Who is Ra? – Part 17: The Physical Body Enables Growth and Evolution – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Apparently, eating food is still necessary in fourth density.

Question: “Is the physical vehicle similar to the one in 3rd density?

“The chemical elements are not the same. However, the appearance is similar.

Question: “Is it necessary to eat food?

“This is correct.” (1)

It’s necessary because we’re meant to interact with the light-filled foods that are consumed in fourth density (which we can also consume here on earth), and it’s also necessary to teach us patience by having us stop our selfless service, which we’ll be passionate about, to eat. Continue reading

‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Practice Heart Consciousness

Peggy BlackThe Team, “Practice Heart Consciousness,” channeled by Peggy Black, December 16, 2014, at http://www.morningmessages.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

We are here, ready to share as we observe your experiences as well as the challenges that are accelerating in your reality. We once again acknowledge your courage and willingness to be embodied. Each of you has known worlds and realities that offer peace, creativity, and deep abiding love.

This life experience and focus is far different than what you remember as pure conscious energy. Your earthly reality offers much beauty, many moments that touch in profound ways and rich, poignant connections with others. It also offers many extreme and intense challenges, both personal as well as collective.

You are here, as you know, to cherish all that this physical existence offers you while being the agent of change and transformation of that life. We have shared this concept with you in many of our messages. We also acknowledge you for your service as you personally strive to make the difference in the collective consciousness.

There is great polarity and chaos occurring in the consciousness of humanity. It is manifesting in the conflicts and violence you are witnessing.When each individual owns and recognizes that they are part of all that is unfolding, when each individual puts aside judgment, when each individual takes responsibility and begins to heal the wounds they carry, there will begin to be a shift in the collective response.

We have used your word love rarely in our messages. We have invited you to offer your gratitude and appreciation as well as your joy. These emotional vibrations are easier for you to offer, because they do not elicit the same complexities as the word and the emotion of love.

The emotion of love has many flavors, many expressions. From our observation, the emotion and offering of love usually comes with an agenda. Beliefs and patterns have been established very early in your embodiment that regulate your personal behavior and expression of love. Love that is given is usually conditional. This becomes amplified as you move through your life and interface with others.

Often you become cautious about how and with whom you share your love. The idea that you are a multidimensional divine being of light, here on this planet at this time to express ‘unconditional love’ is a concept that you have heard often. Yet what is ‘unconditional love’ and how do you actually express this form of love.

First, we invite you to observe self and gently, without judgment, look at how you hold the expressions of love that you offer or even withhold from others. Notice when, where and how you allow yourself to give your love; notice with whom are you willing to share your love. That is the beginning.

Allow yourself to remember, observe and heal all the wounds you might still be carrying in your heart. Use the energy tools that you have collected along the way. Use sound to release any old pain, grief or sorrow, any feelings of being unloved, unseen, or rejected by anyone, and this includes yourself. Breathe into these emotions and allow a sound to express what you are feeling. Allow the vibrations to shift from an incoherent frequency to a coherent smooth vibration that is life sustaining.

Notice how you might withhold love from yourself. Notice how you guard your heart and the feelings of love generated there. Observe when and why you might have closed your heart in the offering of love. We invite you to begin to forgive self and others in regard to this feeling and expression of love. Begin to heal the wounded heart.

This is the exercise of an awakened being who is truly ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of others as well as in their own life. We have shared the importance of healing your heart portal and chakra for the transformation and ascension of humanity and the planet. We support and encourage you to energetically and emotionally clean out your heart space and begin to express more love.

We remind you once again that your heart’s electrical field is greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by your brain. The magnetic field radiating from the heart is thousands of times more expansive in strength than the energy frequencies generated by the physical brain.

Your heart vibrations radiate out and connect with the collective heart vibrations of everyone. Your heart is a portal; your heart is a gateway that connects you to your galactic self, to one another, to the matrix of this planet, to all dimensions and to the stars. It is the intelligence of your heart that offers personal and global healing.

It is within your sacred heart that you offer this alchemical process of transformation. This is where there is a merger of all that is in a space and the vibration of love. The chalice of your heart holds the ability of healing the collective consciousness. As a galactic citizen, a being of divine light, it is important for you to anchor this healing and the expression of love as you personally transform and release the physical human grief, sadness and regret you are carrying.

The consciousness of the collective heart energy is suffering. Individuals acting out of their personal wounds have closed their hearts, unaware that their pain is being amplified and magnified to everyone. Remember when you do this work on a personal level you are also transmuting the wounds held in the collective heart matrix.

We invite you to begin to offer love, as unconditionally as possible, to all those who are expressing their personal pain in acts of violence, in acts that are life diminishing. Your intentions connected with the profound power of your heart can and will transform all that is touched.

It is so important for you to realize and own that when you practice heart consciousness, sending unconditional love to those who are causing the most harm, it truly uplifts the events and actions.

