Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Hierarchies and Contact With ‘Grey’ Extraterrestrials – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

It’s very easy (yet very unwise) to fall into depression and similar qualities over unimportant things that pose no relevance in the big picture, but many of you will find that it’s much harder to re-reach the positive space you’d worked so hard to reach when you do.

In order to anchor a higher vibration, you’ll need to be willing to hollow out your egos so they can be proper receptors for the energy and inspiration of the brimming heart. If you can’t connect with your heart, you won’t connect with your higher selves very easily and you may find it difficult to reach the loving space that helps you thrive.

Even though you can utilize your third eye and crown chakras to communicate with us, our impressions primarily come through your opening and expanding hearts. The third eye and crown chakras play a big role in transmitting our communications, but their work isn’t complete without the heart’s influence. Continue reading

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The Borderlands: More on the First and Second Life Reviews – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Now, we’re going to hear Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson’s perspective on the ‘Judgment Day’ that’s reportedly experienced in a realm beyond the Borderlands. As we’ll learn here, Monsignor’s perspective on Judgment Day is different from most others sources’, and he provides a more down-to-earth view of the subject.

We’ll probably learn more about Judgment Day in another segment, but here, I’d like to look at what Monsignor has to say about the perceived ‘judgment’ we face after death.

In a quote about someone who’d recently crossed over, Monsignor tells us that they didn’t face a hardened or difficult judgment.

“The departed one has not gone to another world to be marched in front of a stern Judge, a Judge, moreover, so stern and unrelenting but that our lamentations will not bring some mitigation in the sentence to be pronounced.” (1) Continue reading

The Constant Companions via Aisha North: A Lesson in Co-Creation

The Constant Companions: “A Lesson in Co-Creation” Channeled through Aisha North, August 19, 2014

Photo: Aisha North

Aisha: Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

Even before I sat down to channel today’s message, I could tell from the energies coming in that something “new” had arrived. And when I sat down and connected to The constant companions, they confirmed that this was indeed the case, and here is the message they gave me:

“Today’s message will be given not just by way of words, but also in images, some of which will be supplied by others frequenting these pages. In other words, think of this as a truly co-creative experience, where words are being given through the usual channel, but where each and every one of your reading these words will be asked to connect with the energy contained within them and then try to open up for any additional information that will come your way, either directly into your mind or through other sources out there in the wonderful world of your electronic communication network.

You see, you have all passed on to a very new level now, one where you not simply receive words like these by way of others, but where you also will carry forth so much of this information yourself. And so, look upon this message as a sort of test run if you will, one that will start to enable your inner senses in a very new way, and one that will kick start a whole lot of interactive goings-on between you and the entire energetic force field that you are an intrinsic part of. Continue reading

Heavenletters: The Radiance You Seek

Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, August 19, 2014

God said:

From out of the darkness comes a bright light, and that bright light is you. How full of glory you are.

If you fall from grace, it is by your own hand, for the Grace of God is not spotty. The Grace of God is always. With God there are no time limits, and there is no retracting. God gives, and He gives from the conditionless state called Infinity. Infinity is a permanent state. God does not take back what He gives. He does not hesitate.

I do not. I would not. I do not change My mind. Changing your mind is a human trait, not a trait of Mine. I am strong, and My Word means something. I am not cagey or crafty. I do not make life impossible for you. I do not make you tremble with concern about My Reliability. Continue reading

Saul via John Smallman: The Old Order is Failing, Collapsing, Disintegrating

Saul: “The Old Order is Failing, Collapsing, Disintegrating” Channeled through John Smallman, August 19, 2014

Photo: John Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday august 19th

Humanity’s awakening has been divinely promised and is at hand.  Nothing can prevent it because not only is it God’s Will, which is always achieved, but it is now also humanity’s collective will, and because you were given free will your will is always honored.  Until quite recently individual wills, divided and confused as they were, had made humanity’s collective will very difficult to discern.

It was collectively unstable, changeable, confused, conflicted, and chaotic, but now it is coming beautifully into alignment and is determinedly seeking world peace, person by person.  Although, if you pay too much attention to the gloom and doom on the news media, you might well believe that nothing much has altered, and that humanity’s endless dance with conflict and betrayal continues unabated.

