Shazi’s “Sight of the Soul” – The Birds Change Into a Man

Vision; The Birds change into a Man

I see a path and Jesus is waiting for me and greets me; he smiles and says don’t worry we cannot please everyone as all must find their own individual path; This path is for YOU only and as mankind awakens they must learn to SEE from themselves and KNOW the TRUTH from their own SELF

Mankind needs to realise that the way is open to all but the WAY is individually based; If has the passion and dedication then it will be revealed to him, what he SEEKS

I see myself listening heart fully and then Jesus departs with a smile and I go along my way Continue reading

Shazi’s “Sight of the Soul” – The Diamond Birds

Vision; The Diamond Birds

I see a purple cloud ahead and Jesus directly underneath it, he calls me over and we embrace; he says stay in this light and enjoy the path today

I see myself smiling and heading off following the path

I see the cloud ahead and where I go it is following me; then I notice it begins to rain steadily; I thought oh now, going to get totally wet now, but I notice it is purple rain and it is very delicate Continue reading

Shazi’s “Sight of the Soul”: Five Trees with Five Books

Vision; Five Trees with Five books

I see a ball on my path and it is the size of me, just stationary; behind it is Jesus who comes around it and greets me with a hug

I see him say, take it with YOU when you go along the path; I reply but master it looks heavy, he smiles and says I know and departs

I see the ball and wonder how I would roll such a ball and it must be important too for me to take it around; All these and many more thoughts raced through my mind, searching for an explanation and some assistant to understand this ball; There was nothing except a blank ness

I see the ball is red and has precious stones imbedded in quantity all around the ball; I notice the ball had a seal and it was mine and name too, written calligraphically; I wondered what to do and then calmed my thoughts down and pushed the ball, it rolled slightly and as it gained a little momentum seemed to roll quite easily Continue reading

Shazi’s “Sight of the Soul” – A Loaf of Bread and the Tiny Golden Book

Vision; A loaf of bread and the tiny golden Book

I see a path and in the distance Jesus is coming towards me; he is carrying something and as I clear my mind and concentrate

I see it is a loaf of bread, a round crusted one too; I really like the crust on them its one of my favourite loaves

I see him embrace me and break a big piece off and also one for him, he says; a conscious state merges with other conscious states but only like consciousness; There is no harm in expanding and making friends as you are the beacon of light and way shower so do what you think will spread the light and awaken others; now go on your path Continue reading

Shazi’s “Sight of the Soul” – Being Covered by the Wings of Hundreds of Angels

Vision; Being Covered by the Wings of hundreds of Angels

I see a path and Jesus says, well done for your achievements so far and it is time you stepped up your KNOWING and INSIGHT; now go down the path and see what lies ahead; He embraces me and we depart

I see that the path is murky and misty, like going through a foggy day; I did not let that bother me but an insight occurred in my head; I decide to sit down and contrite on dispersing the fogginess

I see myself visualising and imaging the mist and fogginess to disappear; and slowly and surely the mist moved away across and over ahead. The path looked immaculate and it was mainly green, a dark green but parts reminded me of emerald green; The path was two toned and blended in different shades of green Continue reading

Shazi’s “Sight of the Soul” – The Goblet and Globe Opening my Universe Inside of ME

Vision; The Goblet and Globe opening my Universe Inside of ME

I see a path and Jesus is waiting for me

I see him embrace me tightly and whisper in my ear; now do you understand, sometimes goodness comes out of darkness; experiences mean greatly when they are reflected with a mind that is open and reflects, without judgement

I see myself walking along my path, with the thought of Jesus smiling at me in my mind; I felt good and wanted and most of all a feeling of contentment; that I had not felt for a long time Continue reading