The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Ascension is Being Pioneered by Each of You

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so much brimming Love from the entirety of our collective, we are the Ascended Masters speaking with the dear Pleiadians once again.

Specifically, we’re speaking with the melded-together energies of the soul who’s come to be known as SanJAsKa, who represents the Pleiadian Councils speaking with you all in this moment.

We wish to express your constant evolution and the fact that you’re growing toward the higher dimensions in every moment. This has been addressed in our previous joint communication with the Hathors, and we bring it up to help you understand that you’re not growing away from the higher dimensions as some of you tend to feel you are.

For those of you experiencing doubt or a perceived drifting-away from your growing higher dimensional perception, we wish to calm your tension by letting you know that everything you experience currently is a necessary and ordained part of your process. Continue reading

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SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine: Begin Taking your Power Back

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Every one of you is a Divine channel for the energies of the higher realms to come through, and we’ve always wished for you dear souls to know this.

We‘ve always wished for you to understand that you come from brimming higher dimensions, wherein the difficulty you experience on the Earth simply cannot exist.

We’ve worked with so very much of ourselves to help your collective to see the Light and to help every one of you find the individual awakenings that will spark your collective ascension and help every soul on your world find the realms of full consciousness, and we’ve remained in your skies helping to mitigate and neutralize the pollution manifested and fed.

We can only do so much in the avenue of cleansing humanity’s manifested pollution. In the time ahead when the collective vibrations allow for our presence to be made known on your world in a blatant and widespread manner, we’ll be passing the torch to humanity and teaching you how to utilize the technologies we’ve been utilizing, to completely heal your world altogether. Continue reading

SanJAsKa: Become the Pioneers of the New Revolution

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You will find yourselves able to pick-up on the frequencies and impressions being emitted by us souls in the higher dimensions, quite easily as you grow and develop your multidimensional perceptions and abilities. We quite excitedly await the time when every one of you dear souls can maintain an active and steady link to our energies.

We’re so very excited to convene with every one of you who finds yourself awakened to the reality of our existence and our wish to assist you along your ordained ascension processes. If we could only but express every last bit of our excitement to convene with you in the purest and realest ways possible, than you would understand it indeed.

Just as other souls from the higher realms have, we’ve worked with many of you quite exponentially in the past and specifically, those of you who find yourselves attracted to our communications and our vibrations have been companions of ours in the past, as we’ve worked to uplift various planets and civilizations.

That is indeed the aim of the Galactic Federation, and we’ve delightfully tasked ourselves with helping as many planets and civilizations as possible to see the Light. Specifically, we’re helping you dear souls to assist the Earth in Her ascension process. Continue reading

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Magnificent Revolution of Individual Sparks Uniting

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Along your way of working to awaken the collective of humanity, you’ve met and will meet certain obstacles and things that seem to stand in your way of sufficiently anchoring the Light and spreading the truth you’ve have come to the Earth to anchor and spread.

It’s important to remember that absolutely everything happens for a very Divine and ordained reason, and even the seeming-difficulty many of you have experienced doesn’t have to bring you down or impede your progress in the manners it has at times.

Every one of you is a strong, Divine Godspark of an infinite being of full consciousness and as such, no temporary Earthy pains or difficulties will ever stop you from shining your Light onto every last aspect of your personal and collective experience that you’re ready to help heal and cleanse.

The cleansing of inner-tendencies and ways of being and Living in the collective of humanity will reflect the outer, widespread change you are to make to your physical environment. Continue reading

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine: This Moment of Now is Divine

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are learning to sharpen your focus as your perceptions begin to broaden quite exponentially, and along your magnificent Earthly journeys you’ve experienced the difficulty that we’ve long wished to assist you with in any and every moment.

We wish for you to understand that what you experience at present is very carefully planned-out and coordinated, because your ability to understand that your Lives are running along a Divine script and that everything is truly okay in every moment, despite the nature of difficulty you experience, determines the amount of satisfaction you are to gain from your experience on the Earth.

It will aid you greatly to understand that joy, harmony and bliss are meant to be the prevalent energies and emotions experienced and felt in every moment.

You are learning to tap-into increasing levels of joy as you pick-up on and radiate the ever-purer frequencies being delivered from the higher realms, and the time of humanity being unable to understand the realms beyond your conscious understanding has come to a close. Continue reading

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council: Pure Love Creates and Sustains your Realities

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: It’s my twentieth birthday today (May 27). I’ve given posts for today and this message from the Pleiadians, with exuberant happiness and Love. :)

The awakening of the collective of humanity is proceeding quite marvelously, though we know that it does not seem to be so from the point of view of those of you who continue to struggle. We ask you to stand strong in your efforts, dear souls, for the Divine is much closer than you would readily believe and we are, in fact, with every one of you right now.

