Steve Beckow: A “Phone Call” with SaLuSa

SaLuSaWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 4, 2014

I don’t think I can pass by SaLuSa’s message today without commenting. Perhaps imagine that I’m having a phone call with him.

SaLuSa 4 July 2014

SaLuSa says:

“Even those of you who are aware of time moving quicker are surprised that it appears to be going faster than ever. This in itself is a clear signal that changes are continuing to rapidly take place that will lead you further into the New Age. So do not doubt for one moment that they are setting up a scenario that will see the end of the old Age. There are signs for all to see but unfortunately very few are aware of them or their significance.”

That seems often to be the case. But perhaps you could point out some of these signs and train us in observing.

“In general terms what might be noticed is that the old style leadership is changing. No longer are those simply out for personal power and wealth able to fool people so easily. Instead those with a more moderate approach and with honest policies are being accepted, and they came into this period of time specifically to lead you forwards to your intended destiny.” Continue reading

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Steve Beckow: We are You, But from Your Future

UFO mothership 333Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

The civilizations visiting us at this time come from various dimensions above the Third and belong to many coalitions, the best known of which are the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command and the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

The Pleiadian Council tells us that “we are very much like you; only we experience a harmonious, blissful and pure state of consciousness that we wish with every part of ourselves for you all to find, know and experience once again as well.” (1)

“We are you,” they tell us.

“It is simply that we have found and rediscovered our infinity and we now work to help any soul throughout Creation who can possibly find an enlightened perspective, to inhabit the states of consciousness we have ourselves ascended to and quite enjoy inhabiting.”  (2) Continue reading

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: June 6, 2014

SacredSaLuSa, as channeled by Mike Quinsey, June 1, 2014 – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Time such as you experience it is an illusion, but necessary for you to progress within the limitations of the Third Dimension. Nevertheless, you are beginning to sense that greater opportunities exist beyond its confines.

Indeed, you are stepping into the higher vibrations, and providing you are refining yours you will remain on the path to them. Such progress is inevitable as it is time to leave the old vibrations behind with those souls who remain within them by choice.

We have told you before and repeat again that it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a New Age. At such times great changes occur that unavoidably result in chaos before settling down, but out of them will come that lasting peace that every soul seeks. Continue reading

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: January 31, 2014

SacredSaLuSa: January 31, 2014. Channelled by Mike Quinsey.

Because of what is happening around you harmony and peace seem far away, yet gradually the turmoil will become less and in just a relatively short time peace will settle upon the Earth. It is because of the coming of the New Age, and it is lifting the vibrations more quickly.

These changes were always going to accompany this period, with the ultimate separation of those who are ready to ascend from those who are not. This is inevitable as the vibrations increase to the point where only those souls who have reached the same level can remain within it.

It is the culmination of many thousands of years experiences through many lifetimes in different Ages. The end of a cycle is an important time, when all souls decide how well their life plan has furthered their evolution, and if they need to repeat any particular experience. Continue reading

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: January 24, 2014

SacredSaLuSa: January 24, 2014. Channelled by Mike Quinsey. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

As ever, time flies by and is speeding towards the times of important changes that are the forerunners of a new period in your history that is leaving the past behind. All proceeds as intended, and before very long you will begin to receive the proof that you have been seeking.

You will be in no doubt that all along the forces for good have been working towards the changes that you have been promised and that the New Age is upon you. Outwardly many will only see confusion and many parts of your world in turmoil. It is the final throes of the dark Ones who are now in retreat. Before long those who have been working silently for the Light will reveal themselves, and you will know that the New Age has truly begun. Continue reading

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey – Jan 17, 2014

Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

From our vantage point your Earth shines out like a jewel in the firmament, and makes it known to all observers that the Light is once again returning. With your input and our assistance it will continue to do so, and no outside influence will be able to stop or hinder it. It has been decreed that this cycle will end in victory for the Light, and this was planned eons of time ago.

