Lucas – Poem: A Fire Burning

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos, July 27, 2014

A fire is burning inside. A fire wild.

Nothing can extinguish the flame, perceptions of pain.

A fire is burning inside. A fire absorbing your own light.

Nothing can take away the heat if you still will be a cheat.

A fire is burning inside. A fire tired.

You’re moving into despair as your vision is contraire.

A fire is burning inside. A fire tired.

Your senses remain stuck in same blame.


A fire is burning inside. A fire becoming light.

A change in perception showed the light.

A fire is burning inside. A fire is light.

A perspective changed into transforming all.


A fire is burning inside. It is just a light.

Nothing is like it is. Change is universal bliss.

A fire is burning inside. It is just a light.

Knowing it is all you create.


A fire is burning inside. It is always bright.

A light through your eyes showing truth.

There is only light and no fire burning inside.

Fire is light. Transformation inside.


Love and light,


(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

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Lucas: The Magic Rulers Can Not Reset The Reality For Us – Only Keeping Us In The Illusionary Veil Is Left To Try For Them by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

If we set aside a lot of our conditioned and educated or learned beliefs, structures and patterns, dogmas, and really can see,  it becomes clear how desperate the ones are that want all of you still enslaved and kept in an illusion.

The slow-moving forward motion of more and more of the humans in whatever level of awakening makes clear we are on the path of our mastership our graduation towards manifesting the new as we want it (NEW) and growing into completion of all.

The energetics and counter forces still brought about by those opposing your new free being creator masters is also brought about by your own choices and speed to elevate yourself into a higher awareness step by step.

There is no master over…. there is only personal mastership that everybody will reach when gone through their own personal process. The world is rocking around you and that rocking cause is found in you also.

The balancing act that things are going through of mastering the level of being aware of your duality and acknowledging and bringing it back into full awareness and balance is what your feeling and sensing. Continue reading

Lucas: Are We Really Ready For The New

Picture by 4028mdk09 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

Somewhere deep down there is always a candle burning in every one of you.  When it shines it shines so bright.  It is still just a flickering between the disappearing shadows of the old.  The dark and light will fuse into balance. It is though not just something that comes about by itself. You all have to perform your own transition and complete your process to find the balance  within.

We have come far and the old ways are now intensifying their beliefs and thought structures and systems to pull you out of your newly found reality of freedom outside the matrix. The deep-rooted fears and attachment to  the system and dependence on it is abused right now to force all back into slavery. The only thing that is different this time is that more and more people are aware and awake and choose not to get back into that system or contribute to it.

It does not make  it easier for all of us. It means more and more you have to make a stand in peaceful resistance and making sure the balance comes back in all.  The system world is still pushing the (hidden) agendas that it had for ages to fulfill the prophesy. You have all the ability to step out of the cycles newly created to enslave and control humanity!

Make sure you are finding like-minded people without grouping up and work together on projects to change your reality in the now. Defying the control and unlawfulness, and illegal acts and statutes will not be easy as there is really only natural law that should be. The forceful and unjust acts of police, courts and governments, corporations and institutions and their agents is already seen everywhere. The way to say no is to address and expose what is wrong. Continue reading

Lucas: You Only Can Bent Steel And Shape It If It Is Hot – When Cooled Down All Is Well by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

A title  and a few words that in my own observations and that what I myself get through is happening also for you all.  It is like the hardened steel that needs to be made hot again and fired up to get into a state where things become mouldable. In this past eclipses and grand cross alignment month we have been en still are hammered and fired up in all sorts of  polarities or ways to get all back out to be coming back to a state where things can be handled – the neutral.

The irons in the fire at the moment are plenty and some are still seeking the polarity extremes of the old in many ways. It is all drawn out to make it shift into a new state and balance. We are working in our own sweaty hot steelworks to work on our inner fires to be tamed into nice flames. It all reflect in the also seen bigger picture. Heat, beat and treat is what some need to go through as the blacksmith of all that is wants to re-shape armour and weaponry back into plows and cutlery. Continue reading

Lucas: A Day Of Freedom Is Not Being Free – The Freedom Is Within All Of You Eternally And Can Not Be Taken – (The Blog Needs Your Support!)

