Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Hierarchies and Contact With ‘Grey’ Extraterrestrials – Part 2/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

With the subject of hierarchies and spiritual royalty addressed, we’ll move on to our next question.

Question #2: Contact With the Greys?

“This is more of a personal question but a little while ago I had a conscious ‘dream’ of contact with the Greys [grey extraterrestrials]. I’m wondering if that was ‘real; and if any future conscious contact will occur in this reality?”

The subject of the ‘grey’ extraterrestrials can be difficult, because negative factions of this race have worked with your cabal for decades.

They offered advanced technologies, some of which are very familiar to you today and some of which are very warlike, in exchange for permission to perform abductions, cattle mutilations, and myriad other things that, in your society’s eyes, originate in the imaginations of ‘crazy’ people or people who make up stories. Continue reading

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The Ferguson Riots: Addressing and Ending Social/Economic Division – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“Today they say that we are free, only to be chained in poverty.” – Bob Marley

It’s crazy to think that all of the mayhem in Ferguson is happening just twenty minutes from my neighborhood.

A short drive away from Alton, IL, rioting and looting is taking place because of the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager, which has once again put America’s (and the world’s) attention on race and the unfair divide between the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

People are making it clear that they’re ready for a change, and they’ve been protesting in an effort to put the spotlight on the issues at hand – namely, economic division and police brutality.

Like some people (including Russell Brand) have said, we can probably expect more of this as the planetary consciousness continues to rise. People are awakening from their slumber, and they’re taking responsibility for showing the world that a change needs made.

We’re all ready for positive change, but most people aren’t comfortable enough rising up and actually doing something about it. The peaceful protesters in Ferguson are doing something the rest of the world should be doing, and social action will always be a driving force to the creation of direct and widespread change. Continue reading

Heavenletters: In the Field of Oneness

Heavenletters: “In the Field of Oneness” Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, August 21, 2014

God said:

Despite all the surface differences among My children, despite even all the interior differences between My children, there is an indefinable core that connects. It is called Oneness.

Every single person leads a life different from every other. All possibilities exist within each child of Mine at the same time that there is an irrefutable Oneness, a bond in common, a power of Oneness, a ringing of Oneness, a beauty of Oneness. In this Field of Oneness, all barriers break down. Well, they do not break down. They simply aren’t. Continue reading

David G. Arenson: Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin With Me

peace-song-700x333Written by David G. Arenson, The Master Shift, August 20, 2014

With war and strife being broadcast on the airwaves with wild abandon, it would seem that the end of days is nigh. Yet what if the very opposite was true?

What if the negative eruption was merely a prelude to peace? What if the storm we are seeing is a final explosion of strife before the calm of dawn emanates its serene message?

A new age is emerging from the dust of conflict. Arising from the embers of destruction is an end to war. It is the final days of dismemberment of and disembodiment of the sacred temple which is the human being and our radiant earth.

The powers of control that have held us hostage and hijacked our freedom, are weakening. It is only through vile propaganda, fear-mongering and hate-speech that war can be prolonged. It will not last. It cannot continue in perpetuity. It is simply not in our nature. Continue reading

Paul Fassa: Marijuana Helps Reverse Woman’s Crohn’s Disease, Replaces Pharmaceuticals

marijuana cannabis plants 263x164 Marijuana Helps Reverse Womans Crohns Disease, Replaces PharmaceuticalsWritten by Paul Fassa, Natural Society, August 20, 2014

As research and the desire for human rights continue to escalate, more and more states are allowing its citizens to utilizing the healing properties of marijuana. As far as rights go, anyone should have access to this plant. But let’s not forget how this vilified substance was able to rid cancer from people’s bodies and halt ‘untreatable’ seizures in children. Now, it’s time to hear how marijuana was able to help one woman overcome Crohn’s disease.

A Little About Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is affecting more and more in North America, and its debilitating effects are usually underestimated. It’s beyond acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and even ulcerative colitis. Crohn’s sufferers often undergo a few or more operations and suffer through several different pharmaceuticals. And they still aren’t cured. Continue reading

Matthew Butler: How Materialism Posing as Mysticism Limits Consciousness and Subverts Spirituality

MaterialismWritten by Matthew Butler, Guest for Waking Times, August 20, 2014

The law of attraction is a wildly-popular modern mystical belief hyped as the secret to fulfilling your every desire. It has big celebrity endorsements, and commercial products rehashing its claims sell in abundance. But beneath the glossy facade there’s often an agenda pushing egocentrism and greed in metaphysical garb, which limits consciousness and subverts spirituality for shallow materialistic ends.