You are here to uplift this misqualified energy; this is your service and responsibility. You as a collective are ascending to the higher dimensions and in order to move to these higher frequencies, the heart of humanity is required to be open, healed, and radiating love.

Practice radiating unconditional love, joy, gratitude and appreciation from the heart. Allow yourself to offer love more often. Allow yourself to realize how powerful your love generated from your heart chalice truly is. Allow yourself to see your sacred heart space filled with love for all, especially those who act in an unlovable manner. It is time that the expression of love is honored, offered, and manifest in its highest form.

We offer you our support, acknowledgment, and gratitude as well as our unconditional love. Allow yourself to receive all that is being given. You are a beautiful being filled with love that transforms everything it touches. Accept this, know this, and act from this awareness.

©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.  http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available.

Who is Ra? – Part 17: The Physical Body Enables Growth and Evolution – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The physical body’s necessary for our evolution into higher, more refined planes of consciousness, and we inhabit it so we can live comfortably in our density and learn lessons that are necessary for us to evolve.

As Ra will tell us here, our spirits exist independent of a body, but we can’t really evolve unless we incarnate in a physical (or non-physical) temple. Inhabiting a body is necessary while we learn, grow and progress, and without one, we’d miss out on essential lessons and experiences.

As Ra will also tell us, every density up to the eighth requires a body of some sort, but I’m sure our bodies become less physical and more etheric as we continue to evolve. When we reach a higher density, we lighten our vibration and refine our physical bodies, thus adjusting them to the next realm. Continue reading

Saul via John Smallman: Many of You Believe or Think You Are Not Doing Very Well

SaulSaul, “Many of You Believe or Think That You Are Not Doing Very Well,” channeled by John Smallman, December 14, 2014, at: http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/many-of-you-believe-or-think-that-you-are-not-doing-very-well/ | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

John’s audio reading of this channeling may be found here.

As Christmas approaches and you prepare to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, remind yourselves frequently that his only message is LOVE. Nothing else, just Love, which of course is everything!

During this season, when many of you get very stressed out, it is most important to remember this message. Just this one word: LOVE. Maybe you could print it up in a 48pt font in your favorite color on a large piece of card, and pin it up where you will be unable to avoid seeing it many times throughout your day. Continue reading

‘The Counci’ via Ron Head: Celebrate Yourselves


The Council: Celebrate Yourselves, Channeled through Ron Head, Oracles and Healers, December 13, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/otm49vf

We return today to one of our favorite topics, energy. We hope to give you a slightly different view of what is happening during this vital time.

For some of you this will ring truer than true. May the good Dr. Seuss pardon us. For others it will still remain, for the time being, as something of a desirable possibility. And of course, there are those still who are in denial or are completely unaware as yet of the subject at all.

We are aware that some of you are able to see the energies that we speak of. Continue reading

‘Veronica’ via April Crawford: Live Your Life With the Knowledge

Veroica: Life Your Life With the Knowledge, Channeled through April Crawford, Inner Whispers, December, 2014 – http://www.innerwhispers.org

“In physical reality, especially in the current culture, there is a driving need to seek counsel from “higher” perspectives. Some embrace a religious pattern that essentially tells them the exact movements to make. A “following approach” that most often is comforting in a volatile reality.

Others, however, do seek a more spiritual path that includes a perspective not so defined by dogma. It is important to clear the muddled thoughts, while seeking enlightenment, we agree. There is though a solid connection to Source that exists in each and every one of you.

This connection is the “life line” as one walks through this thick and dense reality. Realize that you are aligned spiritually with guides and other energies that specifically understand all the nuances of “you”. This personal blending with your higher self and those who are of etherial nature does exist vividly within.

Take time every day to commune and truly listen to what is being shared. Taking in what is offered from a spiritual perspective enhances the physical experience. Remain modest, but committed to your journey.

The most important item is “listening”. Assimilate the knowledge so that your choice making process is clear and strong. Without the clarity, there can be mishaps and confusion.

Upon taking in counsel, do not be afraid to stand firm in your decisions. It is your path. Personalize it with the acceptance of your connection with Source.

Stand tall and move towards the enlightenment you desire. If you feel off center, then realign often. Spirit never leaves your side. When you are ready to connect, there is always availability.

Live your life with the knowledge that the divine connection WITHIN you is vital and strong.

It is the greatest gift you will ever receive.”


Archangel Gabriel via Shelly Young: Simple and Joyful Service

Archangel Gabriel: Simple and Joyful Service, Channeled through Shelly Young, Trinity Esoterics, December 11, 2014 – http://www.trinityesoterics.com

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be in your presence today. We honour you for coming to anchor the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

You have been through a tremendous year. You have shifted and moved energies like never before. It has been taxing to some of you, it has been frustrating to some of you, it has felt rapid in some ways and stalled in others. Continue reading