Is There Anything You’d Like to Publicly Ask a Channeled Source?


Update: Over twenty responses overnight! Thanks so much for your collective interest in this channeled question-answering project. I’ll probably have to cease taking requests for a short time and start back up when I’m caught up. Thank you all again!

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask a channeled source? I’m open to taking questions from readers and asking my higher self/spiritual guides to provide their insight – I only ask that you keep the questions reasonably short.This could be a more direct way to connect with all of you, and hopefully, it’ll help a lot of you who’ve wanted to ask a direct question to a channeled source but haven’t had the chance.

You can send in your question via the ‘Contact Us’ page on my blog, The Culture of Awareness (, and while you’re there, feel free to check out the pages and the daily postings.

If you decide to send a question, please take note that it’ll be publicly featured in my regularly posted channeled messages. Personal or sensitive questions may want to be expressed vaguely, both to retain the quality of the response and to keep the rest of the conscious public from learning explicitly personal things about you.

I’ll respond as soon as possible with your position ‘in line’ so to speak, because once I send out this call, I’ll probably be flooded with responses. Your patience is asked for and appreciated, and I will eventually get to your question.

If you appreciate the efforts that are made to channel and produce these ‘Oversoul Teachings’ messages, donations via PayPal are always appreciated (my PayPal email is

Thanks for your time!

Wes Annac


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Break the Elitist Chains – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote and recorded for fun, entitled ‘Break the Elitist Chains’. I hope you enjoy it. :)


When the lies aren’t enough, the stakes are heightened

Try to frighten

The children of the sun who come to greet the change on the horizon

Consciousness is rising and they see that they can’t be on the top

Enlightenment they can’t stop

Though they try they don’t know why the world is leaving them behind


And they blame the madness on the poor

Keep the people distracted and train us to fight their wars

The lower class is sacrificed, the blood and the gore

How much more will we take before we break the elitist chains

Right away


Open up your mind and you will find Jah universe

Surrender to the rhymes and to the flow of spirit’s every verse

Internal magic, held inside, ready and willing to burst

Can you meet it on its level first

Discover that you’re much more than they’d have you believe

Uncover your true nature, plant that holy seed

Of awareness and carry Jah light through the dark

Through the pain and through the fear and through the hatred

And through your perceptions of all the greed


Now they blame the madness on the poor

Keep the people distracted and train us to fight their wars

The lower class is sacrificed, the blood and the gore

How much more will we take before we break the elitist chains

And see that Jah light shines


When the lies aren’t enough, the liars crave a new challenge

Imagine all the people we could save if we just stopped these games

In this day and age

The misdirection of the youth is purposeful and we are all being played

Embracing inner liberation will help you escape the constructed self

Utilization of meditation breaks perceptual barriers

And helps the illusion to melt right away now

Helps the illusion to melt right away now


Now we can remember everything that’s been lost to time

Eternal living and memory we can find

All the essential components come together to build our new society

We’ll see that it was always meant to be


The senses open up we’re introduced to the love of the most high

Awareness and understanding bloom as we all rise when we see that it’s time

When the starlight comes down, hangs around with the uninformed humanity

Innocence is introduced in every way to lower-dimensionality



But I can see fields of green

All of their worries don’t matter to me

And you’re invited to rediscover yourself

It’s so exciting to learn and grow away from hell

And we can make it

All of us will remember what it’s like

To enter heaven

To get there, no blood, no death, no loss of life


When the lies aren’t enough, the stakes are heightened

Try to frighten

The children of the sun who come to greet the change on the horizon

Consciousness is rising and they see that they can’t be on the top

Enlightenment they can’t stop

The Open-Hearted, Balanced Male on The Brilliance Within – March 3, 2014

show imageNote from Wes: I was fortunate to speak along with Graham Dewyea and Steve Beckow on Graham’s new radio show, The Brilliance Within. Those of you who’ve followed my work for a long time will know that Graham was the first person to interview me.  

Our roundtable discussion about the balanced male was very helpful to my own process of attaining balance, and we hope you enjoy the show tomorrow.

Join host Graham Dewyea (former host for Heavenly Blessings and Our Galactic Family) for The Brilliance Within, a new, weekly radio program airing every Monday at 7pm ET, where he discusses and explores with guests the unfoldment and realization of our greatest potential as humans.

This week we’ll have a multi-generational, roundtable discussion with Steve Beckow, and Wes Annac, to discuss the open-hearted, balanced male.

Airs Monday at 7pm ET.

Listen live or listen to the archive:–the-open-hearted-balanced-male

The stereotypical attributes of the western male – the stoic, tough, independent man who stuffs his feelings, and tries to embody an us against them, dog-eat-dog, never-let-them-see-you-sweat world no longer works.

