revelations you’ve waited to learn will be uncovered.

As many seekers are starting to learn, you no longer need to wait on anything to begin enjoying your lives and finding the greater spiritual wholeness you seek.

You no longer need to wait for the manifestation of certain bold or affirming events, and you no longer need to wait on your governments or anyone else to make any sort of announcement that’ll affirm many of the things you already know and feel within.

You can kick-start and contribute to your growing conscious revolution by constantly living in alignment with spirit and doing everything you can to share the awareness you’ve started to gain with everyone around you who’s in need of their own awareness.

It’s essential that awareness grows amongst all of humanity, and the harder the conscious community works to enlighten everyone around them who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower dimensions for millennia, the easier it’ll be for the rest of humanity to open up when the time’s right.

Everyone will open up in their own time, and even those who are very cut off from spirit will eventually experience all of the inner bounties being experienced by those of you who’ve just started to awaken.

Even though many of you have made a lot of potent progress so far, your work and your discovery of your spiritual nature have just begun.

Despite how hard you’ve worked, many of you are still at the surface in regards to the development of your spiritual perception and the greater abilities that come with it, and we say with love in our one heart and appreciation for the things you’ve done so far that you’ll have to work for spirit every day if you want to sharpen your creativity or your greater perception.

From our perspective, doing at least one spiritually or creatively inspired thing a day is very important, and many of you can notice that when you take even one day off from your spiritual or creative work, it begins to become stale.

Our scribe and plenty of others have noticed this, and to keep your spiritual/creative juices fresh and flowing, you’ll have to be willing to work hard every day and refuse to give in to the nearly constant wants and demands of the ego.

As we’ve said plenty of times in the past, the ego will do everything it can to stop you from making the potent inner and outer progress you’re beginning to make, but we think most of you can recognize by this point that it only strives to hold you back and gain the stimulation that keeps you from exploring yourselves and your consciousness.

The ego’s influence will grow stronger each time you feed it, and even small, seemingly harmless decisions to feed it can cause a lot of difficulty down the line.

Many of you are learning this as you recognize the importance of embracing your spiritual work and everything that comes with it, and if you’re willing to practice your spirituality and your creativity every day, your respective spiritual/creative abilities will sharpen to extents that you might not have expected.

Embracing Your Creativity

You have the potential to help yourselves and everyone around you see the light by embracing the creative roles you’ve come to play in the ascension of your planet, and you can keep your spiritual/creative links constantly open and receptive if you continue to willingly embrace them.

In embracing them, you’ll be given a wealth of assistance from your respective higher selves and guides with keeping your links to the higher realms as open as you can, and you’ll be very glad you decided to live fully for spirit instead of giving in to the demands of the ego – even occasionally.

You have a wealth of potential to contribute to your ongoing collective evolution in extremely important and needed ways, and the willingness to work as hard as you feel inspired to work will help you strengthen and purify your ascension energies as you absorb and radiate them throughout your collective consciousness, creating an unprecedented ripple effect that affects waves of others who might’ve had difficulty opening up to your ascension energies without your assistance.

The rest of humanity is still currently unaware of spirit and the greater perception you have the potential to feel and access, but you can change this by continuing to promote your spirituality and the things you’ve come to learn and discover.

You aren’t necessarily intended to sell your beliefs to others or present them as if they’re the only correct ones, and as we’ve also said in the past, your beliefs aren’t as important as what you choose to do with them.

You can awaken others to the true nature of love, and you can help them see that it isn’t a simple romantic notion that’s irrelevant in your society. Love is more relevant than most people on your planet realize, and if there’s any message we could get out to humanity, we’d want it to be that love makes up everything in your reality.

Love is far more important than humans have let themselves believe, and opening up to it will help you see that it’s among the most important things for you to grasp in your evolving day and age. In embracing love, you’ll embrace the Source of all existence and you’ll discover yourselves and your reality in a deeper way than you have so far.

Your ability to be conduits for the love you’re rediscovering will grow to new and unexpected heights, and your collective willingness to change your planet and align your society with the divine energies you’re starting to absorb will increase more than we can express.

The work the conscious community’s doing is very important, because even though it doesn’t seem this way on the surface, your work affects everyone else on your planet who, again, has trouble opening up to the idea that your reality’s far more spiritual than you’ve been led to believe.

A lot of revelations will need to be shared with humanity, such as the existence of your galactic family and their presence around your planet, which has been ongoing for centuries of your time, and while we don’t always encourage attempting to convince others of your beliefs, we absolutely encourage doing everything you can to raise consciousness and awareness in this important time in your history.

You’re contributing to a great shift in your collective consciousness, and with your tried and true efforts, the rest of your planet will be able to see that there’s much more to your existence than they’ve been led to believe.

