Lucas- The Domino Effect – The Systems Ending is Near

In The Netherlands started ones the great domino world record with a show world-wide televised. All the domino stones in all shapes and sizes and in different forms, pictures and with lots of beautiful effect fell down. Sometimes paused for the necessary  ”commercial break”. Also one lifeline of stones is made to let the domino effect continue when it can’t complete one project. Shouting or shearing or any tremble makes the stones go off.  I see it as an analogy of what is going on in Europe and the World financial system now.

As S&P, Moody’s and others are downgrading countries and also banks credit worthiness in Europe one after one other we see the dominos fall to complete their task. Also USA’s banks are  under scrutiny. The domino effect is seen in the ongoing uncontrollable fact that nothing works anymore in the financial system.  What ever they do to stop the domino effect the lifeline kicks in and the trouble starts going further to complete its goal. Continue reading

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Collapse Of The Old Financial System = Abundance For All!

Ok, I know that may be a bit of a bold statement to make-but bear with me. So many people are seeing the inevitable collapse of our current financial system as the worst thing that could happen, when really it is the best thing that could happen. The current financial systems of the world have always been based in debt, based in keeping people down. Let’s take a second to look at how the Federal Reserve does business. Ignoring the fact that the US treasury is supposed to be in charge of printing money, the Federal Reserve System can be seen as criminal at best. In a nutshell, the Fed Reserve prints money to loan to the United States Government, only they loan it to said government WITH INTEREST. Think about that. The Fed Reserve could print say, a dollar, and ‘sell’ it to the US government for, say, $1.10. Keep in mind that is an estimate. I don’t know how much the interest actually is, but just the fact that there IS interest on every dollar sold, means the US government will forever be in debt to the Federal Reserve! Every dollar we print puts us further in debt! Continue reading