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

In my own country the national holidays of 4th and 5th May, Day of remembrance and Day of  freedom are celebrated. It is though for those awakened just days of remembering we are still not having any freedom and wars and killing sprees are still going on. The world will find though at last its balance back. Things can not go on like they do. It is for me also remembering doing this blog in for 3 years and 10 months. In blogging for free each and every day as a mission in service to all I have kept this blog.  It was for me having my observations and the news, videos, radio and articles brought to you for awakening and informing you about what you would not have found in regular mainstream corporate and government controlled media.

I see there are lots of things going on this moment of the now. The old energies are still playing out their desperate cards of keeping the system and structures going. Even in making war as just a way of making profit and meanwhile playing their power battles with others striving for it. The further enslavement of you is intended as well as reducing the human populus.  The energies of the past month eclipses, and grand cross alignment are pulling all stops in you all personally on emotional levels, confronting you all with very heavy energies of the past and old stuff you till now maybe did not let go of.  It needs to be taken care of before balance can be. Continue reading

Lucas: The Elephant and The Mouse

File:North african elephant shrew.jpgWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

Photo: The elephant mouse

A story about power, abuse and misplaced consciousness.  First of all let us recap on  the things. Consciousness is a state of being. It is not something you can say to be or think to be. You are or you are not conscious.

There is still a lot observed in the now as a lot are saying to be conscious but also at the same time not being conscious. Walk the talk is important.  You can not tell others to be conscious and do the opposite. You can not tell people to be creating a new paradigm but work with funding from some people who have hidden agendas or are not disclosed. Continue reading

Lucas from Lucas2012infos: Coaching and Insights for Free

Lucas known from and does work in service to all and there are no fees nor paid information or subscriptions to the information and radio shows. The only thing willingly accepted are freely given donations to keep things going.

In my live I have been working behind the scenes as a (spiritual) coach as well as helping people with insights and guidance upon their paths of life. It eventually about you being helped to help you self on your way or focussed on that what you would like to achieve or manifest.

I am gonna make some time to do in my little spare time a few online personal sessions for people who are interested. Get in touch via the blog e-mailadres lucas2012thelightbringer[ad sign]

We can get in touch and determine if I can help you with insights and coaching. In coaching needs to be a click  so to say and that counts also for insights to read people and connect.

If for some reason the connecting is not working for you or me we can stop the session. If I feel there is no real help I can provide I will also terminate the session. In most cases the things work out fine.

Session will not be longer than 1 hour per session or shorter. Depending on what comes up. It would be nice if you appreciated the service for free after a session with a donation that reflects the energy exchange that was put into it.

If your interested e-mail me and we can get in touch.

Love and Light,


Lucas: You Can Not Overflow Your Bath It Will Always Level In The New

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

File:Tuning fork on resonator.jpgAttribution: brian0918 Tuning fork on resonance box, by Max Kohl, Chemnitz, Germany. CWRU Physics Dept.

The overwhelmingly felt vibrational energies are still pouring in. We need to get to grips with being multidimensional beings and also with what women upon this earth already could do multi-tasking. It is all now about seeing you can handle all those different things coming straight at you. So many things that you need to manage and still you can handle it if you’re in the perception of One and peace.

Nothing will overflow your bath as it all will level out perfectly in the new.  There is not one thing that isn’t where it should be.  The difficulty though is grasping that you are not only learning to multitask but also use your both brain halves. And learn to see you can also be not only multitasking on this level but in multiple places and dimensions at the same time.  All will become clear as the water is in nature, clear. It is just vibrational energy like all is. Continue reading

Lucas: Cleaning The Vacuum Or Vacuum Cleaning – Helpless And Disoriented – 26 August 2013


Photo: By Kenny Louie, Canada, Vancouver Title: In the Void

A new shift after the 25th of August and the order of things is again changed.  After a huge tumble dryer effect now the cleaning is making place for a vacuum, or was it vacuum cleaning?! Oh yes, just word games for being in a void. We got into this vacuum after a series of cleanings, being shaken and stirred to get out the worst and the best and center it. We are blown of our feed again into the feeling of helplessness and being disoriented in this void. Continue reading