Lisa Gawlas: The Key To August Direct From Source to Your Heart!

key of opening

Written by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, July 29, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

I wasn’t going to write a blog today, because until about 30 minutes ago, I really didn’t think I had anything to share, well, nothing I understood anywayz.  But with the grace of the mighty, loving universe we are in, I changed my mind because of a “global” visual they had given to me this morning.

Yesterday in the field of readings was literally an energetic wash out.  For every person I connected to, all I could see was incoming energy and nothing else.

All the energy was in my visual at the area we call our near future (which I have a feeling represented today.)  There was no grid, no other thing I could “see” that I could say it means… this.  Just a full on in pouring of energy waves and spirals.

My own self felt very spacy yesterday, like my brains went thru a full on memory dump the night before and were now being stretched like taffy, not allowing me to “see” beyond energy.  I was on the verge of complete exhaustion yesterday, most especially felt when I was connected to other people, once I disconnected, I was ok. Continue reading

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Power Path ~ Full Moon Update – August 1, 2012


Dear Friends,

The first full moon for the month of August is Wednesday, August 1 at 9:28PM Mountain Daylight Time. This moon presents the first opportunity to work with the theme for the month which is POWER. The opportunity is to be receptive to the power available to you from your environment, your support and your personal creativity. Focus on accessing this power and pulling it into yourself. Spend a bit of time in personal reflection, meditation and gratitude anchoring the power within you. This month will be all about POWER so it is a good idea to begin the awareness of it with this full moon. Beware of something that may suddenly present itself in your life that you are tempted to give too much power to. Reevaluate its power over you, check in with your own sense of power and then put that something into a different perspective. Continue reading

Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message Aug 14-21

Beloved Ones,
In this now time, it is important for all to focus on the bringing in of greater Light upon this Planet. Try to make some time each day to affirm your willingness to be a transducer of the powerful and intense energies that are now about to manifest within your daily lives and within the hearts of all Humankind. By aligning with the Divine Plan for the Earth, all of Humanity and all the kingdoms upon, within and around the Earth, you are creating a momentum for greater activity to occur in the unified field of consciousness that encircles the Planet which will continue to benefit the Highest Good of all.

Maintain and radiate your Light and your love to all within the radius of your sphere of influence. Intend peace to prevail within yourselves and within all hearts as the one rising consciousness that connects us all. Call upon your Holy Christ Self to encompass more of your four lower bodies so that the density of your bodies is rarified to an even greater state of crystalline being. Shine your Light, Beloved Ones! Let your hearts be opened to the Creator’s song of Love and Unity. All is well, all is perfect. The shadows upon this Planet and upon all of her inhabitants are receding at a more accelerated pace than was ever anticipated and the glory that is Humanity in each expression of the Divine is creating ever greater changes for the ultimate betterment for all.
Hold fast to your desire for greater peace, goodness and sanity to prevail upon your World and in the hearts and minds of the Awakening masses. Your willingness to do this enables your Family of Light to create more inroads to the accomplishment of the Divine Plan. We are One and we work together for the upliftment of everyone and everything on the Earth. The Earth is already in her position and it now falls upon Humanity to Awaken to the grand opportunity that is given to ALL in these fast moving times of rapid changes and accelerated soul growth and evolvement. It is a glorious time in the Universe, for untold legions have worked tirelessly throughout the Ages in anticipation of these changes that have been coming forth with incredible rapidity.

