Jesus on Love and Personal Transformation – Part 2/2

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 8, 2014

(Continued from Part 1/2.)

Thanks to John Smallman. All quotes are from his site at

Interviewer: What is the relationship between all that exists and love?

Jesus: Love is the Source from which all that exists flows, because It is That from which all is created, it makes absolutely no sense whatever to deny It, avoid It, or hide from It.

To do so is to be like an infant that on putting its hands in front of its face believes that what it can no longer see is no longer there. Humanity has collectively chosen to remove its hands from in front of its face and once more see its Mother looking at it adoringly.

You have played at hiding yourselves from Her for far too long, but She has never lost sight of you, She never will, and your awakening is divinely assured. (1) Continue reading

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Jesus on Love and Personal Transformation – Part 1/2

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 7, 2014

With John Smallman’s permission and inspired by a TV program I watched as a child (Walter Conkrite, You Are There), I’ve constructed a series of imaginary interviews with Jesus, a project I hope to continue with other Lights from the Company of Heaven. All quotes are from his site at

Thanks to John for such clear and full channelings.

Interviewer: Jesus, thank you for allowing us to speak with you this day. My first question is: why does love seem so special to us?

Jesus: Love is your nature, and at the depths of your Essence.  (1)Love is joyful, accepting, enthusiastic, comforting, and inspiring, as divinely intended. (2)

When you experience Love you find that it is irresistible, and that is what the vast majority of humanity has been seeking for eons. (3)

You cannot live without Love. It is the life force, the limitless field of infinite divine energy in which All That Is has Its eternal and utterly fulfilling existence. You are alive and therefore held closely in the warm embrace of the field of Love which supports you totally and provides abundantly for all your needs without you having to, as it were, lift a finger. (4) Continue reading

Personal ‘First’ Contact with Mariara the Pleiadian

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Wes: Hello to my new friend Mariara. How are you doing on this wonderful night dear soul? I wish to thank you for contacting me directly in my dreamscape, which is honestly an event that I am still soaking in. What was the purpose of this direct contact?

Mariara: Hello dear Wesley! How excited I am for you to communicate with me publicly. Of course we have been in communication steadily since the direct contact, and if you had the outward perspective that we do and were able to go back and look at your history, specifically the ‘times’ of Atlantis and before, you would remember me as a close friend and ally. I have spent numerous incarnations with you on Earth, as you know that this is not your first ascension process on this world. Continue reading

More Contact With My Spiritual Guides, Part 1

-Hello friends. If there are any that were worrying my last ‘Contact with my guides’ message was too short, worry not! This latest message is so long I have had to divide it into two parts. This is because I am channeling six different beings. Now, I wish all to know, the content of this message is mostly relevent to my own Life and past. Disclosure, First Contact and extraterrestrials are not really discussed, and being that I am contacting my personal guides, the message is for the most part centered on myself. Even still, I think the information presented here is very interesting, and some of what is said can apply to others. Much Love, Wes Annac :)-
Me: I wish my guides to be with me at this time, I wish to have a conversation. All guides who are with me, if such is your intent please state your names. Continue reading

Contact With My Personal Guides

Hello friends. :) I was inspired by a couple friends of mine to begin real contact with my personal guides. Until now I have been only communicating with a whole host of ascended masters, souls from Agartha, and of course our Pleiadian friends who’s First Contact team I have been apart of for quite a while. I felt it healthy to begin contact and channels with those souls closest to me, those who are with me at all times. I called upon my guides and asked them to name themselves for me, here is the resulting message: Continue reading