Lisa Gawlas: The Key To August Direct From Source to Your Heart!

key of opening

Written by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, July 29, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

I wasn’t going to write a blog today, because until about 30 minutes ago, I really didn’t think I had anything to share, well, nothing I understood anywayz.  But with the grace of the mighty, loving universe we are in, I changed my mind because of a “global” visual they had given to me this morning.

Yesterday in the field of readings was literally an energetic wash out.  For every person I connected to, all I could see was incoming energy and nothing else.

All the energy was in my visual at the area we call our near future (which I have a feeling represented today.)  There was no grid, no other thing I could “see” that I could say it means… this.  Just a full on in pouring of energy waves and spirals.

My own self felt very spacy yesterday, like my brains went thru a full on memory dump the night before and were now being stretched like taffy, not allowing me to “see” beyond energy.  I was on the verge of complete exhaustion yesterday, most especially felt when I was connected to other people, once I disconnected, I was ok. Continue reading

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Lisa Gawlas: As Within, So Without!! The New Moon Turns It All On!!

winds of change

Written by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, July 27, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

Here we are… Day one of a brand new beginning!  (again lol)   Ok maybe some re-do’s on steroids.  This rolling energy is not bias, does not see what you and I do, “good experience or bad experience,”  it just feels core energy and creates/ignites/rattles from those waves.  For us aligned with the Light of Love, dreams WILL come true and quite rapidly.

For those still deep in duality, well, the density of duality will kick it up a notch or 30.  Keep in mind, to the loving, unbiased universe, nothing is bad, there is only experience and choice to experience more of that, which is gladly and abundantly provides for, or done with that and time for something new.  Either way, everyone’s power grid has been charged!!

You can look at your place in it thru the last two days… have you been more irritable or more expanded in your love, wanting to hug everything and everyone.  Remember, there is no good or bad, in order to fully arrive where we are going anywayz, we gotta get there clear as a bell, so neutral in our view of the world and all thats happening with it.  Benevolent on all fronts. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: DNA, Future Lives and More


Written by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, July 23, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

Are you feeling the different, well, different to me (smile) exchange of feelings with people?  I am not even sure that is the right way to phrase that question.  I have noticed in this last week, every time I get a new appointment come thru my email (does not matter if the client is new or returning, it is seeing the incoming energy/name/person) my heart and eyes get all misty.

Please know, I have always been excited to see you show up in my inbox, on my calendar, but this week has taken it from excitement to tears, a pulse of love that is so pure my whole body system feels you and reacts!  Yesterday, it was taken to a whole new level of body experience.

I had a new person book a reading and in her notes she put a sentence in there: “I am excited to the bones to share this experience with you.”  OMG instantly, I could feel the excited vibration in my bone marrow… MY BONE MARROW!!!!!  Deep inside my bones, I was feeling her, it was strange, unexpected and beyond exciting.  Of course, it left me pondering for the day… which I will get to in a moment (smile.) Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: The Fibonocci Spiral and the Music of Your Soul!

music-from the-soul

Written by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, July 20, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

Wow, I knew we were going thru some sort of shift in the field with all the communication chaos the last several days, but this is even more than I could have hoped for!!  I officially understand the significance of the Fibonacci spiral showing up in readings!!

I also think i understand the series of events that must take place before a new Fibonacci spiral comes to life in the ground work of our lives.

This information came from the first three people on the field, two of them, brand new connections and invaluable to our ongoing understandings!!!  This is going to give a lot more understanding to the ringing in the ears too.

My first lady, a virgin upon my field, started my day off with a wonderful song clip (spirit is great with song messages) and an understanding that just tickled my toes.  The song clip was “It’s like thunder, and Lightning, the way you love me is frightening” (frightening being more in the realm of intense as opposed to anything to do with fear.)

At the moment the song I was hearing sang the word “lightning” a huge lightening bolt came down from the sky and crackled in the center of her field.  That is when I seen her, OMG so new visually!!  So fantastic!! Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: Cha-Cha-Changes From the Inside and Outside!!!


Written by Lisa Gawlas, July 13, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

There is such a wonderful majesty to life and its creative processes.  To the way it makes itself known to the human incarnate, to the outflow of creation energy from the center of your life (that would be from you) outwards.

Right down to the purposefulness of each of you on the reading field.  Each moment a unique expression of the All.

Now that the water world is changing, the pure liquid emotional field of each heart center, the focus yesterday was on the area I call your outer created life.  Experiences and connections beyond your immediate self (body, home, etc..) The fluid water I had been seeing is now being dispersed thru your entire field of creation, to my view it would be very much like water vapor.  It is now serving to change the outer world bubble of your experiences as well.

