Visionkeeper: What’s Going On? by

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I imagine a great many people are thinking the world is crazy these days and rapidly falling apart. In some ways they would be right. The old world is crazy and falling apart, but the new world emerging is strong and heart centered. The insanity of everything going on is something to be welcomed by all, as crazy as that sounds. Each explosion of craziness bursting forth is exposing the old world and all that was wrong with it.

This is good despite the anguish being delivered upon mankind as a result. Eyes are widely popping open now and hearts as well. The supposed disappearing Flight 370 plane has brought the whole world together and opened minds as well as eyes. We are all witnessing Governments vying for control of information and dominance, completely disregarding the many shattered lives and broken hearts of those aching for those who were aboard that plane. People have been shaken awake by what is taking place and hearts are opening with compassion for all those suffering at the expense of heartless Governments.

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Visionkeeper: Making the World Better

 bloggbook_fouragreements | Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

I was re-reading the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz yet again and if only everyone were following the Four Agreements, how much better the world would be! I am continually astounded by the lies that are being flung around throughout the world right now and many from the highest positions in the country.

Very disturbing to think our children are being taught the skills of dishonesty by our Government. It is invasive into our lives and so it is imperative we counteract that negative energy by living our own lives with integrity and love. The children need more than ever to have role models to emulate and so parents are needed to live up to their highest integrity and be there for them.

We need to keep fighting against the immorality going on by raising our personal bars higher and higher in becoming the best that we can be! It is slowly working and we should stay focused on that fact to urge us onward. Continue reading

Visionkeeper: Understanding Part of the Mission to Lucas2012infos.

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It seems to me like I have been on a very long voyage that began in earnest in 2012 and I am just now returning back to port from my explorations. In some ways it feels like I have come full circle. I started out with a desire and a mission and as I head back into the harbor I am returning to the same mission, only with a whole new perspective of it now. The basics remain the same, how I view them is vastly different. Take the main theme of my mission for example. Continue reading

Visionkeeper: The Deer Trail

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007After a rare day of 50 degrees in January and a drenching night of continual downpours, almost all of the snow has gone. Just a few white patches remain here and there, especially noticeable a narrow, winding, deer trail through the underbrush of young Pussy Willows sprouting up all over. Once carefully concealed by summer growth, it now stands out like a well-lit runway at night. One can see now where they go when nobody is watching. Nature has revealed their well-kept secret and exposed their life to me.

Seeing that deer trail for some reason triggered off some distant emotions within me, enough for me to take notice and write about it. It left me with a strange, haunting feeling that has been swirling around me for quite some time now. It is a feeling without words, it has no vocabulary. So much of everything I am encountering lately has no vocabulary and it has been frustrating trying to explain my feelings. I am feeling mostly ‘a floating through my life’ going on. Continue reading

Visionkeeper: A New Journey Begins to the Galactic Free Press.

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Welcome to 2014. We made it and it appears we are stronger and more focused than ever before! The journey continues and so must our stamina. First of all I want to thank all of my readers for being a part of One World Rising. It has been such a pleasure having you all be a part of the awakening process in one form or another. Continue reading

Visionkeeper: It’s All About You… to:


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As I hear the continual, insane, drumbeat about the failure of Obamacare all around me, I know it is time to sit back and spend quiet time looking for the good buried beneath the trash of it all. It is there, it is ALWAYS there, we just have to make the supreme effort to discover it. If one were to listen to the daily news reports(God forbid!) it is plain to see the people being whipped into a frenzy and pummeled with the fears of the almighty ‘what if’s’. Such a waste of precious energy. So rather than waste it, let’s redirect it towards something positive. Continue reading

Visionkeeper: Beyond ‘Tis the Season… by | Thanks to:

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As we spin along on this journey we are all encountering and the energies multiply and the intensity grows and our heads try to grasp all that is changing, I can see beyond the drama of it all. What is revealed to me is one very simple fact that we truly need to focus on, and that is compassion. When we take everything apart and whittle it down to the core issue I so often speak to, we come up with one basic issue that can remedy everything in the world, compassion. That is the key to opening the final door to the new world fully with no going back and forth between worlds any longer. Continue reading