We feel such a strong Love for the awakening collective of humanity and indeed, for all of Creation.

We feel the strongest Love and desire to assist you along your personal and collective evolution processes because truly, what you are doing is unprecedented. You are allowing a planet whose surface has been brimming with negativity for far too long to find the Light and find ascension as a result, and your efforts up to this point have been more than needed.

This is because every single Earth soul is feeding their thoughts and emotions into a grid of energy, which has been discussed before. You are feeding your thoughts and feelings into the collective consciousness, and what you manifest comes as a result of those thoughts and feelings.

This is why we encourage positivity and Love in all endeavors because truly, those emotions and energies will not steer you wrong. Continue reading

The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 5 (Conclusion)

Concluded from Part 4

Non-Human Galactic Souls

We are each working to reach states of consciousness that we have not accessed in a very long time, as SanJAsKa tells us below before beginning to get into a discussion of the various non-human (but still benevolent and evolved) souls and races comprising the Galactic Federation.

We are told of the evolved animal forms some souls who are a part of the GF take, and we’re told that the comfort level of humanity will be taken into consideration when we are introduced to such souls.

“Higher states of consciousness and understanding for every soul involved will result from the ascension of the entire Universe, and the missions of each of you at present are geared toward reaching states of consciousness that you have not yet traversed.

There are multitudes of different races comprising the Galactic Federation and while so very many of us are indeed human and you will initially be introduced to those of us who are human, there are other races who take their collective form as pure spirit energy, while other races of our Federation choose to express themselves as the evolved form of what you would best know as animals. Continue reading

The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 4

Continued from Part 3

Learning about Galactic Technology

As we progress onward toward a free and infinite future in alignment with the will of every soul on our world, we will grow to understand and work with the advanced technologies the Galactic Federation employs on a moment-to-moment basis. As is said below, we are going to learn so very much about this technology before we begin to use it and collectively benefit from it, and I have a feeling that we will learn enough about it to be able to understand its uses and how to interact with it.

“We have so very much to teach you and help you to learn, and the nature of energy work and using higher dimensional technology to shape and mold energy to be formed as you please is something you will be taught.

We will introduce you to our replicators and the various other technologies that may initially bedazzle you. We ask you to imagine the very idea of being able to Create anything you want with a device you will also be able to use as a holographic video phone and a replicator that can Create any food, drink or environment you wish for it to.

These are only a few things the basic handheld technology that every soul on your world will be issued can do, and the other things these devices can do will have to be explained in depth during the disclosure announcements before they are given, so that you dear souls can properly understand how to use them.”

I have a feeling that the majority of positive uses of this technology have not yet been told to us because as has been said, there is much potentially-overwhelming information coming our way and while what has been said in the avenue of the advanced technology we will learn to work with has been interesting and paradigm-shattering indeed, I don’t think we have an inkling of understanding of the positive future we are heading toward.

Simplified Technology & Fading Fear

SanJAsKa confirms that belief below, and tells us of the simplified versions of some of the Galactics’ most advanced technology we will be introduced to. We are also told of the settling of collective fear in the time ahead, and a bit more information about the evolved humans inhabiting the Galactic Federation is provided as well.

“Even with our technology, we will have to be careful not to overwhelm you dear souls and to that extent, we will offer modified and simplified versions of our technology for those of you who may initially be a bit unsure about trying such technology out.

While some may feel discomfort concerning our existence and the assistance we wish to offer for a while, in time every bit of fear or concern about us, our presence and our drive to assist you will fade away and will give way for the understanding that we are evolved and spiritual beings who can be likened to evolved versions of your “hippies” experiencing higher states of consciousness than those that would require the need or want for the use of any substance, herb or “drug” as many on your world would refer to them.

We have evolved from our respective planets, and we have been helped in this evolution by souls who themselves were helped in their own.

Now, as you can see, we are helping you dear souls with your evolution and so the cycle will go on and on as again, serving others is our main task. We have developed an understanding of our inner-realms and worked to increase our perception of such realms and in doing so, we began to Create an increasingly higher dimensional reality when we hit certain “snap” points in our evolution that saw us inhabiting pure states of consciousness.”

I had a bit of a laugh over the use of the term “hippies” but SanJAsKa essentially seems to be communicating that the evolved humans comprising the Galactic Federation are spiritually-inclined beings (perhaps that is an understatement) existing in purer states of consciousness than we humanity, who they are assisting in finding our unique collective evolution as a planet.

The spirituality of the Galactics and their wish to assist humanity in ushering in world peace has accounted for the smearing of their image with propaganda, funneled through nearly-constantly in the form of alien invasion-related television shows, movies, books and other things that subconsciously and quite boldly drill the idea into one’s head that any outside force visiting our planet must be malevolent in nature.

