The Shift Within

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I am starting to realize, more and more each day, that something major has shifted within me. Physically I feel stronger every day. Lately I have had a need to exercise everyday as well. My body yearns for movement, especially stretching. A lot of stretching and popping, mostly in my back. I am guided by my body. Spending large amounts of time in a salted bath. My body needs salted water it seems, especially at the end of the day.

Food tastes different. Moving more towards fruits and vegetables. I have had urges for sugar, which is rare for me as I am usually a salty gal. Juicing more. Continue reading

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Holy Moly! These People are Going Nuts!

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20 September 2012 – 3:09pm |  lightlover1964

Ok it is official. The people around me are completely losing it…going nuts. So incredibly emotional, irrational, and flying off the handle. Crazy stuff happening all around me.

I feel like the center of the hurricane,smack in the center of chaos. People spinning out of control all around me. To say that the light is shining on everyone’s “must release” issues is an understatement. Including mine of course, hehehe. I am ejecting issues and people like crazy. My often asked question is “what the heck was THAT all about???” Continue reading