An Ascension Experience

Thank You to Steve Beckow

Steve: Again not an absolutely rock-solid Ascension experience, as the sender acknowledges, but very interesting so I post. Admittedly I’m awaiting the rock-solid kind, but how can I not post a few others, they are so encouraging for us?

Hi Steve!

I’ve never sent in a comment before, but I am a huge fan of your work and thank you so much for everything you do!

I wanted to send in my account of what may have been my early ascension. On Thanksgiving day evening, as I lay down to sleep, I suddenly felt myself falling backwards in a vehicle, just like the movie, ‘Inception’. Also, as this happened I felt an immense amount of pressure building within and around my body.

Then, after what felt like mere seconds, I felt my spirit shoot extremely rapidly out of my body and this Earth into a blue/purple beautiful sky. It definitely felt like another dimension, with perfect clouds. I’m guessing it was the 5th dimension. I was floating in the air, and could fly throughout the sky at will, and it felt amazing. I did wake up after a few moments, and was truly amazed at what had just happened. I have had dreams in the past where I ascended with E.T. help, and have been following the Ascension path for many years now.

To be honest I’m not sure I did ascend, but I remembered your statement about it feeling like ‘flying upwards’, and this is definitely what happened while I was awake. Over the past few days since 12/21, I have also felt a gentle pulsating massage of my 3rd eye, as well as woken up with pillars of light surrounding and filling my cells with light.

Also, on 12/21 especially I noticed the walls of my house vibrate at times, similar to the Matrix. Shortly after midnight, I had visions of flying in deep space that were beautiful, as well as purple skies on 5D Earth, and then a graphic novel type picture book of my past lives, that probably came from the Akashic Records. I was able to flip the pages of this book, and see my former lives in pictures and symbols. I have tapped into the Akashic at least once before a few years back, when I saw President Obama as Pharaoh Ahkenaten, and a giant rotating crystal. This is partially because my 3rd eye is very open.

I wanted to pass these stories to you as encouragement that we are indeed shifting and some have ascended already I believe, possibly myself included. I can feel in my heart the inner changes and sometimes subtle signs we are in the midst of huge changes with Gaia.

Since 12/21 I have noticed much more unity consciousness, noticing how all of us often struggle with the same fears, hopes, and desires. We are very close, and I do feel strongly that January 2013 will start to usher in the big changes we have been waiting so patiently for!

In deepest admiration,


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