Marianne: I’m Experiencing a Huge Opening

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

AscensionSteve Beckow: The discussions continue to roll in of your experiences of 21/12/12 and your perspectives on it are very interesting. I’d like to post one from Marianne.

Steve, after listening to Hour with an Angel last night, (which I have listened to faithfully the past year) I feel compelled to step forward and speak of my ascension experiences and the major shifts I’m noticing in people around me.

Since 12/12/12 and continuing through 12/21 until today, my heart has experienced a huge opening…. like the Grinch whose “heart grew two sizes that day.” Feelings of great Love, unity, compassion trust and my “oh so being done with drama in my life” have been flooding my being daily.

As the inward shifts take hold, I see outer shifts being manifested with grace and ease… from unexpected sources of income appearing, to needing information or support on something and having that manifest at my fingertips immediately. This happens when I allow my focus to stay centered in my heart and the higher dimensional frequencies. If I allow my attention to slip back to feelings of lack, fear or drama, then immediately THAT is what I manifest. Continue reading

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An Ascension Experience

Thank You to Steve Beckow

Steve: Again not an absolutely rock-solid Ascension experience, as the sender acknowledges, but very interesting so I post. Admittedly I’m awaiting the rock-solid kind, but how can I not post a few others, they are so encouraging for us?

Hi Steve!

I’ve never sent in a comment before, but I am a huge fan of your work and thank you so much for everything you do!

I wanted to send in my account of what may have been my early ascension. On Thanksgiving day evening, as I lay down to sleep, I suddenly felt myself falling backwards in a vehicle, just like the movie, ‘Inception’. Also, as this happened I felt an immense amount of pressure building within and around my body. Continue reading