Steve Beckow: Worry No Longer Trumps Love

ToolboxWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 9, 2014

On Heavenly Blessings yesterday, St. Germaine said that we’ve been given many tools that we may not be using. He cited his violet flame and Archangel Michael’s blue flame of truth as examples.

Archangel Gabriel a while back said that she had created a blue-topaz box in which to place and contain those who were abusing women on the planet. She invited us to name for her anyone we could think of, no matter how many that might be, and ask for them to be contained.

Containment is no way a harmful thing. It might be thought of as Industrial-Strength Tsunami of Love. People in containment are bombarded with love and helped to make the transition from unworkable ways to workable.

Other tools include the many meditations around opening to the Tsunami of Love, ridding ourselves of false grids, and travelling to the Thirteenth Octave that Linda Dillon has made available on her Council of Love website ( Continue reading

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Jesus on Love and Personal Transformation – Part 2/2

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 8, 2014

(Continued from Part 1/2.)

Thanks to John Smallman. All quotes are from his site at

Interviewer: What is the relationship between all that exists and love?

Jesus: Love is the Source from which all that exists flows, because It is That from which all is created, it makes absolutely no sense whatever to deny It, avoid It, or hide from It.

To do so is to be like an infant that on putting its hands in front of its face believes that what it can no longer see is no longer there. Humanity has collectively chosen to remove its hands from in front of its face and once more see its Mother looking at it adoringly.

You have played at hiding yourselves from Her for far too long, but She has never lost sight of you, She never will, and your awakening is divinely assured. (1) Continue reading

Jesus on Love and Personal Transformation – Part 1/2

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 7, 2014

With John Smallman’s permission and inspired by a TV program I watched as a child (Walter Conkrite, You Are There), I’ve constructed a series of imaginary interviews with Jesus, a project I hope to continue with other Lights from the Company of Heaven. All quotes are from his site at

Thanks to John for such clear and full channelings.

Interviewer: Jesus, thank you for allowing us to speak with you this day. My first question is: why does love seem so special to us?

Jesus: Love is your nature, and at the depths of your Essence.  (1)Love is joyful, accepting, enthusiastic, comforting, and inspiring, as divinely intended. (2)

When you experience Love you find that it is irresistible, and that is what the vast majority of humanity has been seeking for eons. (3)

You cannot live without Love. It is the life force, the limitless field of infinite divine energy in which All That Is has Its eternal and utterly fulfilling existence. You are alive and therefore held closely in the warm embrace of the field of Love which supports you totally and provides abundantly for all your needs without you having to, as it were, lift a finger. (4) Continue reading

Oversoul Teachings: Love Can’t Be Avoided

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

It’s more than okay for the awakening humanity to have their ‘heads in the clouds’ as the saying goes, as long as you’re grounded and rooted enough to keep a level head at the same time.

It’s important to enjoy yourselves and your earthly existence, and it’s very important for you to exit the self-instated boundaries that have and continue to hold most of humanity back from discovering the brimming state of consciousness that exists just beyond your surface perception.

Connecting with spirit provides a break from the stress of your daily existence, and ascension entails breaking the lower-dimensional chains that have kept you ensnared in the illusory idea that you’re little more than finite humans who aren’t capable of any greater spiritual powers or abilities, which you’ve been led to believe don’t exist.

This is absolutely untrue, and in reality, you’re infinite beings of pure creator energy who possess and can hone an unlimited amount of greater abilities, which can be used for the restoration of consciousness and the reconstruction of your planet. Continue reading

Saul via John Smallman: Nothing is More Important than Those Few Quiet Moments You Spend at Peace in that Inner Space of Stillness and Love

SaulSaul: Nothing is More Important than Those Few Quiet Moments You Spend at Peace in that Inner Space of Stillness and Love, as channeled by John Smallman – June 8, 2014 – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

As many channels have been telling you, you are being inundated with Love. Open your hearts, your souls, and allow It to flow through you and out to all your brothers and sisters undergoing the human experience at this point in your spiritual evolution.

You chose to be here at this time to be willing and abundant conduits through which our Father’s Love could flow smoothly and abundantly to assist in humanity’s awakening process.

You have been doing a grand job, but some of you have lately become a little less enthusiastic in your Light bearing duties because the darkness of the illusion has been drawing you into its web of distrust and disbelief about the truth and reality of Heaven and the spiritual realms.

Of course, at the center of your beingness, you know God, and you know that all is divinely taken care of. However, within the illusion there are myriad alarming distractions that are depressing you and encouraging you to dim your Light. Don’t! You are enormously supported at this most important moment by the constant waves of Love sweeping through your unreal environment to dissolve it, but you too need to support It and allow the Love to enter your hearts and then flow on from you to wherever It is needed, and It is needed everywhere! Continue reading

Heavenletters: One Great Sweep of Love Will Cover the Earth

Thanks to Awakening Daily.

God said …

And now you know how I feel when you, My One Child, come sit with Me. I am nourished. I am content. I am overjoyed, if it were possible! As it is, I am in a constant state of joy, so I don’t know overjoy. I do, however, know love in My Very Being, and you, My One Child, are caught up in My love.

I dreamed of you, and you appeared. There is one huge crystal that, figuratively, broke into billions of shards of light exquisitely, and here you are, and here I AM. There is joy enough to go around. To go around? To fill all the seemingly-disparate hearts in the Universe, past, present, future, as if time really existed. As it is, We are One Heart circling Eternity, and Our One Heart is Infinity with a Smile.