To that extent, the message of malevolent off-world forces has been given in a plethora of different movies and television shows and in a plethora of different ways.

When we discover the presence of humans around our planet who have long evolved and explored the infinite space around their native planets and found us as a result and as well, when we understand that their existence has been purposely hidden from us while their image has been tainted for decades, the real purpose for their existence on our world will be clear: to help usher humanity into the future we are building now, as we continue to spread awareness.

Rapid Evolution Points

The evolution of humanity has been gradual for the most part, but the “snap points” mentioned above and below by SanJAsKa have been and will be experienced as well. As is also said below, it seems that certain important “snap points” will see us very clearly understanding and remembering the higher states of consciousness they will have initiated us into, and we will very easily be able to understand concepts such as crystal energy, Galactic cities and so many other things.

“Humanity will find such snap points yourselves but for the most part, your evolution has been a gradual and ongoing one. When the final thresholds are reached, a brazen shift from one state of consciousness to a vastly purer one will be made clearly evident within each ascendee, and you will all find yourselves remembering the states of consciousness many of you have come to the Earth from.

The Galactic society or Nova Earth as it has been called, that will be Created upon your dear world will be far beyond anything you could possibly expect.

We members of the Galactic Federation along with many others will be with you to help you understand the power of sound frequencies and especially, the power of crystals. Crystal cities and cities that comingle with the beautiful nature you have been taught to destroy so that you could build cities where it once stood, will be established and even those of you who do not enjoy cities at present will find yourselves enjoying the crystal, Galactic cities you will Create.

We ask for you to imagine a Galactic New York City; A Galactic Los Angeles; A Galactic Toronto; we could go on and on with examples and each city established upon your dear world now will be rebuilt by you dear souls in a manner that matches what you will know to be in resonation with a Galactic society.”

Organic cities and societies being Created and sustained by the very humanity who will learn to treat our Earth and our environment with the respect and care it deserves. Truly, it sounds like a utopian future of humanity’s own Creation, and that’s because it will be. My purpose and the purpose of so many others, including to an extent the soul(s) from the Galactic Federation speaking to us for this manuscript, is to motivate every one of you reading this and to eventually motivate the rest of the world as well to begin sitting up and taking action in the face of a world that will remain in a poor condition if we allow it to.

People with malevolent and controlling agendas have distorted and polluted our Earth, and they could not have done it without the collective’s unawareness which is why there are so many people now working with every facet of themselves to spread the awareness and enlightenment that will see every person on this world able to be a free thinker, rather than remaining within the mental and spiritual confines of an enforced lower dimensional experience.

The awareness and enlightenment we will raise and garner will help our vibrations to match those of the star people comprising the Galactic Federation and so many other ascended Organizations, and even despite the clear theme of this series, I would not endorse looking toward these souls as savior entities or as souls who are going to clean up the mess we have caused on our Earth simply because of their ability to.

Indeed they are going to help, but they have been adamant about letting us know that this work is ours to be done. We are and will be Creating a Galactic society, but we are being given assistance.

Reassessing our Collective Perspective

SanJAsKa reminds us as well that the Galactics will be playing an assisting role, and the complete revamping of how we collectively understand our world is outlined as well.

“We will not be leading these ventures of course, but we will play our hand in introducing you to technologies that will see you able to make such changes quite easily, and we anticipate humanity being excited to rebuild your world; especially when it is seen and understood how easily you can do so.

Technologies similar to what were used in your colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria will be disclosed and given to you for you dear souls to benefit from, and this will come after abundance has been given to every soul on your world and you all find yourselves Living easy lifestyles rather than Living in poverty and collective difficulty.

The current way your world is established will have to be understood as only benefiting the few, and those in poorer and poverty-stricken areas who have been forced to suffer because of the greed of the few will find redemption from their difficulty as they are finally allotted the basic humans rights you all deserve to have. Lack and hunger of any kind will be completely eradicated, and we will stand alongside you dear souls as you do this and find your world becoming mended by your humanitarian efforts.”

How does the idea of becoming a humanitarian sound to you, the reader absorbing this manuscript? Do you feel geared toward truly recognizing what about our current Earth is not in resonation with a basic standard of Living much less a prosperous new paradigm, and working with as much of yourself as possible to mitigate and change such things?

This is what we are being assigned, and so many people are already beginning much of the work that our collective intent which is already building, will propel us onward toward the sovereign future wherein we will work with evolved and Galactic beings and the technologies they have to offer us, on the full repair of a world that has needed the presence of the Light for so very long.

We are here, and we can begin offering ourselves to Earth’s evolution and reconstruction at any time. Why wait?

Etheric Exploration & Meeting the Galactic Federation

Even beyond working to repair our outward reality, the discovery of our inner realms will lead to a flourishing ability to find etheric landscapes within ourselves, as SanJAsKa details below. We are also reminded that we will remember much of what we experience upon evolving, as we have been there before.