From what I am understanding as well, the outer bubble of your field of creation (and by that I mean, the experiences that happen outside of your intimidate environment, such as when you go to the store, or work, or the park, etc.) is forming based on what you have done and experienced to this moment.  This morning I understand that more than I did yesterday. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: Passionate Grace in a Boundless World!!

passion and grace

Written by Lisa Gawlas, July 5, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

I feel like yesterday, maybe starting the day before yesterday, but surely yesterday (smile) I opened my eyes for the first time.  I mean really understood how this all works and when it all comes down to it, it has nothing to do with the bells and whistles available to us.

It has nothing to do with attunements or alignments, how many spiritual antenna’s we take out and polish.  That does not make us any more or less in alignment with the energy I call Shambhala (Living heaven on earth) it isn’t even a side effect of “awakening.”

There are many people who have mastered various skills in previous lifetimes  that are just natural and available to them in this lifetime.

Like the marriage of the divine masculine and the divine feminine there are two emotions, qualities, states we must embody, live completely, to remain in that holy marriage within ourselves.  The one I talked about yesterday: Grace.  We can look at Grace as the living embodiment of the divine feminine, and it is truly an energy a palpable energy.  An energy I spent all day yesterday getting familiar with thru the readings. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: The River of Life’s New Flow and the Time for System Busters Is NOW


Written by Lisa Gawlas, June 30, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

What an interesting set of energy we have gotten ourselves into this time!  It is so unique to my internal processors it has taken me days to piece together the readings for any sort of understanding.

First, let me give you the set up as I see it.  On the 26th of June a massive geyser erupted from the depths of earth and with an intense force, shot upwards to the place I call the upper atmosphere, or the place where the higher (soul) mind lives.

The geyser then formed a tsunami and as it was flowing outwards, suddenly this massive tsunami wave made a sudden U-turn (on the 27th.)  As the Tsunami wave turned the bend of the U-turn (on the 28th.)  Until this energy came out of the “bend” of the U, it was frothy white, like intense water flow would be, as it turned the bend it settled down in intensity and I could see it as this amazing, brilliant blue infused with white river of energy. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: A Tsunami of Change and Earthquakes of Realignment for ALL!!

Written by Lisa Gawlas, June 27, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

You know something big is happening when two days in a row, the field of life is blocking every single person in a reading from seeing any aspect of July.  I love to humor myself and try and out sneak spirit, of course, to no avail.  I have tried every trick I know to expand information, to see in nooks and crannies that might otherwise be missed, ohhhh no.

For two days in a row, I could FEEL spirit pushing me back, blocking every aspect of seeing from July 1st forward.  Altho we did get some interesting information thru June, it really was all about change, for everyone!!  That alone is very telling.  Change in energy, change in landscape, change in thinking, change across the board.

There is one visual from the readings that floats at the forefront of my mind, partially because I didn’t understand the whole expression of what I was seeing, I could feel that I was missing something, but whatever I was missing, wasn’t in my consciousness yet to reveal.  The first thing I had seen was her standing just to the right of forward, what I would interpret as a day ahead of herself, and a thick (maybe 10 inches wide) glowing circle of bright white light was being emitted from the sides of her feet.   Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: When You Have Given All Your Perals of Wisdom Away…. <3


Written by Lisa Gawlas, June 24, 2014 – | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

I hope y’all have had as great a solstice weekend as I did.  Holy heaven batman. It is so wonderful when you can get your hug on, share with joy and tears and and even just Be without the need to say a word.  Thank you ladies, and gents, for a wonder-full weekend!! (You know who you are… smile.)

On my 8 hour drive to Loveland, Colorado I popped on the audio book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.”  I never finished reading my kindle version and really wanted to hear the story narrated, plus I tend to get lost along certain area’s, so I also wanted to hear what I may have missed.

Keeping in mind, with all the information that has been coming thru in the readings this wild and wacky month of June, topped off with the number five stocking me, and the feeling… the knowing, something is changing… I would really like a bit of clarity on what I am getting myself into now.  There is something about road trips and the right audio-book that can bring so much into clarity for myself.  I got a hellofa lot more than I bargained for! Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas: The Legion of Light on the Ground!

legion of light

Written by Lisa Gawlas, June 25, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

There are a few things I left out of my sharing yesterday that I do want to mention here today.  Our perceived future and how to attain our greatest outcome potential.  A generation and a quarter from now… a lot is already happening and more is to come, not because of what someone else “in power” is doing, but because of what we are and will do.  Changing it all.

All the “inner” work we have done to get to here was really for a greater, grander purpose within our collective lives.  It should serve to empower you, free you, free US from the enslavement of our past, of the rules set down by our past and give each and every one of us that have done that inner work, that inner strength building, the courage to do it all differently and most importantly, outwardly.

For the better part of this year, thru just about every reading, the “inner world” area of the fields of life have been almost invisible as the eyes of spirit, YOUR spirit, take focus on the outer world of creation.  That is not to say the inner world is not important, but ya gotta get to a point where you have waxed your car good enough to ride it around town.  But then, there are those who may not want to get their newly waxed, shiny ass cars dirty.  Tough!!  That’s what you are here for!!!! Continue reading