Living and Loving our Heavenly Ascension

Dear friends, we are merging with the Heavenly and Astral planes of Living, and this is becoming apparent when we stop and take a look around us. I’m sure I am not the only one who has lately looked around and noticed a certain, hard to define similarity between this world we Live in and the dream world that we have been taught to believe is ‘fake’. This is a result of the merging of realities, of the veils thinning. For many, astral travel has become much easier as we all begin to feel and notice a new reality that is more and more seeming to exist side-by-side with our own. This astral reality is the foundation that our New Earth is being built upon. Many dear and advanced souls have been working on these planes that are soon to be our Homes, and they have been transmuting the negative and strange nature of such places so we can begin to manifest Heaven upon the planes where our dreams teach us lessons. Continue reading

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The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Staying Centered in your Ocean of Emotion”






-Channeled by Wes Annac-

Many events are soon to come to fruition that will see you all Living the majestic and free Lives you all so dearly deserve. Every last one of you is bringing these manifestations into being, and the effort that has already been put in by you all has been nothing short of miraculous. Humanity is entering an advanced stage in it’s awareness, so much so that those enlightened are beginning to manifest miracles every day. We have told you before of some of the miracles you are manifesting, and this is only the beginning. Dearest souls of planet Earth, we wish you to know that you are to be perceiving us so very soon. You have for so long wondered what we are like, how our energy will feel, and how we will communicate to you once we arrive. We can say that you will instantly feel our energy upon seeing us, and our nature is of such uplifment that you will have no doubt that we are of a peaceful intent. Indeed the dark hath played upon your deepest fears of ‘evil alien invaders’ but we can promise you that we are not such invaders. Such darker entites were allowed in your governments when we were not, and for the most part the influence of the ‘evil aliens’ has seeped down into your mainstream culture. Continue reading

We are Living a Blessed Experience

Dearest friends of the Light, let us all rejoice for we have the pleasure to experience yet another Joy-filled day on Earth. Many have complained of Earth and it’s difficulties, but I say to you what is happiness without sadness? What is unbridled Joy without temporary dissapointment? Earth offers plenty of both, and we are so very lucky to be here on this difficult plane of understanding that we are mastering every day!! We have in front of us the opportunity to see the ‘negative’ emotions for what they really are: the yang to positive’s yin. They are two sides of the same beautiful emotional coin. We must rejoice, must celebrate, for after we leave this difficult yet lovely place, we get to go home!! Continue reading

Beautiful Violet Starship Sighting; My Personal Account of Seeing a ‘UFO’








This picture almost perfectly resembles the beautiful starship I saw last night with my girlfriend and our child

Last night I had an incredible sighting of one of our friends’ starships. It was so beautiful and so close to us, I’m afraid that words will be quite scarce to describe the wonders of this thing we saw. Now, I’ve seen what seemed like a starship to me before, but it was usually very far away and it just looked as if a star was moving across the sky. You know, little shining dot just cruisin’ across the sky. I saw those and I believed I knew what they were, but with those sightings I relied a great deal on faith. Faith was not required to believe this one. It was so clearly a starship, so beautiful, again I feel words cannot adequetlly describe this experience. Continue reading

Patience Young Grasshopper; It Is a Virtue

Hello dear friends. :) :) Today I would like to talk about patience, and how it fits in with staying centered. Patience has been a recurring theme in my Life (including the Life of the walk-out of this body, who’s memories I can access as if they were my own), and the lesson of patience has proven to be a difficult one for me personally to learn and absorb. I have had my own karmic issues toward patience as has the walk-out of this body I am an, and I can remember his memories of being a child. As a child patience was simply not his thing, he was quite unable to be patient when it came to, well anything. This is part of his karma that I have taken on in this Life, as mentioned above it is also a theme I have been working on. Continue reading

The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Everything in Creation is Energy” (9-15)






-Channeled by Wes Annac-

We see you all making such great strides in your development, and we can only smile. It has been wonderful to watch you all progress in such interesting ways, and many of you are now beginning to come together and understand eachother in deeper ways. We also see many of you beginning to help eachother out on many matters, and this is a very significant development. The ways of BEing towards others on your world has for the longest time been to put oneself above others, to ‘get yours’ so to speak and not to care about the fate of a fellow soul. For so many in the past, as long as they were financially or otherwise secure, it didn’t matter whether or not somebody else was struggling. Now this is swiftly becoming not so. We see you developing various projects to help out fellow souls who are struggling, and it is delighting us! Continue reading

Our Ascension Energies have been Both Uplifting and Murky

Friends, the energies that are coming in have been turned up quite a bit and will continue to be turned up, and this greater influx has had it’s positive and negative effects on us. All of our bodies (physical/mental/emotional/astral, ect) are being cleansed by these Loving energies and this cleansing can result in some unwanted feelings and happenings. Even as I type this now it is well past midnight; I have been trying to sleep but have been unable. For me personally, this has been a result of the energies cleansing my body as I release more and more negativity and subsequently become Lighter and Lighter. As I’m sure many of you are, I am really beginning to feel all of my bodies, not just my physical body, and most importantly I am feeling my Ascended Light body coming ‘online’ so to speak and this has resulted in the strangest sensations and feelings. Continue reading

I Want to Help People in More Concrete Ways

Dear friends, it has been said that ascension is in full swing at the moment, and I have to say I agree fully. We are ascending at this current moment and have been for some time. Every second of every minute we are growing and learning, and ascending away from the darkness we used to know so well. Tonight I have realized this fully. I have realized that the time of sitting around and waiting for some kind of disclosure announcement is over. The time of action, of truly Living in our Light and truly helping the planet is now. That being said, I am ready to take the next step of my journey. I am ready to really begin helping people. I would like to thank everybody who has emailed me asking for help, as I am glad to help and truly do feel I can make a great contribution to Earth’s ascension, and to anybody’s individual ascension at this time. But I am tired of the computer and internet being  my only means of helping people.  Continue reading

Keeping your Energy on 9/11

“To cling to the fragile remnants of their former control, they (the illuminati) have to refuel themselves, and disseminating fear-filled information is one means left to them. Unfortunately for the unwary, in this the Illuminati are masterful. They still have enough media control to assure that on the tenth anniversary of “9/11,” you will be inundated with photos of planes hitting the towers and other pictures along with sorrowful stories, all strategically selected to spike emotions of anger and revenge to keep violence going, and, predictably, they are circulating reports of possible terrorist attacks on September 11.”- Matthew Continue reading

Who am I?

This is a question I have found myself wrestling with countless times. In an instant my Life seemed to change, and my whole personality was transformed. Where I once had close relationships with many friends and family members, I have now begun to find I have nothing in common with these souls. I am not the same person I used to be. I think many people are currently going through these same happenings. Where most of my Life I was grounded in materiality, I now find myself a very spiritual being who has become fully aware of Earth’s ascension and the need to assist in said ascension. The biggest question has remained: who am I?

I am a Pleiadian walk-in. After so long of relentlessly wondering why my Life changed so suddenly, why I went from smoking weed and chugging soda to anchoring Love and meditating, this is the conclusion I have found myself at. If you are unfamiliar with the subject of walk-ins, it is suggested you follow this link. I have walked in to this Life, taking on the karma, memories and Life experiences of the soul previously inhabiting this body I find myself in. The soul previously inhabiting this body was ready to leave, as he had experienced many traumatic events during his Life and had begun partaking in addictions and lower patterns of Living as a result of his unconscious longing to leave Earth. Continue reading