We’re Moved In! Thank You All So Much


Written by Wes Annac

It’s been a busy and amazing Saturday for my wife, child, and I. I was out today because we were moving into our new home for good (we’ll provide more pictures soon!), and I write this at the end of a long but satisfying day of moving. I’ll be without internet until Tuesday, when we’re having it installed in our new home, but I’ll be around nonetheless. I’ll be posting and using the internet from my parent’s house, which is where I’m writing and posting this from, and even though I’ll be busy, my intention is to be around as much as I’ve always been.

With the exception of today (Saturday) my hope is to post to the blog as usual so it doesn’t seem as if I’m absent at all. I plan to post as much as possible and continue writing and channeling over the next week, and even though things will be busy and a bit chaotic, I’m excited for what the days and weeks ahead will offer. My wife, child and I are ‘officially’ out on our own now, and even though getting into our home has been a wild ride, we’re finally in and it feels better than I can express.

We’re taking a huge leap into new and unknown territory, but I’m more than confident that we can handle it.

I look forward to continuing to shine the light by way of articles and messages from my higher self and guides, and the only difference now is that I’m doing it from my own space instead of a space that’s generously allotted to me. After the support you’ve all shown for the newsletter (and for my desire to continue this work without having to worry too much about survival), I’m confident that this mission can’t be stopped. I feel very assured that this work is set in stone and that nothing can derail it at this point, and now that my family and I are finally in a place of our own (even though we still have a lot to do) I can really start this work and enjoy the liberation that comes with having my own place.

002blackThe move went pretty smoothly – we were given an immense amount of help from our family, to whom I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m starting to learn what family’s really about: being there for each other in our times of need. My family really came together to help us move in, and thanks to the amazing help we were given today, most of the things that needed done under threat of losing our approval from the city to move in have been done. I’m truly awestruck by the immense love and support our family has shown us today.

I was even told by more than one family member that they’re proud of me for the direction I’ve ended up taking. I had a child when I was sixteen, dropped out of high school shortly before he was born, and by seventeen, I had left my childhood home and was living with my girlfriend (now my wife) in her mother’s basement. According to more than one of my family members, I could’ve very well taken a much worse turn than I did and they can’t believe I was able to turn such seemingly negative circumstances into the positive ones I now live under.

Of course, I owe this primarily to you readers and the love and support you’ve given. This includes various fellow seekers who run popular spiritual blogs and who accepted me when I presented my work to them, thus skyrocketing the ‘influence’ (if you want to use that word) I’m blessed to have. People like Mother and Father God at the Galactic Free Press, Steve Beckow at the Golden Age of Gaia (not to mention everyone else at GAOG) and various others have really helped put me in the position I’m currently in, and truly, I can’t thank all of you enough.

All of you readers who’ve offered your immense love and support (sometimes financial) have played the biggest role in putting me in this position.

I enjoy my life and the work I’m blessed to do more than I can express, and I have all of you to thank for it. Because of you readers, I’m able to blog, write, and channel about spirit instead of living an ‘average’, 9-to-5 lifestyle or doing something much worse. You’ve supported me every step of the way – when I channeled the Pleiadians and Ascended Masters; when I introduced the newsletter, which is now my primary income; when I temporarily laid channeling down and started writing; when I let you all know that I had the potential to purchase a house; and now, when I’m in my home and hopefully (and likely) able to continue this spiritual work unhindered.

Gosh, there’s so much more I want to say. I’ll be around as much as possible the next few days until our new home has internet and I’m able to start posting from there, and beyond the unpacking, organizing, and general housework I have to do, you can bet that I’ll continue writing and channeling as a part of this sacred and blessed mission.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for getting my wife, child, and I to this point. You’ve done this for us, and I look forward to continuing to repay the favor.

Much Love!

Wes & Family :)

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Double Dutch Radio – Lucas and Wes Annac Interview for the Viewpoint in the Now – Airs Friday, November 8, 2013

I had a great time speaking yesterday on my good friend Lucas’ Double Dutch Radio show, which airs this Friday morning (November 8th). In a prerecorded interview, Lucas spoke with me for his twenty-five minute Viewpoint in the Now segment and we discussed some of the things that are happening currently in the way of transformation and expansion.

I mentioned my developing desire to lay down the metaphorical sword in regards to fighting the powers that were as I turn toward peace and wholeness, and the discussion took off from there.