You can therefore leave the old behind that has served its purpose, and indeed eventually only the higher vibrations will exist. Hitherto, the cycles have ended with massive Earth changes, so much so that little evidence has remained of earlier civilizations. However, now that necessary lessons have been learnt, the experiences have brought about the desired upliftment in the levels of consciousness. This was required to bring those souls who were ready to ascend, to a level where they could do so and complete their experiences in the lower vibrations. This is normal when a cycle reaches a stage of completion. Continue reading

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: December 4, 2013

SacredThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Steve Beckow: We’re so pleased to have SaLuSa back with us again. Mike’s message is the first he’s posted since he had his stroke on March 31. Mike will be Stephen’s guest this Sunday on Lift Your Spirit, along with Suzy Ward, Suzanne Lie and John Smallman. SaLuSa’s return has certainly lifted mine.

Lift Your Spirit: Our 2013 Journey – Part 1, with Stephen Cook this Sunday, December 8 at 5pm (Eastern) / 2pm (Pacific, USA).–part-1

Andrew Eardley: Wonderful news – Mike Quinsey has recovered well from his illness in March and is now commencing to channel SaLuSa again. Initially, he plans to give us a new message from SaLuSa on a two-weekly basis on a Friday, but he is hopeful that he will soon be able to revert to weekly Friday messages. A big welcome back to SaLuSa and to Mike!

SaLuSa: December 4, 2013. Channelled by Mike Quinsey.

Matters are moving on to their conclusion at such a rapid speed that you need to keep an open mind and be prepared to ensure you go with the flow. Old beliefs are being shaken to the core and this is intentional and intended to bring you into the New Age. Many of them carry a degree of truth that was sufficient to enable your feet to be placed on the path to realisation, but they are no longer adequate for the massive changes that are taking place.

The time rapidly approaches when you will be given the opportunity to raise your vibrations to such a level that eventually only the truth will exist. You are already on that path to total enlightenment, and much help is being given to ensure you have every opportunity to complete your Ascension. Continue reading

Introducing the Galactic Federation of Light – Part 4

SaLuSa’s material collected and presented by Steve Beckow

pleiadians1(Concluded from Part 3.)

We Promote Peace and Cooperation

Just think for a moment how, as visitors to your Earth, we are maligned and deliberately shown as monsters bent on enslaving you and stealing your lands. We are described as ‘aliens’ when in fact we are your true family and have never lifted as much as a finger against you in anger.

Any such activities against you are not by members of the Galactic Federation of Light, but by other Extraterrestrials or by your own forces. It is of course all done to make you fearful of us, and is not helped by some religious groups who claim we are devils. We would ask that you wait until we can walk amongst you and then you will feel our auric emanations, and know that we come in Love and Light. (1) Continue reading

Introducing the Galactic Federation of Light – Part 1

Written by Steve Beckow

A psychic drawing that has come to be accepted as "the" depiction of SaLuSaPhoto: A psychic drawing that has come to be accepted as “the” depiction of SaLuSa

I’d like to give the galactics a chance to explain why they’re here, where they come from, how they organize themselves, etc., and I’d like to allow them to do so in their own language, without undue interpretation.

When I went to consult the various spokespeople, I realized that the writings of SaLuSa of Sirius provided a consistent and easily understandable introduction to their collective work and so I decided to draw only on SaLuSa’s material.

Mike Quinsey, SaLuSa’s channel, had a health crisis earlier this year which has obliged him to stop channeling SaLuSa for the moment. But there exists, nonetheless, online a rich and full account of the work of the Galactic Federation of Light, only one of the space coalitions here, and I’d like to offer that account now.

This account will span a number of parts, posted over successive days, beginning with SaLuSa’s introduction of himself and the GFL. Continue reading

SaLuSa: March 22, 2013

Tree of the Golden Light

Thanks to:

So much is happening on your planet that it is becoming very apparent to many more people that the promised changes are well under way. It is by no means an easy time for you as you are at the hub of much that is taking place. However, you chose this time to be on Earth, as an important part of your experiences that will prepare you for your future assignments. In time many of you will put yourselves forward as Mentors, to other emerging civilizations. It will be your way of service having reached a higher level of understanding, that brings you the status of a Master. This is your natural progression as you become more of the Light, and seek to lift others up with you. Continue reading