Steve Beckow: Thanking Our Benefactors

Note from Wes: Some who read my writings today might not know that I used to be pretty heavily involved with channeling.

The message cited below by Steve was from a group I referred to as “Our Universal Family” and addressed the subject of advanced off-world technology. 

I stopped channeling when I became more interested in writing and the idea of connecting with the higher self, but I enjoy looking back on some of my channelings from a few years ago. Maybe you will too.

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I was writing an article on future technology when I came across this quote in the First Contact database, (1) from Wes Annac’s sources:

“Even many conscious souls who’ve learned a lot about us through communications we give or any other route have yet to see everything we have to offer, and even your cabal who’s built their own versions of the technology they’ve been given from off-world entities with service-to-self-based agendas, haven’t seen the likes of the Logos-fueled, higher-dimensional technology we’ll happily share with your planet.”  (2)

I became quite choked up reflecting on the magnificent horizons that are opening for us – brought to us by others. Not by dint of our own labors, although we have labored, but given as a free gift, with nothing asked in return, except that we stop warring on ourselves and others. Continue reading Steve Beckow: Thanking Our Benefactors

3 Things to Prepare for No Matter Which Candidate Wins the Election

By Isaac Davis, Waking Times

Whatever the result is of this year’s presidential election, fundamental issues broiling behind the scenes will no doubt prove the virtual powerlessness of the POTUS to bring about positive developments for the people of this nation and of the world.

The deep state machinery that controls our national destiny is much more powerful than the titular figurehead of the republic, which is why electoral debates will not address the fundamental issues driving us deeper into chaos, for the candidates are just as trapped as we are. Continue reading 3 Things to Prepare for No Matter Which Candidate Wins the Election

From A Divine Spark, Comes Our Soul

By Rolley Hurley,

Your Soul came into being long before your Mother gave birth to you. Your true being is not made of the flesh; instead you are an entity more advanced than this mortal world can reveal. You are a spiritual addition to a wondrous creation which you hardly know.

Your memories have been erased by the human satire of illusion, yet you sense there is more. Be silent and listen for the melody of your glorious spirit, and hear your voice of reason. Be still and experience the love, peace and harmony from which you came and feel the joyful part of you that exists. Be aware that now is your time and eternity is your space! Continue reading From A Divine Spark, Comes Our Soul

Chelsea Clinton Just Went Full Anti-Science

By Alice Salles, Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA) Chelsea Clinton has gone full anti-science — in a big way.

At a town hall event at Youngstown State University in Ohio, the Democratic presidential candidate’s daughter told a crowd full of students about the “anecdotal evidence … from Colorado,” showing “some of the people who were taking marijuana for those purposes, the coroner believes, after they died, there was drug interactions with other things they were taking.”

To many, Chelsea Clinton’s comments are dangerous. After all, her mother could soon be the president of the United States. As states begin to rapidly embrace the push for marijuana legalization, prompting support for the federal reclassification of weed to grow, a member of one of the most powerful and influential political dynasties in America is allegedlysuggesting marijuana is killing people.” Continue reading Chelsea Clinton Just Went Full Anti-Science

Another Win for Big Pharma — Holistic Health Herb Kratom Now a ‘Schedule I’ Drug

Note from Wes: The decision to ban kratom may have actually been delayed. More info here:

By Carolanne Wright, Wake Up World

Used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia, kratom has attracted attention in the West as a potent natural medicinal that addresses a spectrum of health complaints — like pain, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, chronic fatigue, addiction, insomnia, stress and more. It’s such an effective herb that Thailand banned its cultivation and use — largely because it was such wildly popular, non-addictive alternative to opium, which ultimately threatened the economy.

Since history has a habit of repeating itself, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the U.S. is following a similar path in outlawing the herb. Only this time, many feel kratom is being persecuted because the herb safely and economically replaces a range of pharmaceutical drugs. Notably, this change was made by the DEA as a ‘temporary’ scheduling order, bypassing the judicial review process that normally regulates Schedule I classification. Continue reading Another Win for Big Pharma — Holistic Health Herb Kratom Now a ‘Schedule I’ Drug

The Abstraction Is The Illusion

By Will Harader, Galactic Free Press

Truth is very simple, what’s true in this moment doesn’t require any thinking. It doesn’t take any analysis whatsoever, you just look and see. Your experience in this very moment is the Truth, all it takes is being open, seeing without filters. This is true meditation, observation without bias.

So why is this so difficult for most people?

You’re doing the exact opposite near constantly. You’ve taken this moment and turned it into an abstraction, this is the whole function of the mind. Past experiences are turned into concepts, and these are projected onto your present moment. Continue reading The Abstraction Is The Illusion

Krishnamurti Quotes: To Go Far You Must Begin Very Near

via J.

Surely, to go far, you must begin very near, but to begin near is very difficult for most of us because we want to escape from “what is”, from the fact of what we are.

Without understanding ourselves, we cannot go far, and we are in constant relationship; there is no existence at all without relationship. Continue reading Krishnamurti Quotes: To Go Far You Must Begin Very Near

7 Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self

By Asoka Selvarajah, PhD., Body Mind Soul Spirit

Each of us is connected with the Divine. The Higher Self within us far transcends the understanding of our conscious minds.

This is the power that all the great geniuses and teachers of history have accessed. It is also the place of magic and miracle in our lives. Here are the seven key steps to contact it:

1. Belief & Expectation: Transform Your World View!

The first step is to BELIEVE that you have a Higher Self to establish communication with! Then EXPECT every day that this communication will improve as you focus diligently on inner growth.

Without these two essential prerequisites, it is hard to achieve anything at all in life, even on the physical level. Continue reading 7 Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self

“Environmentally Friendly” Products Can Be Seriously Unfriendly to You and the Environment

By Heather Callaghan, Editor, Natural Blaze

Unfortunately words like “environmentally friendly,” “green” or even “biodegradable” may just be a form of green washed, sleight-of-hand that have nothing to do with your or your pets’ health.

Since the 1990s, we’ve had a virtually unregulated uprising of chemical products. Back then, there were an estimated 80,000 to 120,000 [1] unregulated industrial chemicals on the commercial market; and today it is estimated that there are least 84,000 of those chemicals floating around, signalling that the problem has only gotten worse.

Many of those products are serious endocrine disruptors and may be responsible for cancer, hormonal disorders or endocrinological-rooted problems such as thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue. Continue reading “Environmentally Friendly” Products Can Be Seriously Unfriendly to You and the Environment

Unimpressed Designer Completely Revamps ‘Girls’ Life’ Cover That Encourages Girls To “Wake Up Pretty”

By Amanda Monteiro, Collective Evolution

Magazines make the prevalence of sexism in our modern world painfully obvious.

By creating and sharing overly photoshopped images paired with headlines that question and purport to help solve the “problems” with our physical appearance, they keep the consumerist machine — which runs on our insecurities — going.

Artist Katherine Young couldn’t believe her eyes when a friend posted the front covers of Girls’ Life and Boys’ Life posted side by side. She even Googled the images to make sure that they were real. Continue reading Unimpressed Designer Completely Revamps ‘Girls’ Life’ Cover That Encourages Girls To “Wake Up Pretty”

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