Message from Elohim: Emergence of Christ Consciousness


Wo, 13 juni, 2012

It has been confirmed by the Council of Elohim that we now have more than 144,000 people upon the Earth that are at least 5th level initiates and who have achieved and are now living in the frequency of Christ Consciousness.

Fifth level initiation is referred to as the “Resurrection”. This demonstrates full mastery over the pull of matter. We completely return to the Monad and merge with the Group I AM while retaining a physical “light body” form. This is the attainment of 5th dimensional consciousness which is characterized by the experience of oneness. Continue reading

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Steve Beckow: Emergence Turns Resistance into Revolutions


What turns mere resistance into revolutions is emergence. What galvanizes people, brings tears to their eyes, sees the birth of resolve and the renewal of commitment is emergence.  Moments of emergence define revolutions, are romanticized, and remain the stuff of memory when all else fades.

I watched a television program on the CBC’sPassionate Eye last night on what they called the Facebook Revolution, and what we call the Arab Spring. It may as well have been a chronicle of emergences.

It started with the emergence of the Tunisian fruitseller, Mohammed Bouazizi, who immolated himself in protest after being refused justice by the Tunisian government.

“The world knows Mohammed Bouazizi… as the poor and desperate young man, harassed by the authorities, who set fire to himself in this town in central Tunisia, inspiring a revolution that brought down the country’s dictator, an act still reverberating through the Arab world.” (1) Continue reading