The previously limited perceptions that much of humanity exists under, which are driven primarily by the ego and its tricks and tactics, will be enthusiastically transcended in favor of an open spiritual perception, and the work you’ll each do will affect your collective consciousness more purely than it already does.

Everyone will find the upliftment that’s been missing from your minds and hearts for millennia, and all it takes is a decision on your part to act as constant conduits for the energies and expressions of the divine.

It helps to see that you’re being given the love and assistance of waves of higher-dimensional souls who watch your ascension play out with love and the desire to do everything we can to assist you, and when you’re back in the higher realms, which can only be accomplished after a great deal of diligent inner work, you’ll see that our numbers are truly infinite and we truly have a lot to offer you.

Even though many seekers who consider themselves ‘conscious’ don’t believe or empower the idea that the Company of Heaven exists and actively assists you, those of you who do resonate with the idea of our presence can continuously call on your higher selves and guides for advice and assistance related to various aspects of your unfolding ascension processes.

If you choose to call on us and you’re particularly open and receptive, you’ll receive a wealth of advice and guidance related to your ascension path and the things you can do to remain firmly on it instead of waning in favor of materiality or anything else that’d hold you back forever if you let it.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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Music With Meaning – Michael Franti & Spearhead: The Sound of Sunshine

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When you’re done, feel free to look up Michael Franti and Spearhead (who are most famous for their hit song, ‘Hey Now Now’) and enjoy more good vibes.

Wisdom With Wes: Don’t Hate – Appreciate

Snapshot_20140731_2Every now and then, I think we should take some time to think about all of the things we enjoy and appreciate about this world. A lot obviously needs to change if we want to enter any sort of positive future, but there are also a lot of great things here and we won’t do ourselves a favor by focusing only on the negative.

I think it should be our responsibility to go out of our way to appreciate certain aspects of our existence on this otherwise difficult planet. Why not look for as much light as we can find in such a dark place?

In doing this, we’ll find that life opens up for us and becomes far more enjoyable than it was when we focused on the things we don’t enjoy; the things that bring us down, and as usual, our positive influence will affect others who’ve had a hard time realizing that even though there are a lot of things on this world to hate, there are far, far more things to love.

in general, I think we should replace negativity and hatred with love, joy, appreciation and every other quality that’s leading us back into the higher realms. We’re the only ones who can make such a potent and needed change, and since time is speeding up, we might as well start today.

What do you choose to appreciate about your existence today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac <3

2014, http://cultureofawareness.com

University Collective Consciousness of Sirius via Natalie Glasson: Resonating in Alignment with the Creator

12662352353_18c5bd9116_qUniversity Collective Consciousness of Sirius: Resonating in Alignment with the Creator, channeled by Natalie Glasson, October 24, 2014, http://www.omna.org | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

You are connected to every being upon the Earth and the inner planes. Therefore you move as one; and that one is the Creator.

There are multiple levels of the Creator’s light, consciousness and love; and yet all exist in harmony as one. The Creator is a source of energy and light which is continuously in a state of flow and active vibration, which means all aspects of the Creator experience the same flow.

It is the flow of the Creator that moves continuously and automatically through our beings, which allows connection of all aspects of the Creator as one. Oneness could be described as team work – all souls working together in unison or accepting and sharing with each other in unison. Continue reading

Krishnamurti Quotes: Knowledge Is Not Awareness

8c960-jiddu_krishnamurtiJ. Krishnamurti Online, October 25, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/py3det5

“Awareness is that state of mind which observes something without any condemnation or acceptance, which merely faces the thing as it is. When you look at a flower nonbotanically, then you see the totality of the flower; but if your mind is completely taken up with the botanical knowledge of what the flower is, you are not totally looking at the flower.

“Though you may have knowledge of the flower, if that knowledge takes the whole ground of your mind, the whole field of your mind, then you are not looking totally at the flower.

“So, to look at a fact is to be aware. In that awareness, there is no choice, no condemnation, no like or dislike. But most of us are incapable of doing this because traditionally, occupationally, in every way, we are not capable of facing the fact without the background.

“We have to be aware of the background. We have to be aware of our conditioning, and that conditioning shows itself when we observe a fact; and as you are concerned with the observation of the fact and not with the background, the background is pushed aside.

“When the main interest is to understand the fact only, and when you see that the background prevents you from understanding the fact, then the vital interest in the fact wipes away the background.” – J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Compassion Will Change the World

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Compassion is desperately missing from our evolving planet, and we’ll have to change this if we want to change the planet. We all know by now that we’ll have to be the change we want to see, and I think an important part of doing this is learning to express love and compassion to others.

Compassion and selflessness go hand-in-hand.

When we empty ourselves of the ego, we gravitate toward others in a big way. We begin to care about the plight of others instead of thinking solely about ourselves, and the inner love we start to feel enables us to be compassionate when we could otherwise care little about the things people around us are going through. Continue reading