Oversoul Teachings: The Earth Could Use More Selfless, Conscious Seekers

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Every conscious seeker has the ability and potential to contribute to the restoration of consciousness in immense, needed ways at this time, and you have to believe in yourselves and your abilities before you can experience the fruit of your belief.

In many cases, this fruit will be the driven, inspired work that results from your realization of your abilities, and acting on these abilities is the first step to fully and wholly contributing to your ongoing conscious revolution.

Everything playing out on the world stage is a result of humanity’s conscious and unconscious actions, some of which feed into the old, crumbling paradigm, and those of you who’ve long become aware of spirit and the necessity to live a new way of life that embraces love are raising the planetary vibration with every helpful and selfless thing you do.

Your actions are always important to the restoration of consciousness, and when you realize just how important and potent your actions are, we can envision many of you happily taking up a greater level of work and service than you have so far. Continue reading

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10 Ways To Connect To The Earth and Others

connectedhandsWritten by Josh Richardson, Prevent Disease, Waking Times, July 30, 2014

How do you feeling complete and connected to the Earth and others? It takes effort, but it is worth it. We must bring our focus outside of ourselves to allow us to reach out to people and to the world around us in positive ways. Loving, laughing, giving ourselves to others, spending time with friends and those in need to taking care of the environment or a companion animal, all promote positive interaction. Here are 10 steps to help you get connected.

1. Nature and Earth

If you think of nature as a hostile force that is separate from yourself, you will go through life unnecessarily afraid and cut off from one of the great sources of spiritual nourishment. Whether you connect with nature on wilderness trips or lunch breaks in a city park, you can always slow down and observe the infinite variety of her ways. Continue reading

Oversoul Teachings: You’re On the Earth to Be Peacemakers – Part 2/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

We can envision humanity taking numerous physical and spiritual routes to healing your planet and finding a higher state of consciousness.

Physically, you’ll have a lot of pollution-based damage to heal and a lot of work to do to establish some type of governing body that’ll be far smaller than your current but still efficient enough to ‘run’ your planet until the energies descending onto your minds and hearts make governing bodies no longer necessary.

Governing bodies as you see them are necessary in the third dimension to maintain order, but unfortunately, many of your governments have long been infiltrated by the planetary ‘elite’ and used for negative purposes that run against humanity’s wellbeing.

We can envision a temporary governing body being established with fair and honest people who won’t want to deceive humanity for personal or financial gain, but this governing body won’t be around for very long before the rising energies will empower each individual to offer themselves to the collective governing of your world. Continue reading

Oversoul Teachings: You’re On the Earth to Be Peacemakers – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

If you cry over spilled milk, you’ll find that you nearly drown in your own tears. If you constantly sweat the small stuff, you’ll find that you’re constantly unhappy and you might wonder why you can’t seem to find the wholeness you want to feel.

Some seekers reach a plateau of happiness and wholeness, only to leave it in favor of the next quarrel; the next drama that successfully takes them out of their divine center.

It’s easy to leave your center in favor of drama and plenty of other things that lower your vibration and make it difficult to re-reach a centered, loving space, but in all honesty, you have no more reason to keep doing so.

You have no more reason to keep convincing yourselves to leave your center – a center that can be very hard to re-reach.

You’re on the earth to be peacemakers; to spread the harmony you can feel within to as many others as you can, but if you constantly quarrel, you won’t be able to spread a good vibration or raise awareness in the manner so many of you are destined to. Continue reading

Oversoul Teachings: Transforming the Earth Into a Hub For the Light

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

When you let yourselves fade into your sacred center, you begin to rediscover all of the divine wonders so many of you have strived so hard to find. In finding them, you’ll realize that striving was never inherently required to achieve them, but rather, surrendering to the flow that’s always been there is the best path you can take.

When you allow the ego to fade into the ethers and let pure love and joy take its place, the flowing connections you seek become much easier to attain and you find that your energy levels are naturally restored when they could’ve otherwise been depleted.

We note that many of you tend to feel very low, heavy and sluggish at times, and while each of your circumstances vary and no one thing is responsible for the depletion some of you tend to feel, we’ll recommend eating light, healthy foods that are filled with pure, higher-vibrational energy over dead, unhealthy foods that so much of your society has become accustomed to in hopes that it helps restore your vitality.

Your ascension process entails surrendering to the flow above anything else, but there are certain disciplines you can practice that’ll help you strengthen your connections and feel the natural energy you’re always meant to feel. Continue reading

Jeshua via John Smallman: Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance.

