Best cbd oil for sleep

About 30% of people in the world say they have trouble sleeping. They may have difficulty falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. Daytime fatigue can be to blame. Fortunately, you do not always need medication for a restful night. CBD seems to help improve sleep and gives insomnia the desired rest.

Cbd oil and Sleep problems

Before exploring how cannabidiol (CBD) helps improve sleep, it’s important to know what causes insomnia. According to research, there may be some reasons why you do not sleep well. From mental causes, such as stress and anxiety, to physical conditions such as pain and restless legs syndrome. Although it can be due to the last cup of coffee drunk late, heartburn or environmental circumstances, such as an uncomfortable bed or a partner snoring.

Although research on the benefits of CBD remains few, preliminary data show that this cannabis-derived cannabinoid could help treat insomnia in most cases. How does it improve sleep and which CBD product should you choose for a good rest?

best cbd oil for sleep

CBD for better sleep

Recent research, published in 2019, has focused on the effects of CBD on sleep and anxiety. Using 25 mg of CBD per day, about 80% of study participants reported that their anxiety decreased, while 66% reported improved sleep thanks to the cannabinoid. Which proves the effectiveness of the substance on sleep disorders, related to anxiety in most cases.

When it comes to the pain that causes insomnia, research published in 2018 shows that CBD could be a potential remedy. ” The Frontiers in Pharmacolog scrive As a result, the authors of the review point out that by reducing pain, cannabidiol could help improve sleep quality.

In addition, we found evidence from 2014 that supports claims that CBD could affect the sleep cycle. When analyzing the effect of CBD on Parkinson’s disease, researchers discovered the effect of cannabinoids on our sleep cycle. In conclusion, the substance improved the symptoms of REM sleep disorder. This disorder involves abnormal actions and behaviors during sleep and is associated with difficult sleep and nightmares.

The best CBD products for sleep

Despite this research, scientists have not determined, however, which CBD product is best for improving sleep. The experience of our customers gives us a good indication of which products in the Dutch Healing Natural range help you sleep better and which might be more suitable for daytime use. The products that receive the best sleep feedback are:

CBD oil 8%

Thanks to a wide variety of different cannabinoids and the richest terpene profile possible, our 8% CBD oil seems perfect for treating mild sleep disorders and discomfort. Especially, when they are related to stress or anxiety, this product could be exactly what you are looking for, considering the feedback from our customers. Here are the details and how it could help you sleep better. Cbd for sleep can help you.

CBD oil 25% Premium Gold

For acute sleep disorders related to pain and chronic diseases, for example, it may be useful to choose a more concentrated CBD product. Our CBD oil “Premium Gold” 25% is produced with a very special hemp extract, it offers one of the most varied profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes available on the market. This product works wonders for your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and can be one of the best products for a good rest. Here you will find more details about CBD oil Premium Gold 25%, contact us for a personal consultation.

CBD patches (30X 15mg)

Another product we get fantastic feedback on when it comes to sleep: our new 30 mg 15 mg topical CBD patches. Transdermal (cutaneous) administration of cannabinoids in CBD patches greatly increases the effectiveness of the product. The effects are more visible with these patches than with 15 mg oil, for example. Due to the slow release of the active ingredients, these patches offer a long-lasting soothing effect for at least 12 hours. Read more about these patches here.

CBG oil for pleasant dreams

The last, but certainly not least on our list of CBD products to improve sleep is our CBG oil. Cannabigerol (CBG) is also known as the “stem cell” of the cannabinoids THC and CBD and has a relaxing effect on the body and mind. In addition, our customers claim that the use of CBG before bedtime helps them to fall asleep easily, sleep better and, most importantly, give them pleasant dreams. CBG oil could be useful in treating nightmares! Want to know more about this relatively new product? Check out our blog here.

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