What does it mean to be an open-hearted, balanced male? How do we communicate? How do we access and express our feelings in a helpful way? How do we direct our power and strength for the good of all? How do we live and behave so that we can experience a peaceful, loving existence with ourselves and others? We’ll talk about vulnerability, forgiveness, and how we stay in our hearts when we experience discordant energy and conflict.

Look Up – A Song by Wes Annac

The following is a song written by me, a beginner musician, called Look Up. Lyrics are given below, and if you like the song, feel free to share it far and wide!


The love in your heart will see you onward

When you look up toward heaven from the ground

Jah will forever flow with you in all endeavors

As you remember all of this, you’ll admire the lights and sounds Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press: Awakening Awareness Mission – Tonight Live with Wes Annac

Update from Wes: The discussion went great! Overall, we talked about a few different things we could do to bring the awakened communities on various different spiritual/alternative news sites together, and I suggested each community perhaps getting started on projects together to breed unity and subsequently help bring our new paradigm about. I couldn’t possibly outline everything we discussed, but the chat was very enjoyable to say the least!

Awakening Awareness Mission

Tonight!!!  7:30 PM Eastern (4:30 Pacific, 6:30 Central)

Special Guest Wes Annac~ Let’s Get Into Unity~ Co~ Creating Together! As One!

Link to the Room:

Tonight the Galactic Free Press would like to welcome Wes Annac as our special guest on tinychat, in the 5D Room.  We will be talking to Wes about His Recent Message to Lightworkers to Gather Together Now, Its the Moment for Unity Consciousness! 

Quoted from Wes Annac” ….If we want to see unity established on the world stage, we should ask ourselves if we practice it in our Lives or toward those around us. …..


If the voice of just one person is suppressed or not allowed in our society, we aren’t living up to our highest goal of absolute equality and unity. If just one person isn’t allowed to express themselves in a free and uninhibited setting with balanced support and encouragement from those around them (as well as healthy and un-vitriolic debate) then we haven’t yet established the fairest and most just ruling body. My feeling is that until we’re literally floating in blissful fifth-dimensional vibrations, we have a planet to run that’s been waiting for millennia to be run by the people in a peaceful and harmonious manner. There’s no better time than now, and one of the best things we can do to display the new paradigm in progress is to respect and Love each other for our uniqueness and individuality.

Why should you, fellow awakening soul, allow any perceived difference to come between you and another?

Conscious spiritual and alternative news sites are everywhere. Imagine if a solid body of people from two or three different websites who’ve come together then reached out to every other community. We’ll have grown to proportions we haven’t yet imagined. So just what’s stopping us? If you’re reading this on, Ashtar Command Crew, Golden Age of Gaia, The Galactic Free Press, or any other related website, I ask what’s stopping you from throwing yourself into absolute unity and the building of a strong and organized group of awakening people? Just imagine the potential we possess and the vast power we’ll wield with a clear purpose and numbers we wouldn’t perhaps expect. I get the feeling more and more that this coming-together is exactly what we’re meant to do, and I’ll continue to advocate it and do all that I can to bring every awakening community together, because we’re strong in unity and weak in division.

Wes Annac ~Delivering a long awaited and underrated message...”

We are on from 7:30 to about 9:00 PM eastern time 4:30pm Pacific

Our mission is to bring to humanity awareness of the awakening of our higher selves and all that entails.  The opening of the hearts of all of humanity is bringing to light new insights and awareness.  We are beginning to see, feel, and understand things that we never would have imagined before.  Greater understanding of ourselves and the universe in which we live in are discussed on our show and we hope to bring some measure of enlightenment to those who seek to learn more of the incredible transformation that is happening on our planet.

With Great Love and Divine Blessings

Michael Genova

Build the Future – A Song by Wes Annac

Note from Wes: I’ll be out today, Sunday the 6th.

The following is a song written by me, called Build the Future.


We can all smile and enjoy our existence if we wish

Only we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t

Sitting here amongst the hummingbirds and all the flowers

This all comes to me and I will rant

For the beauty is unmistakable and it goes without saying

This new Life is my choice Continue reading

Video: Ordinary Magic Radio – With Pat (Yarraman), Allen (Zendeviant), Wes Annac, Magartha and Marie (Lightlover)

I was happy to be a part of the group discussion on the first episode of Ordinary Magic Radio, a new show being started by members Pat Catchpole (Yarraman on LWs) and Allen (Zendeviant on LWs). The discussion went in many different directions, and it was fun and refreshing to speak and give my viewpoint on various different subjects.

I discussed my take on the linear/non-linear nature of time; an interesting experience I had on the December 21, 2012 solstice date; the importance of recognizing everything about our Earth in need of change and promptly getting to work to build a new paradigm; and so many other things. So much material was discussed here that I think some of you out there could find to be of great value, and I recommend having a listen!

It was their first episode, so do forgive if any “quality” seems lacking in comparison to shows that have been around for a long time. I can say that I very much enjoyed our discussion and will be happy to be back on Ordinary Magic Radio again.