More Contact With My Spiritual Guides, Part 1

-Hello friends. If there are any that were worrying my last ‘Contact with my guides’ message was too short, worry not! This latest message is so long I have had to divide it into two parts. This is because I am channeling six different beings. Now, I wish all to know, the content of this message is mostly relevent to my own Life and past. Disclosure, First Contact and extraterrestrials are not really discussed, and being that I am contacting my personal guides, the message is for the most part centered on myself. Even still, I think the information presented here is very interesting, and some of what is said can apply to others. Much Love, Wes Annac :)-
Me: I wish my guides to be with me at this time, I wish to have a conversation. All guides who are with me, if such is your intent please state your names. Continue reading

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Contact With My Personal Guides

Hello friends. :) I was inspired by a couple friends of mine to begin real contact with my personal guides. Until now I have been only communicating with a whole host of ascended masters, souls from Agartha, and of course our Pleiadian friends who’s First Contact team I have been apart of for quite a while. I felt it healthy to begin contact and channels with those souls closest to me, those who are with me at all times. I called upon my guides and asked them to name themselves for me, here is the resulting message: Continue reading