Neale Donald Walsch: A New Christmas Story?

December 9, 2013   Neale Donald Walsch | Thanks to:

Neale Donald Walsch

My dear friends,

The Christmas season has always been a magical time for me. From the earliest days of my childhood it has represented a kind of transcending joy that overtakes my whole life. And it wasn’t just because of the presents, either. Sure, getting gifts at Christmas made an impression on me as a child, there’s no question about it. But there was something else “in the air,” and I could feel it.

I remember thinking as a small boy how different people were at holiday time. They seemed more cheerful somehow. More understanding, more accepting — and more forgiving, too. Continue reading

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Neale Donald Walsch – Step Out of Yesterday – 19 January 2012

My dear friends


We spoke here last week about Awareness as a step on the road to The Holy Experience. There are just a few more words I want to say on that subject before I move to this week’s exploration…

Awareness is a very, very important aspect of Life. I think it’s an important quality to nurture and to grow. If we can grow in Awareness, I think that we grow in one of the most vital ways. I think that Awareness is Vitality. I think it is Spiritual Vitality. I think that one is “spiritually vital” when one is Aware—and I think that when one is Aware one becomes “spiritually vital.” I’m saying that I think the effect is circular. Continue reading