However, over the last several decades, with the vast increase in educational opportunities for large sections of humanity, much scientific study and research has been focused on meditation and on the effects it has on those who practice it.  Continue reading

Oversoul Teachings: Your Mission Will Strengthen in Purity and Purpose

Peace MakerChanneled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

With the immense and miraculous things you have the potential to do, there’s little reason not to start your work with as much joy and enthusiasm as you can muster up. Your work to bring humanity into the light doesn’t have to be difficult or draining, and it can be the most enjoyable thing you’ve ever done if you open up and allow it to be.

If you don’t, you might find it harder to do this work, and in general, it and everything else you seek to do will become more tedious. They won’t seem nearly as easy or enjoyable as they could otherwise be, because your enthusiasm will have been turned down when you closed your minds to your potential to successfully and enjoyably do them.

Your perspective is everything, and if you’re willing to believe you’re capable of doing the miraculous things you’ve come to the earth to do, then you’ll happily do them. If you approach your mission with fear or apprehension, however, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult and you may wonder why your skills aren’t at the level you expect.

You can hone all of your divine talents in this wonderfully transformative time, and your readiness and willingness to do the jobs that need done will always determine the progress you make. We and plenty of others have said this a lot, and this is because we think it’ll help increase your understanding of how important your earthly presence and the work you do truly is. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: The Reinvention of the Law – Part 2

IlluminatiWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 18, 2014

The Dark Agreed to Their Roles

In looking at how the Company of Heaven are protecting us from the depredations of the dark Ones, we may wish to remember at the outset that they agreed to play their roles. Why? Says Matthew Ward:

“In all … cases, the participants wanted to exemplify to your world the horrors of war or the tragic effects of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the cruelty of unfair laws.” (1)

Unfortunately, he continues,  their “greed and control got way beyond their soul-level agreements, which was to serve in powerful positions to balance their own and a multitude of others’ chosen karmic experiencing.” (2)

The original intention was for them to shift at the appropriate moment. But that did not happen.

“At the point when that had been accomplished and the collective karma had been satisfied, the intensity of greed and control in the Illuminati members was to have quickly reversed into the equitable sharing of their resources and power. Continue reading

The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin: On Trusting Your Intuition

The Lighted Ones: “On Trusting Your Intuition” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, August 18, 2014

Greetings Dear Friends!

Today we wish to expand upon the concept of following your intuition.

Can you accept the concept that in each and every moment that which you desire is on its way to you? The path of least resistance is always opening up to you to bring that which you have created into your Now moment. The voice inside of you which some call your gut feeling or your conscience or the voice of God but is what we are calling intuition is always guiding and prompting you to discover the things for which you have been asking. It is only ever in your insistence that you know a better way or your unwillingness to trust or that you must control each step of the process that you push it farther away from you. Continue reading

Mother Mary via Linda Dillon: My Beloved Angels, Why Do You Not Choose to Nurture Yourself?

Mary blue diamond

Mother Mary: “My Beloved Angels, Why Do You Not Choose to Nurture Yourself?” Channeled through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, August 17, 2014

A poignant question on our Saturday conference call. The Mother’s suggestion is “…you must tend to yourself so you can tend to each other. That is the paradigm, that is the essence of Love. I beg you to do this…”

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of nurturing, Mother of change and Mother of constancy, Mother of all, Mother of One. Welcome my beloved daughters and sons and yes, my beloved sons, do not think that this issue of nurturing does not apply to thee, if anything it applies to even more for you carry the Divine Masculine.

And so often in the world that you inhabit, in the society that you inhabit, you are made to think and you have bought into the paradigm that you are supposed to be strong and self-sufficient and independent. And all of that is of the truth, but that does not negate the need for nurturing.

The universal theme for each and every one of you, male, female, ancient, adult, child, and everyone in-between is sacred union and partnership and that means nurturing. Continue reading

Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Relationships and the Ego’s Influence in the Lower Realms

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

When the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, this gives you incentive to allow your own inner sun to shine; your own inner flowers to bloom.

Your existence harbors so much joy and beauty, and all you need to do is open up to it to start noticing it all around. Despite the pains and difficulties so many of you continue to struggle with, your existence can be as heavenly and free-flowing as you allow it to be.

It simply takes the willingness to let your lives flow when you could otherwise rigidly stop yourselves from making progress, and with how strongly the sun has started to shine for many of you, we’re confident that you’ll choose the most positive and progressive path that’s being laid out for you.

We note that many of you struggle with relationship issues and similar things that keep your focus away from your innate self; the divine godspark that exists in each of you, and while externally focusing on relationships and similar things is understandable, we’ll forever encourage you to bring your focus inward and ask yourselves what you can do to find and feel the love that seems missing for so many of you. Continue reading