Each of you have done this task many times before and so you have taken your stand in the Light, holding it steady as a Beacon for those who are waking up and demanding greater equality and peace for all. What was once accepted as the way things were is no longer the case. All that was is no more. There is a better way that is coming and although it seems chaotic and unruly at the moment, in the bigger picture it means that greater Light is being integrated by those who have been unaware and who are now Awakening to what really IS upon this Planet.
Do not partake of the ego illusions that beset you through previous avenues of the mainstream media and what is now manifesting within those around you. Remember constantly that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your ego – you are in fact, the Christ consciousness, the God/Goddess within and you are using your power wisely for the Highest Good of yourselves, your loved ones, your World and everyone and everything upon it. You are change makers, doers and enablers and you are creating positive and loving changes by your dedication to BE the Light that you truly are! Make any course corrections in your thinking and actions that seem necessary within yourselves so that you are always in alignment with the Higher Plan for your lives at all times. Intend this, live this, BE this.
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.
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Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message Aug 7-14

Beloved Ones,

We see you Beloved Ones, as staying true to your course. During your busy daily lives, you still make the time to maintain your Light and frequency and this is helping you to stay centered and in balance. There is greater detachment from the dramas of the duality paradigm that is now beginning to slip away from your consciousness. Each of you has at times experienced a period of lucidity and clarity, just knowing, without knowing why. These periods will increase in their appearance in your daily lives and you will begin to discern your right action and right path without the previous confusion that many of you have been laboring under.

As the days of this month progress, it is the quality of clarity that will become more noticeable and prominent; things will just seem to make more sense for you to move in one direction rather than another. Trust this quality that is coming to the fore within you, it is your Higher aspects manifesting within you and through you. You have now started on the road to a new adventure – the adventure of moving beyond your previously conceived limitations and going for the gold in all your highest aspirations and ideals. Believe in your abilities to bring these forth into greater manifestation and never stop reaching for the stars!

Truly, a whole new World of wondrous possibilities lies before you now and there will be so many possibilities opening to you that making a choice as to where to focus your attention can be a daunting task. Choose that which brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment. As you learn to do this, everything will fall into place and wonderful synchronicities will begin to manifest in your lives. By following the path of the heart’s promptings, you will experience inner calm and equilibrium and what used to cause you anxiety and stress will now just be registered by you as these move through you and away from you, never to return.

This is a sure sign of inner Mastery taking place within yourselves and it says much about your level of evolvement beyond third dimensional reality. It is your continual dedication and effort on a daily basis that has brought you to this state. It is not the end of your journey, Beloveds, it is a new beginning, the path of the enlightened One. This path requires a new focus and dedication, for always it is so, for Earth is a Planet for soul evolution and this is accomplished through personal effort, understanding and willingness to undergo the trials and tests that come before you.

Your capacity to endure has increased a hundredfold, as your Mastery of Self continues ever onward and upward. Remember that growth occurs in spirals of activity and begin to take note of these recurring times in order to gain mastery by becoming aware of them and taking appropriate actions to work in tandem with these spirals of activity. When it is time to rest, do so with great gratitude and enjoy every moment of your down time. By working with these cycles as you become aware of them, you will continue to make great strides.

Move forward with grace and ease, Dear Ones, and learn to utilize your energies in areas that bring the greatest good to yourselves and those whom you love and care for. Let go of the distractions that have kept you in bondage to the plane of duality and rise like the phoenix in freedom and majesty to a new level of the game of life. We are ever with you in admiration and support.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.
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Message from SaLuSa for August 1, 2011

Many thanks to SaLuSa and Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa 1-August-2011

The door for change is opening wider and as you are beginning to realise, there cannot be a return to the old ways. It is becoming even more apparent than ever, that a civilisation on the verge of Ascension must move into a new level of vibration. The Light beckons you to lift up and leave behind anything that no longer serves your purpose. It is so obvious that the old ways have failed, but not because of you as individuals as you have not held the power. It failed because the system could not sustain a money set up, which placed so much wealth in the hands of so few people. There are moves taking place that may soon enable the necessary steps to be taken that will put the situation right, and it will feature an entirely new financial system. One that is fair and just, and protects your money from unfair laws and taxes. Everything is ready to go ahead and its introduction cannot wait much longer.