Feel Our Completeness. What else is there to know? What else matters? When We sit together, what else exists but this stream of love that fills Us? Next to Our love, Our exquisite love, well, what else is there? What do fame and wealth amount to next to this melting barrage of love that stirs the melody of Our One Heart, spilling Our love out unstoppably? But Who would ever want to stop it? Anyway, it cannot be stopped. Continue reading

Heavenletters: Love Fills You Like Light

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

God said:

In Heaven, there is no such thing as Hurry Up, nor is there such a thing as Slow Down. Hurrying up and slowing down are not even a possibility in Heaven. In Heaven, an idea pulsates. It is instant. There is no planning it, no making a big decision, no board meetings. The idea is done. It is over. It circulates across the Universe, for there is no time in Heaven to speculate in. There is Infinity which leaves the concept of time out. Time in Heaven is an impossibility. Time does not accumulate in Heaven.

There are no storage places in Heaven as well. There is no stopping-off place either. Think of the most solid happy time in your life on Earth, when all was easy, and all was sweet like a dream come true, and you will have a thimbleful of how loving it is in Heaven. It’s not that you flit in Heaven. No landing place is needed or offered. There is no cleaning or upkeep that has to be done. Great mobility in Heaven. No barriers. When you think about it, are not time and space barriers on Earth?

In Heaven there are no boundaries to break, for there are no boundaries.

Time and space confront you on Earth wherever you turn. At the same time, the concepts of time and space are a blessing to you, a mixed blessing. Time and space boss you around. They take over your life, and, yet, even so, they give you great joy. You look outside you, and there is sunshine or rain or any of the elements, and they come in season. There are no seasons in Heaven. The concept of seasons does not exist in Heaven any more than the absence of joy exists in Heaven.

Pure love streams in Heaven, and more of that essence of love is streaming into your lives. You are surrounded by miracles that love brings. Heaven is an exciting dimension, yet contrast does not take place. When all is love, what more can there be? Nothing can be missing for all is well and all is supreme. In Heaven, love is beyond emotion. Fullness of Love is simply present. Divine Fullness of Fullness.

You might as well start getting ready. You are ascending while Heaven leans over and reaches for you. It is not that you have to ascend. You can even let go of ascending. We could say that angels and I lean down to pick you up and bring you here. We could say that. Yet there is no up and down in Heaven. There is no here and there. Let Us say that Love fills you like light, and you are risen to your true value. Ah, you become right-side up even as there are no dimensions in Heaven like that.

I am already in your heart, not solely as theory but rather as Reality. It is not really that you enter Heaven. You clear your eyes, you let go of non-recognition, and you begin to see what always has been. You have been a virtuoso of perception, seeing what is not and not seeing what is. Now, you are beginning to see. You are beginning to sense Reality which is, of course, beyond perception.

Certainly, We can say that you pull yourself up to the Reality of Heaven, although you don’t really pull yourself up. You can’t pull yourself up to where you already are. You can only be here with Me deep in your heart, and not for yourself alone, for what is the fun in that?

‘Not Just a Blonde': How Often Are You in the Presence of Love?

Written by Ann, Not Just a Blonde.

How often are you truly present with another? Eyes locked, listening, focusing on the words said without consideration of what you want to say in response?

How often do you sit attentively with another? How often do you gaze upon another’s visage, studying their features and facial expressions? How often do you choose to be silent and without words being said take note of another’s posturing and body laguage?

How often are you… present… here, now? How often do you ignore all distractions or create an atmosphere of intimacy? How often do you focus on another living breathing human being when it is convenient for them, even if not for you?

This type of active attention is a loving meditation.

This is the practice of love.

This is the action of love.

This is where love is found, and where God smiles at Her Creation.

This is when God is with you.

God is this Love.

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’



Spiritual Guidance: Live in Love

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Letting yourselves flow with the greater perception you’re gaining will enable you to pick up on the energy of the higher realms in greater and purer ways, and if you remain closed off from this energy, you’ll continue to experience the seeming misconnections that feel so heavy and unenjoyable for the seekers who experience them.

You’re infinitely able to connect with the higher realms and communicate with your higher selves, guides, and various other entities who happily wait for you to realize your divinely ordained abilities, and as long as you can open up to them and apply yourselves from there, you’ll be able to connect with us in the ways you’ve always wanted to.

Every soul is here for you to help you understand your divinity as godsparks who’ve created lower realms of consciousness for the purpose of experiencing and growing away from, and your connection with spirit is growing as you realize just how able you are to maintain long, flowing, and lasting connections that we’re happy to help you make.

You’re far more able to connect with spirit than you yet realize, and like all things, the extent to which you convince yourselves you’re able or unable to do so determines your perception of your abilities. You have a lot of divinely inspired changes to make, and you can start addressing and making these changes with the love and guidance of your higher selves by your side every step of the way. Continue reading

‘Not Just a Blonde': Love Links Us

Love Links Us

We weren’t created to be self-sufficient but to need each-other. We each need love. Love is something that is meant to be shared with each-other. This need is something we each have in common and should never bring us shame.

Love is Divine energy. Love is a living moving thing! Love is always going somewhere. Love is always doing something. Love links us to the heart of God.

When love seems still it is not. Although it holds us in the stillness, it’s energy is swirling around us in a holy embrace. Although Love is present in solitude, it feels most at home in the company of others.

Even when we love ourselves, love is not stagnant. This is when love’s power is projecting from our spirit-self towards our earth-self. Love’s power radiating through us… to us.

Love’s energy reaches us no matter where we are, who we are with or what we are doing. We cannot contain love. Love in it’s purest form is intended to be shared… from God’s heart into ours… then through our hearts onto others!

Love links us to each other and to God.

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’