Many spiritual traditions have arisen throughout history and although they have their differences, a common recurring principle is that greed and spirituality don’t mix. Renowned spiritual teachers like Jesus or Buddha did not promote greed in their teachings or lifestyle – quite the opposite: they showed that greed and egocentrism had to be overcome.

Greed has been seen in many spiritual traditions as an obstacle or trap that prevents us from understanding and fulfilling a higher purpose to life. Because it makes us selfish and obsessed with transient things, it has long been taught that renouncing selfish desires, and selflessly helping others to do the same, is necessary to attain salvation or liberation. Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – The Dream: Our Unfolding Greatness

me 8-18-14

Written by Graham Dewyea, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 20, 2014

My ex wife recently said to me, “I wish you ‘enough.’”

I knew exactly what she meant. She’s viewed me as a person who can’t seem to be satisfied with what is.

I appreciate and understand this viewpoint, and others have shared similar sentiments. As I scroll back through the years, I think of a family member, who told me to “get off my (expletive) high horse,” or a friend who said, “Graham, you expect too much.”

The truth is, I know what’s possible for us and for the world, and it’s far greater than what we’ve experienced here on the planet. I feel it – deeply. Sure, there are moments when I feel discouraged when it seems that we’re not making progress or it feels too hard, but if I get centered and quiet, I connect with a vision – a dream that I’ve held for years.

I remember twenty years ago getting really excited talking with others about a more peaceful, loving planet, where all thrive. There was something deep within me that knew it was possible, and my belief and excitement were unshakable, even though my utopian vision was scoffed at and tossed aside as nice, but something that could never be attained. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Making Lemonade From Lemons

Lemonade 2

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 20, 2014

I’d like to see if I can develop a remark I made yesterday a little more. The remark was:

“Then a thought arose. Up to this point in time I had thought of myself as a damaged person, a person in need of healing.

“On the day when I first heard my Mom and Dad arguing, I died of a broken heart.

“Aside from that one incident, I saw that every other broken heart, every other wound, every other imagined injury I had ever endured, I had inflicted on myself. My wounds are almost entirely self-inflicted.”

It’s always easier to see something when one is in a heightened state of awareness. And, when one is, the tendency is not to explain it because it seems self-evident at that time. Continue reading

The Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson: The Healing Power of Dissolving Self-Rejection

tumblr_nak4qvRGYa1tvjcw3o1_500“The Healing Power of Dissolving Self Rejection” by the Celestial White Beings, Channeled through Natalie Glasson, August 20, 2014- www.omna.org

Much of what can be seen upon the Earth within the actions, reactions, perspectives and projections of humanity are a common vibration, feeling and acceptance of rejection. Such energy seems to hold a powerful hold upon humanity integrating into their energies to almost become a natural aspect and expression of their beings. If you were to seek rejection within your reality and the world you may notice that it appears in numerous forms, diversities and manifestations.

You may even realise that much of the pain and suffering upon the Earth and between people is caused by some form of rejection. Often a person who has experienced rejection may cause pain and suffering to themselves and others, thus creating the idea, understanding and even evidence of rejection.  Continue reading

The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers

The Collective: “A Message to Lightworkers” Channeled through Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 19, 2014 – http://carolineoceanaryan.com/messages-lightworkers/

The latest message for Lightworkers on the Ascension path, from the group of fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective, onboard Ashtar’s ship, the New Jerusalem.

CR: My friends, two deaths have disturbed millions of people lately—that of a beloved actor by his own hand, and that of an innocent young man headed for college, by police brutality. How are we meant to deal with this?

Namaste! We are pleased to be able to speak with you again, and greet you all from your varying levels of sadness, elation at the coming changes upon the Earth, and confusion regarding these latest events—perhaps for many, a combination of all of that, in addition to continuing shifts in your own lives on every level.

There are indeed many changes taking place.

And be aware that in these quickly changing, astounding times of unprecedented Ascension of both a planet and Her people, of the many who have chosen to be upon the Earth now, some may intend to leave sooner than some others. Continue reading