Jesus postingJeshua: Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance. Channelled by John Smallman, June 18, 2014. http://wp.me/p1B8dY-iP | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

You are in the final phases of your awakening process. As all the channels keep telling you, your awakening is imminent!

Let your deep inner faith shine through and intensify your will to wake up. God wants it to happen, here in the spiritual realms so do we, and so most certainly do all of you, and, as we keep telling you, it is inevitable, unavoidable, and Divinely decreed.

Some of you are having difficulty keeping your Light clear and undimmed as you get caught up in compassionate anxiety, even fear, for all who are presently suffering grievously in the many zones of conflict and abject poverty around the world.

That is why you must keep your Light burning brightly. It is the brightness of your collective Light that is bringing in the essential changes in attitudes and behaviors that will dissolve within all all that is in any way unloving. Continue reading

Liz Bentley: The Earth is a Sentient Living Organism

Flickr - Planet Earth - s3rgioLiz Bentley, Prevent Disease, Waking Times, http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/05/14/earth-sentient-living-organism/

Contrary to the common belief that the Earth is simply a dense planet whose only function is a resource for its inhabitants, our planet is in fact a breathing, living organism. When we think of the Earth holistically, as one living entity of its own, instead of the sum of its parts, it takes on a new meaning. Our planet functions as a single organism that maintains conditions necessary for its survival.

James Lovelock published in a book in 1979 providing many useful lessons about the interaction of physical, chemical, geological, and biological processes on Earth.

Throughout history, the concept of Mother Earth has been a part of human culture in one form or another. Everybody has heard of Mother Earth, but have you ever stopped to think who (or what) Mother Earth is? Continue reading

Saan and the Arcturian Councils: The Galactic Headquarters that will be the Earth

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With warm and Loving greetings from every facet of we souls speaking with you, I am Saan of the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation as you’ve perceived of it is an organization of myriad ascended races and societies, who’ve evolved from our respective planets and seek to help as many lower-dimensional civilizations to evolve as possible.

We hold routine meetings amongst the entirety of our Federation, and our Councils operate in united factions as each race and each Council works together on the ascension of various planets and civilizations.

We work in service to Source; to the Creator, who’s funneled Him/Herself down from the pure realms of Source to experience a different facet of His/Her ultimate omnipotence. Everything is Source; is God; is Love. We are all comprised the same energy of Love, which has taken various different and unique forms. Continue reading

Message from the Ascended Ones 16 June 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean


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Allow the water of life slowing penetrate into your body, allow it to come in, open up the human armour that is your body, let feelings flow and trickle slowly in, and fill your body.

Let the body relax, fall asleep for a while of you feel tired, let your heart feel the divine light of all the love around you.

What comes not from a place of love and kindness is not human’s natural state, look at it in the eye, and let it go.

Find your feet, find your heart, your breath, your face, your meaning as a corporeal being.

We are the Ascended beings, we come from Earth, and far beyond from other Galaxies. We come from many species, and cultures. We are your ancestors, and wish you to go on living in a world of peace and joy.

We are around you always and with all that  you do, we are the angels around you, we are the ones who dwelled upon Earth millennia ago, and who care for you and your planet.

READ THE REST OF THE MESSAGE: http://multidimensionalocean.wordpress.com/2013/06/16/message-from-the-ascended-ones-16-june-2013-multidimensional-ocean/

Giving Ourselves to the Restoration of the Earth

I’m posting this today despite the tragic Boston attack, as it increasingly seems to be cabal-caused and when things like this happen, the work being done to rebuild our Earth tends to fall by the wayside in favor of continual coverage of the event. The attack is discussed more toward the end of this writing and there are as well, fruitful places you can now go to understand the truth of what has happened.

Despite what has happened, we have a movement to strengthen and along with continuing in our goals as valiantly as ever, I would recommend sending those affected by this bombing the purest Love and compassion we can muster up.

A balance of understanding the higher realms and understanding the injustice that has been wrought upon our world will aid us tremendously as we greet the future we have been Creating. We will all be playing specific roles that will likely require specific understandings in this future but at this very moment, it is important for us to have the understanding of realms beyond our conscious perception, as well as the injustice that continues to take place in every moment.

We can spread knowledge and Light in this time, and we can help to bring about justice as we restore this planet to the sovereign one it once was. We are going to be rebuilding every aspect of our current societies that have been based in injustice and corruption and at the same time, we will be responsible for understanding the evolutionary event taking place on our world at present. Continue reading