I can remember Lucas mentioning that detachment from world events becomes much easier when we realize that they’re repeating themselves and going in a big circle, and we had particularly interesting discussions about meditation and much more.

Overall, the chat was enjoyable and laid back and the hope is that the resulting material benefits all of you. I’ll happily speak on Lucas’ show in the future, but for now you can look forward to Lucas, Peter and Colin’s Double Dutch Radio this Friday.

Depending in what time zone you’re in, you can probably wake up Friday morning and find a post about the show on my blog(s) and Lucas’, because it airs at 6 AM Eastern time. The link to the show can be found here, and Lucas’ blog, Lucas2012infos, can be found here.

Much Love!


Image: http://lucas2012infos.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/ddlogo.jpg?w=300&h=216

Living and Loving our Heavenly Ascension

Dear friends, we are merging with the Heavenly and Astral planes of Living, and this is becoming apparent when we stop and take a look around us. I’m sure I am not the only one who has lately looked around and noticed a certain, hard to define similarity between this world we Live in and the dream world that we have been taught to believe is ‘fake’. This is a result of the merging of realities, of the veils thinning. For many, astral travel has become much easier as we all begin to feel and notice a new reality that is more and more seeming to exist side-by-side with our own. This astral reality is the foundation that our New Earth is being built upon. Many dear and advanced souls have been working on these planes that are soon to be our Homes, and they have been transmuting the negative and strange nature of such places so we can begin to manifest Heaven upon the planes where our dreams teach us lessons. Continue reading

The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Staying Centered in your Ocean of Emotion”






-Channeled by Wes Annac-

Many events are soon to come to fruition that will see you all Living the majestic and free Lives you all so dearly deserve. Every last one of you is bringing these manifestations into being, and the effort that has already been put in by you all has been nothing short of miraculous. Humanity is entering an advanced stage in it’s awareness, so much so that those enlightened are beginning to manifest miracles every day. We have told you before of some of the miracles you are manifesting, and this is only the beginning. Dearest souls of planet Earth, we wish you to know that you are to be perceiving us so very soon. You have for so long wondered what we are like, how our energy will feel, and how we will communicate to you once we arrive. We can say that you will instantly feel our energy upon seeing us, and our nature is of such uplifment that you will have no doubt that we are of a peaceful intent. Indeed the dark hath played upon your deepest fears of ‘evil alien invaders’ but we can promise you that we are not such invaders. Such darker entites were allowed in your governments when we were not, and for the most part the influence of the ‘evil aliens’ has seeped down into your mainstream culture. Continue reading

We are Living a Blessed Experience

Dearest friends of the Light, let us all rejoice for we have the pleasure to experience yet another Joy-filled day on Earth. Many have complained of Earth and it’s difficulties, but I say to you what is happiness without sadness? What is unbridled Joy without temporary dissapointment? Earth offers plenty of both, and we are so very lucky to be here on this difficult plane of understanding that we are mastering every day!! We have in front of us the opportunity to see the ‘negative’ emotions for what they really are: the yang to positive’s yin. They are two sides of the same beautiful emotional coin. We must rejoice, must celebrate, for after we leave this difficult yet lovely place, we get to go home!! Continue reading

Beautiful Violet Starship Sighting; My Personal Account of Seeing a ‘UFO’








This picture almost perfectly resembles the beautiful starship I saw last night with my girlfriend and our child

Last night I had an incredible sighting of one of our friends’ starships. It was so beautiful and so close to us, I’m afraid that words will be quite scarce to describe the wonders of this thing we saw. Now, I’ve seen what seemed like a starship to me before, but it was usually very far away and it just looked as if a star was moving across the sky. You know, little shining dot just cruisin’ across the sky. I saw those and I believed I knew what they were, but with those sightings I relied a great deal on faith. Faith was not required to believe this one. It was so clearly a starship, so beautiful, again I feel words cannot adequetlly describe this experience. Continue reading

Patience Young Grasshopper; It Is a Virtue

Hello dear friends. :) :) Today I would like to talk about patience, and how it fits in with staying centered. Patience has been a recurring theme in my Life (including the Life of the walk-out of this body, who’s memories I can access as if they were my own), and the lesson of patience has proven to be a difficult one for me personally to learn and absorb. I have had my own karmic issues toward patience as has the walk-out of this body I am an, and I can remember his memories of being a child. As a child patience was simply not his thing, he was quite unable to be patient when it came to, well anything. This is part of his karma that I have taken on in this Life, as mentioned above it is also a theme I have been working on. Continue reading