In fact you are assured of having a very interesting time in the months immediately ahead. Chaos continues and because of it people look for the answers, and they are demanding action from their governments who seem incapable of responding. The reason is because they cling to old methods to mend a system that is broken and beyond repair. They have little or no idea how to cope, and the time has arrived for new governments to appear. That too is well in hand, and although you have not seen any action so far it is not far away. For some years we have little by little laid down our plans, which will grow so rapidly that you will be astonished at how quickly things will fall into place. You are very special souls who have all but done their time in duality, and you are entitled to a quantum leap forward that will lift you up into the higher vibrations. With 11.11.11 drawing so near you will realise that it is one such occasion when you shall experience a sudden upliftment.

Checking your consciousness levels we know that this year has seen a dramatic rise in them, inasmuch that it has reflected your ability to more easily handle the lower vibrations. You are much better at maintaining your focus on the Light, and in consequence are unaffected by them. In fact, you are now consciously spreading the Light, and that is helping to lift other souls up. Simply being in the presence of someone else is sufficient to make an impression upon them. Also many of the Indigo children are now old enough to bring their talents into play, and they have a very high level of wisdom to share. However, such advanced souls rarely speak of their abilities, but go about their work with hardly being noticed. Many are amongst them who have a big part to play in the immediate future, and their leadership qualities will be most welcome.

We of the Galactic Federation clearly have a big part to play in the immediate future, and now there seems to be a general acceptance of our existence. It is essential to your success, and we have the responsibility to ensure that those who desire to be part of Ascension are ready in time. There is little risk of it being otherwise, and in fact even we are in turn part of a bigger confederation that is available if necessary. Your dark Ones may harbour thoughts of stalling our progress, but quite frankly they have no idea what they are really up against. They can be stopped in their tracks in the face of our far superior technology, so there is no fear whatsoever of anything other than a victory for the Light.

We regularly meet in conclaves for meetings to discuss your position, and our plan is adjusted if required. It may have taken a long time to get to this particular point, but there is overall satisfaction with the plans to move you on. There is a lot happening just now, and the dark Ones are beginning to tire of their lack of success. Where once they felt invincible, in many ways they have been the architects of their own downfall. The so obvious plots against you such as 9/11 have showed up their arrogance, and disregard for human life. It beggars belief that they thought their lies and attempts to cover up their acts, would be swallowed by the professional people who could see through them. It only remains for a legal stance to be taken against the Illuminati to remove them from their positions of power. That will come and our allies are well ahead with their intent to take such action.

We have commenced our plan to get even more people acquainted with seeing us in your skies. That means more flyovers, and a concentration on areas where we are not seen quite so frequently. There are times now when you hardly take any notice of us at all, and that shows how familiar you are with our craft. We have become much more acceptable as friendly visitors to your Earth, and outright fear is now most unusual. Since there are campaigns to paint us evil aliens, that is quite an achievement and all credit to those of you who work to put that into balance. It is quite important for people to bear in mind that when they hear of the Greys, that they are not members of the Galactic Federation. They are on Earth at the invitation of the US who has been working with them for many years in a technology exchange.

When we arrive on Earth, it will also be by invitation because we have spoken with your President, and the need to press ahead with the Ascension plan has been understood and accepted. We will be open about our intentions, and you will know exactly what we are doing where you are concerned. In fact we shall talk to the nation so that they know why we are here, and it is plainly understood. We will get media coverage and there will be freedom of journalism to report truthfully without any censorship. In this respect you are at present, very much in the hands of the Illuminati who still control almost all news outlets. You have been fooled, lied to and as you say, led up the garden path for many, many years. You will have open government, and open reporting to restore your trust in free speech.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and delight in these opportunities to awaken you to the truth. We have as yet hardly scratched the surface, and your true history will most certainly surprise you. Bear in mind that the dark Ones have been in control of your Earth for thousands of years, gradually building towards complete control of the population and its wealth. In older cycles they did cause major destruction when whole civilisations were destroyed. That will not happen again, and that is the word of the Creator.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.