Ferguson: Peaceful Protests vs. Chaotic Riots

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

As most of you probably know by now, the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown (Darren Wilson) won’t face any charges, and this has obviously sparked passionate protests, rioting, etc. It’s Tuesday morning as I write this (the morning after the verdict was announced) and depending on who you listen to, things either seem optimistic or awful.

We’ve heard about some of the destructive things rioters have done, like setting fire to shops and even private residences. There’s a store in West Florissant my wife and I like to go to with family, and it’s reportedly been burned. Continue reading

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The Constant Companions via Aisha North: A Short Update on the Energies – 11.24.14

Aisha North

The Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Energies, Channeled through Aisha North, November 24, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mnjb9f3

And so it is that we once again would like to take the opportunity to connect with you all in this more formal manner if you will, or rather, by way of words, in addition to the countless less visual ways of information that we utilize to connect with each and every one of you.

For by now, you are all becoming quite well versed in the ability to tune into the more “silent ” ways of communication, the ones that are merely vibrations instead of going by way of a human’s head, hands and eyes and in through your eyes, mind and heart by way of your electronic equipment. Continue reading

Meaningful Music – Linkin Park: The Messenger

Wes: I shared the song ‘Iridescent’ from Linkin Park a few days ago, and I thought I’d share this song from the same album (A Thousand Suns) entitled ‘The Messenger). This is another song from them that’s helped me through hard times, and I hope it helps some of you out there too. Enjoy!

Wisdom With Wes: Creating from the Mind (or from the Source)

Snapshot_20140731_2When we connect with our inner source of spirituality and creativity, we transcend the mind and its constant worries and distractions. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the mind – it’s how we use it that counts.

The mind can be used progressively, but it can also spell our undoing if we aren’t careful.

It might go without saying that the best way to use the mind is to transcend its influence and fade deep into our sacred center, which will work through the mind to offer us the creative inspiration we use to produce our spiritually inspired work.

Lately, I’m learning that we can either create directly from the mind as we open it slightly to receive creative inspiration from our sacred center, or we can close our eyes, sit back and access this center more deeply, thus allowing it to, again, work through the mind and produce work that’s more flowingly inspired by spirit.

We each contain a wealth of links to our inner realms, but we have to open our minds and utilize these connections to see just what they have to offer.

I can say from experience that it feels great to create with the mind in both ways (creating directly from it vs. opening it and creating from the sacred center), but no matter how we use it, we’ll want to make sure we don’t let its woes and perils distract us from our mission.

We have a lot of spiritually inspired things to do, but we can only do them if we use the mind the way it’s intended to be used – as an instrument for the expression of our consciousness, awareness, and creativity

The mind will hold us back if we let it, so let’s refuse to give into the ego’s overearing influence and continuously embrace our spirituality and the creativity we’re here to present ot the rest of the world.

Will you use your mind today, or will you let it use you?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac <3

2014, http://cultureofawareness.com

Hanna Bier: The Key to Building the Life You Want


Written by Hanna Bier, The Master Shift, November 25, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/pnjwpse

Ooooh yes, the time of mapping out the future, making new commitments and looking back at what we’ve accomplished is here. I love fall and the winter time for exactly that reason: new beginnings.

Just like the trees let go of their leaves and get ready for deep introspection only to birth new beauty in spring, so do humans transition through the phase of darkness.

The thing is, not everybody is aware of it enough to use this time constructively. Winter blues? Sleepiness? Desire for spring? News Year’s resolutions? Continue reading

Christina Sarich: 4 Tips on Juicing Cannabis for Better Health

marijuanaWritten by Christina Sarich, Natural Society, November 25, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/op68x8v

Did you know you can juice cannabis without getting ‘stoned’ and enjoy all the benefits that are inherent in this incredible plant?

“If cannabis were discovered in an Amazon rain forest today, I think people would be clamoring to make as much use as they could of all the potential benefits of the plant, I think unfortunately it carries with it, a long history of being a persecuted plant.” ~ Donald I. Abrams, Chief Hematology Oncology.

Cannabis is actually a vegetable, prior to human interference, and has ’34 million’ years of evolution that can be seen as a dietary essential that helps our cells function the best way they can. Cannabis can prevent depression, seizures, and cancer, and it is a medicinal plant that can be added to your green-juices and smoothies to boost their nutritional power for overall health. Continue reading

Zen Gardner: Thinking Outside the Hourglass

hourglassWritten by Zen Gardner, Guest for Waking Times, November 25, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/qfnllo4

This imposed artificial time constraint is a very subtle one, especially when you realize everything depends on perspective. We’re clearly experiencing a manipulated, illusory cycle of time with parameters that make us feel contained, limited. And that’s the intent. Closing in on your prey is an ingrained predatory behavior. If the subjects feel there’s no escape, compliant behavior will eventually follow. Continue reading