US Air Force Prepares to Dismantle HAARP Ahead of Summer Shutdown

Antennas for the newly completed High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is seen near Gakona, Alaska on Wednesday, June 27, 2007. The world's most advanced high-energy radio physics experiment was declared fully operational in a Wednesday afternoon ribbon-cutting ceremony. (AP Photo/Mark Farmer

Thanks to Genie and Golden Age of Gaia.

By Dermot Cole, Anchorage Daily News – May 14, 2014 –

Antennas for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is seen near Gakona, Alaska on Wednesday, June 27, 2007. The world’s most advanced high-energy radio physics experiment was declared fully operational in a Wednesday afternoon ribbon-cutting ceremony. (AP Photo/Mark Farmer

Fairbanks, Alaska — The U.S. Air Force gave official notice to Congress Wednesday that it intends to dismantle the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.

The shutdown of HAARP, a project created by the late Sen. Ted Stevens when he wielded great control over the U.S. defense budget, will start after a final research experiment takes place in mid-June, the Air Force said in a letter to Congress Tuesday. Continue reading

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What Lies ahead for Earth and Humanity? Wes Annac Scratches the Surface

In this forecasting of events to come, I found myself speaking from both the perspective of the Galactic Federation and the perspective of us who are incarnate on Earth. When pondering why this was so, the answer came to me clearly: because I am a fully-working member of the Galactic Federation, while being incarnate here on Earth! Upon review it actually seems kind of simple. 

We have heard many times from sources of information on the coming age of prosperity and ascension, be they channeled or otherwise, that in a quick amount of our fading concept of time our lives will change in profound and dramatic ways. We have heard and read this many times, though I don’t think many of us have truly tried to realize or understand the seriousness and the trueness behind those words. Have many of us who are looking forward to the immediate period ahead of working with our Galactic brethren, have we considered all that that entails?

Have many of us put serious thought and consideration into the work we will be performing? Are we ready to pour our energies fully into the releasing of Earth from the low vibrations, on a planetary and collective scale and effort? Many souls have now stepped up and begun to reveal to us our destiny, as much as an outside source can as we must all find our own way, our own place in this world through our own inner search and discovery of ourselves, of our inner Universe of thought and conscious feeling.

It helps and encourages us to have outside sources of information on these subjects who themselves have done a great deal of inner searching, and have discovered for themselves not only that the realms of thought and emotion are not realms which are limited to our heads and brains, but are rather expanding fields of the very matter we now exist in, simply vibrating at a faster pace and thus loosening.  Continue reading

The Ascended Masters: “The Time Ahead is going to be Busy, Uplifting, Energetic and Wonderful”

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Wes: Hello dear friends. What is transpiring in your realm on this day?

Ascended Masters: Hello dear Wesley, much is and has been happening in favor of the Light. We have beheld the most beautiful of chakra-opening ceremonies that were for the opening of those gates of energy that you all hold inside of yourselves as well as outside of yourselves. Many have yet to fully understand that like you on Earth, your universe is a conscious being that carries the same types of torsion fields that you all carry in your etheric bodes. You are all in fact such torsion fields; you are cells of Gaia and Gaia is a cell of your universe. You all send your Creation-thoughts through to your universe where what you create is then sent back to you. We have been so delighted to see so many more energy gates opening to stream an ever-increasing purity of Love to you all, and it seems from our point of view that many of you are beginning to finally feel this Love. You are finally beginning to feel the underlying sense of peace, calm and happiness that has been kept just under the surface of what you think and feel.

The gates we have opened have served to open your own chakras enough to where this calm and happy energy is coming to you, and you are now able to perceive of it and feel it as you anchor it further into your being and into Gaia’s being. We are so very delighted to see this occurring! This could not have happened had you not all done the work that was required to bring these pure energies to you. You did the energy clearing that has been the foundation of the further opening of your chakras, and we have been glad to do our part in getting the energy to you.

Wes: Ok, thank you friends. So, you say we are cells of Gaia and that Gaia is a cell of the universe. I have to ask, are we cells of the universe by association?

AMs: Close dear soul, but not quite. Yes you are all cells of the universe, but not simply because of your association with Gaia. No, every last bit of Creation down to the last atom maintains a steady connection with your universe. Of course, the more that one exists on the lower dimensional scale, the more extensions they must interact with to receive the energies associated with their universe. Let us explain a bit further. As you have been told dear Wesley, your sun sends the Logos energy that it gets directly from Source to you on Earth right? Continue reading

Eradicating Complacency and Moving Ahead

Beyond our visible sense of reality, marvelous and breathtaking realms await us. These realms contain many beings that know us quite well, and that guide us in our everyday journeys in this difficult place we call Earth. With our ascension in full swing, we are beginning to perceive and have contact with these realms as well as the ascended souls that inhabit them, and the souls of these realms are doing everything they can to see that we make it back Home to them as easily as possible. It only takes saying stop to our physical reality, to our constantly running minds for one second for us to be able to calm down and feel the vibes of the lands and beings I am speaking of here. It only takes for a short time, letting oneself slow down and feel oneself as well as all around you, as once we do this we will begin to feel the thinning of the veils that have been put up between our physical reality and the ascended realms and beings we used to know very well. Continue reading