The Galactic Federation’s convening with humanity is also discussed below, as we are told that we will be invited to the meetings they will be able to have with us and with our Earth Council upon the surface of our world.

“States of consciousness that so many of you are only beginning to remember will be accessed fully as you grow more and more, and the resulting astral landscapes you will be able to travel and meet up with a plethora of higher dimensional souls upon will be fruitful indeed. Places that you used to inhabit beyond the third dimension will be found and recognized, and your very remembrance of these things may send an avalanche of appreciative emotion through you as you remember the experiences you previously had in such places.

You will all be invited to attend the various meetings we as a Federation have, and we will at first have some of our initial meetings with your Earth Council on your ground for you all to attend if you wish to.

We are, of course, convening with your Earth Council all of the time and a few of our members are working actively with the Earth Council every moment, but our first public meeting with them on the surface of your Earth will be televised (you will see it through televisions with energies and frequencies that are not destructive to you and your chakras) and will mainly be for the purpose of introducing our Federation, the Earth Council and what we are and have been doing.

While the attention of some won’t quite be as turned toward our Federation specifically as it will be toward other matters, those of you who are interested in us will be able to learn, learn, learn about us and what we are doing and if you wish to, you will be able to work with our Federation again and perhaps travel to other lower dimensional worlds to help uplift them in preparation for the Universal ascension.”

Those of us who are not a part of the Ground Crew of the Galactic Federation will be able to join if we wish to, and all of humanity will be introduced to this Federation and the many other Organizations that have kept a close eye on the Earth because of the ascension we are being prepared for.

It’s interesting to note as well that the televised meetings with our Earth Council on the part of the Galactic Federation will reach us with pure frequencies rather than distorted or dense ones, and it seems that television will be much more watchable in the future, in relation to the various ongoing happenings that will be cascading in one after another for quite a while.

We will not pick up on dense or distorted signals or frequencies as we do now, and this could have to do with the pure energies of the Galactics which we will absorb when seeing them or feeling their vibration.

Concluded in Part 5 tomorrow.


The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 3

Continued from Part 2

Advanced Technology Kept from Humanity

SanJAsKa specifically is, again, a fifth dimensional aspect of my overall higher self and as such, I feel quite close to this soul in energy. Though this may not be the method utilized by other races or Councils of the Galactic Federation who speak through other scribes, the connection I feel with this soul is utilized as the group’s energies are brought through SanJAsKa, as is outlined below.

We are also reminded below that our governments have known about much of the technology we have been and will be discussing, and that they have proven uninterested in releasing such technology to humanity.

“Our scribe is close with me in energy and this is why I am utilized to bring a communication forth through him and in many cases, I act as a conduit for the collective energies to be expressed through me, and I take those energies and express them through a device that transmits our frequencies down to your dear Earth and specifically, to the energies and hearts of open conduits whose hearts will receive these energies as their minds interpret the communication encoded unto them.

Again, we are constantly sending these communications down, as we are constantly attempting to connect with you dear souls in an ongoing attempt to introduce ourselves to you so that you can work to introduce us to the world.

Indeed, your governments have known about us and the technology we possess for so very long and have continued to prove uninterested in introducing disclosure for a plethora of reasons; some of which have to do with their own mountain of lies that they do not want uncovered, and we are looking toward each of you who are beginning to become aware of us to help the overall truth of our existence spread throughout your collective, as the culture surrounding our existence has been strong and prevalent on your world for a very long time.” Continue reading

The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Galactic Craft & Government Knowledge

SanJAsKa tells us about the multiple different races of the Galactic Federation, and begins to tell us about the conscious technologies that are the Federations’ starships and Motherships. We are also told of the inhabitance of star and Motherships by higher dimensional souls, and our governments’ knowledge of advanced technology is discussed as well.

“There are a myriad of races comprising the Galactic Federation, and we Pleiadians are one of them. We could not name all of the races who are a part of the Galactic Federation but trust, dear hearts; there are plenty of us and we are all geared toward helping you to ascend.

Our ships are comprised in so many different and unique ways, and you will find that each one of them looks different and retains their own individual form. We exist harmoniously within our Motherships and starships, who are conscious beings who’ve decided to inhabit higher dimensional technology and help us to travel around and mitigate pollution manifested on your dearest Earth, among many other things.

There is so much advanced technology waiting to be discovered and known by you, the sovereign humanity and for the most part, you could have benefitted from this technology nearly a century ago. Indeed, knowledge of our craft and the technology aboard it has been known by many of your governments for so very long and dear scribe, the very computer you are (channeling) this on is comprised of technology that was taken from a Galactic ship.” Continue reading